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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Frankie Landau Banks At Age Debate Club Her Father S Bunny Rabbit A Mildly Geeky Girl Attending A Highly Competitive Boarding School Frankie Landau Banks At Age A Knockout Figure A Sharp Tongue A Chip On Her Shoulder And A Gorgeous New Senior Boyfriend The Supremely Goofy, Word Obsessed Matthew Livingston Frankie Landau Banks, At Age No Longer The Kind Of Girl To Take No For An Answer And Possibly A Criminal Mastermind This Is The Story Of How She Got That WayFrankie Landau Banks No Longer The Kind Of Girl To Take No For An Answer Especially When No Means She S Excluded From Her Boyfriend S All Male Secret Society Not When Her Ex Boyfriend Shows Up In The Strangest Of Places Not When She Knows She S Smarter Than Any Of Them When She Knows Matthew S Lying To Her And When There Are So Many, Many Pranks To Be Done

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    Next time I see a 15 year old girl reading

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    ooh secret societies and gender politicsIf you re female and between the ages of about 12 and 25, I cannot think of a single reason why you shouldn t read this book It s fantastic Both highly political and incredibly funny it s the book I wish I d been given to see me through being a teenager and to prepare me for later life And no, I never went to an eli

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    A solid, teen, feminist novel I really enjoy e lockhart s writing and this book didn t let me down A story about a girl navigating a boarding school where boys have some special privileges over girls, she starts to fight against that system I liked the main character, enjoyed the boarding school setting, and really appreciated the feminist angle My only reaso

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    You need to look past the surface cuteness to see this story for what it really is It s about power The allure of it, the desire for it, the sharp understanding of it It s about ambition, unashamed and unabashed It s about forcing your way through the doors that are not meant to open for you.It s about the formation of a future astute politician.Meet Frankie Land

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    mary lou retton two times this is the teen fiction the good girls read girls without problems like anorexia or cutting or promiscuity or retrograde amnesia the ones whose mothers don t need to worry about them rotting their brains on vampires and rainbow parties.the ones janis ian envied high school girls with clear skinned smiles who married young and then retired i

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    I ve pushed through to 100 pages, but I just can t go on For all its braininess, this book feels very juvenile to me, except that girls in most middle grade books are rarely this boy crazy and few of them have so little else going on their lives.Here are some things that make it feel very young to me the story seems to be centered around a caper in which Frankie tries to

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    Update 8 21 2018What a difference 2 years make It feels like this book has aged 30 years since I read it last time in 2016 Amazing how much the conversation around feminism and privilege changed in such a short time Hard to recommend this book now though Update 9 16 2016Considering it s a 8 year old YA novel and how much YA has improved over these 8 years, I think it held up

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    I m than a third of the way into it and, I ve gotta say, I m disappointed There s too much build up So far, all I m getting is a over analyzation of every aspect of Frankie s relationship with Matthew You d think this far in I d at least get some kind of clue as to what she s done that was so big Now I ve gotten to Porter and the cheese fries and, even though she may be making

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    June 2011 Just re read this over the weekend Still so good I can t even comprehend how you write an ending like this Absolutely one of my favorite fictional characters April 2008 I m not even done with it yet, but stop what you re doing and start reading this book From an email to Sarah I am reading The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks If the 2nd half is 1 3 as good as t

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    It s a feminist novel, they said It won a Printz award, they said.What I say

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