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Darkly Dreaming Dexter Meet Dexter Morgan, A Polite Wolf In Sheep S Clothing He S Handsome And Charming, But Something In His Past Has Made Him Abide By A Different Set Of Rules He S A Serial Killer Whose One Golden Rule Makes Him Immensely Likeable He Only Kills Bad People And His Job As A Blood Splatter Expert For The Miami Police Department Puts Him In The Perfect Position To Identify His Victims But When A Series Of Brutal Murders Bearing A Striking Similarity To His Own Style Start Turning Up, Dexter Is Caught Between Being Flattered And Being Frightened Of Himself Or Some Other Fiend

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    A 82% Very Good Notes An economical, almost skeleton series introduction claustrophobic and bustling, it limits facts to plot and never lags.

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    Like so many others, I loved the Showtime series and wanted to check out the original source material I was very disappointed indeed Since a lot of other people seem to have liked it, it may just be a

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    Jarringly Jolly Jeff Lindsay has given his Rascally Rabid Readers a serial killer to cheer for Hellishly Haunted Harry knew early on that his young son had a personality disorder e.g sociopath psychopath up and

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    Ok, well I m coming at this from an entirely different angle than most of my friends because I ve never seen the tv show GASP Amirite So, I have nothing to compare the book toother than the book BUT.Having said that, I o

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    Find all of my reviews at I am now so far behind in reviewing that all of my read but not yet reviewed selections can t fit on my home page Bonus this go round is somehow I didn t even manage to mark this one down as something I w

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    I m a BIG fan of the Dexter TV show on Showtime This led to me being a bit hesitant to read the novels because I was worried about a serious case of disappointment Michael C Hall s portrayal of the title character is such an integral part o

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    This review is brought to you by the letter D.Dexter is a delightfully demented and dynamic dudeWell now that is enough of thatDexter Morgan is a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Miami Dade Police Department, but in his spare time he enjoys boat

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    Getting in mind of Dexter is never boring his insight is funny and his technique of killing is masterful.Dexter talks of his beginnings, of his first kill, the day his dark passenger became the rider Recollections of the past with his father Harry and his dead

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    I read this series of books because I was so taken by the Showtime series And you know what I liked the TV show better The books are good, and it s fun to get inside the mind of Dexter, but because the plot of the book follows pretty closely to the first season o

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    I m a very neat monster.I m really ashamed to say that it took me two weeks to read this book Two weeks for a 280 pages book I mean, yeah, the university has been kicking my ass, but still, that is no excuse.This book is about Dexter, our friendly neighbourhood ser

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