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Buck A Rebellious Boy S Journey Through The Wilds Of Urban America And The Shrapnel Of A Self Destructing Family This Is The Riveting Story Of A Generation Told Through One Dazzlingly Poetic New Voice MK Asante Was Born In Zimbabwe To American Parents A Mother Who Led The New Nation S Dance Company And A Father Who Would Soon Become A Revered Pioneer In Black Studies But Things Fell Apart, And A Decade Later MK Was In America, A Teenager Lost In A Fog Of Drugs, Sex, And Violence On The Streets Of North Philadelphia Now He Was Alone His Mother In A Mental Hospital, His Father Gone, His Older Brother Locked Up In A Prison On The Other Side Of The Country And Forced To Find His Own Way To Survive Physically, Mentally, And Spiritually, By Any Means Necessary Buck Is A Powerful Memoir Of How A Precocious Kid Educated Himself Through The Most Unconventional Teachers Outlaws And Eccentrics, Rappers And Mystic Strangers, Ghetto Philosophers And Strippers, And, Eventually, An Alternative School That Transformed His Life With A Single Blank Sheet Of Paper It S A One Of A Kind Story About Finding Your Purpose In Life, And An Inspiring Tribute To The Power Of Education, Art, And Love To Heal And Redeem Us

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    Buck A Memoir by MK Asante is a young man s account of growing up in the inner city Asante has an impressive educational background including The University of London, Lafayette College, and UCLA School of Theater Film and Television He has written four books and has been in or directed three movies He has accumulated many awards including the key to my adopted city of Dallas, Texas Curr

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    There are spoilers coming There s just no other way to review this one.MK Asante was born in Zimbabwe, but the first time we meet him is in Killadelphia, Pistolvania His family is out of control, and consequently, so is he His brother is deep into gang life, running guns and drugs By the time he is 12, MK has favorite porn artists, is sexually active, and doesn t think twice before leaping into a st

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    buck n a fashionable and typically hell raising young man 2 racial slur used to described black men 3 a young black man what s up young buck 4 the act of becoming wild and uncontrollable he went buck wild 5 a dollar 6 to fire gunshots buckshots in the air 7 to go against, rebel buck the system Everybody calls me young buck when they see me Asante s journey from inner

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    Gaining a toehold in starting this book can be tough, but I urge you to stick with it You will be rewarded with a story that will stay with you It is uplifting without a shred of sappiness The title of the book is apt I loved all the applications of the word buck that were used If you are a lover of adroit turns of phrases, you will dig on the ones contained in here and they are many My favorite was a man w

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    I was awarded this book in a Goodreads giveaway, but plan on buying for the young men in my extended family Now I see why reading was illegal for black people during slavery I discover that I think in words The words I know, the things I can think about.Reading was illegal because if you limit someone s vocab, you limit their thoughts They can t even think of freedom because they don t have the language to p

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    In the early 90 s I managed a couple of Black bookstores and one of our most popular titles was Afrocentriciy by Molefi Asante This book was the foundation of a cultural movement at the time that sought to strengthen the ties between African Americans and their African heritage But while Professor Asante was on the lecture and media circuit, the foundation of his home life was crumbling.M.K Asante Malo has written

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    I was so excited for MK Asante s BUCK When I read the synopsis earlier this year, I just knew I had to read this man s story of triumph BUCK is a very moving literary work I see why CNN and Maya Angelou gave Asante such praise He is truly a brilliant writerso descriptive and in touch with his audience, he easily transitions from slang, vulgarity, and the rawness of a life of oppression to a language readily identified

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    ATTENTION April 2014 change I have revised this review to show a well deserved 5 rather than 4 star rating I am a experienced reviewer now, and I see some ratings from earlier reviews were a bit too high or low based on the standard for 2013 overall 2014 reviews are on target I m not marking down any I think I may have given a star too many because it seems unnecessary and kind of mean But, I thought I ought to show full

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    The fall in Killadelphia Outside is the color of cornbread and blood Change hangs in the air like the sneaks on the live wires behind my crib I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Every American teenager goes through a period of rebellion as s he tries to figure out who s he is, apart from the parents But for no other group in America is this transition as dangerous as for young black me

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    In a world turned upside down by violence, escaping the danger is often not a simple solution Such is the case in M K Asante s new book entitled Buck A Memoir Born to American parents in Zimbabwe, their return to the US and the subsequent years haven t always been kind In fact, we first meet him as his family is spiraling out of control, fueled by the street life mentality of the neighborhood in Philly, with an older brother in a

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About the Author: M.K. Asante

MK Asante is an award winning author, filmmaker, hip hop artist, and professor who CNN calls a master storyteller and major creative force The author of four celebrated books, Asante is a recipient of the Langston Hughes Award His latest book, Buck A Memoir, was selected as a Barnes Noble Discover Great New Writers pick and a LA Times Summer Book pick Buck will be released on August 20,