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Death: the High Cost of Living From The Pages Of Neil Gaiman S SANDMAN Comes The Young, Pale, Perky, And Genuinely Likable Death One Day In Every Century, Death Walks The Earth To Better Understand Those To Whom She Will Be The Final Visitor Today Is That Day As A Young Mortal Girl Named Didi, Death Befriends A Teenager And Helps AYear Old Homeless Woman Find Her Missing Heart What Follows Is A Sincere Musing On Love, Life And Of Course Death

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    Deadly brilliant This is a collected edition of the story Death The High Cost of Living which includes Death talks about Life which is a health pamphlet about how to have safe sex, a

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    Gaiman s Sandman is such a brilliant and creative series yet, for all that Dream does not have much personality Death is a far better character It s no harder to be nice than it is t

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    It s strange Gaiman s Sandman is a far better story overall than his death books But I think Death herself is a much better character.

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    This graphic novel seems to me to be all too typical of Gaiman s work It s slick, but there s not really terribly much to it There are good ideas but he doesn t do much with them It s n

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    It is nothing short of criminal that I call myself a comic reader and yet have never read any of Gaiman s Sandman books I actually have the first volume at home ready to read, but thanks

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    I would date Death.

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    Mindless multiple gasporgasms.

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