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A Salad for All Seasons Let S Eat Salad It S Fresh, Colourful And Healthy Fast Food A Far Cry From The Rabbit Food Image Of Old, Salads Are Now Rightfully Top Of The Menu In A Salad For All Seasons, Harry Eastwood Shakes Things Up, Introducing Us To Over Delicious, Original And Easy To Make Salads To See You Through The YearSpring And Summer Are Packed With Vibrant, Exciting Recipes That Can Be Knocked Up In Minutes, Such As Peach And Mozarella With Sweet Chilli And Tomato Glaze And Thai Beef And Basil With Noodles, While Autumn And Winter Offer Warm, Hearty, Nourishing Combinations, Such As Roasted Squash With Thyme And Taleggio And Spinach, Lamb And Fig With Orange And Honey DressingFrom Well Loved Favourites To Exotic Delights Inspired By Harry S Travels And Love Of Fresh Ingredients, A Salad For All Seasons Is The Ultimate Proof That Natural, Fresh And Nutritious Food Can Also Be A Feast The Whole Year Round Harry Eastwood was raised in France, and currently lives in Paris, but UK viewers may remember her from Channel 4 s 2007 show, Cook Yourself Thin.I have a lot of recipe books, but of them all, none are dedicated to salads It s not that I avoid salads as such, it s just that I don t make them frequently.When you pick up a book that has the word salad in the title, you would be forgiven for picturing a sad pile of wilted and pathetic looking lettuce leaves You will be delighted to hear then, that the recipes within A Salad For All Seasons are bright, colourful and a far cry from the drab rabbit food we imagine.The weather lately, while now officially summer, has definitely been wintery in nature so there has been a fair amount of wintery dishes consumed in Chez Mutherfudger s lately I need to break from this cycle of stodge, and this book could be just the thing to help me do that.After the introduction, there is a page of the author s favourite seasonal leaves and how best to use them This book introduces over 100 recipes broke down into four main seasonal chapters, then listed alphabetically There is also an alphabetical index at the back.I love books that encourage us to eat seasonally The variety of dishes included in this book has inspired me to try and make salad of an everyday item, and not just an accompaniment A further treat at the back is a section of recipes for useful dressings and flavoured vinegars.As one would imagine, the recipes are largely savoury, but Eastwood has managed to sneak in a few desserts, such as Bananas with Rum Butterscotch, and Strawberry Salad with White Chocolate Mousse.We all know that it s our eyes that we choose our meals with first, so each recipe is accompanied by a vibrant picture that is beautifully staged and highlights the striking colours of the ingredients within.While a lot of the recipes are vegetarian, not all are There is a wide selection of ingredients used some I confess I had not heard of This is not to say that the recipes are not accessible to the average household The majority of the recipes use ingredients that are probably in your fridge or store cupboard, or easily available from your supermarket.The recipes themselves have clear instructions Each one indicates the number of calories per portion, and how many of your five a day it meets Those with a little clock symbol are the quickest and easiest to prepare, so perfect for a mid week supper My favourite recipes were Goats Cheese and Honey Parcels, Whopping Potato Salad and the Classic Cobb Salad.If you fancy a change to your usual fare that is quick, simple, yet delicious and nutritious, then salad is where it is at baby. A good practical book featuring a large variety of seasonal salads Often recipes come with try also suggestions and most of them only need run of the mill ingredients We cook from it fairly often as the recipes are easy fast and really tasty. Very inspiring salad recipe book, clear instructions, great combinations, every recipe has an vegetarian alternative I use it a lot,

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