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And The Mountains Echoed So, Then You Want A Story And I Will Tell You OneAfghanistan, Abdullah And His Sister Pari Live With Their Father And Stepmother In The Small Village Of Shadbagh Their Father, Saboor, Is Constantly In Search Of Work And They Struggle Together Through Poverty And Brutal Winters To Abdullah, Pari As Beautiful And Sweet Natured As The Fairy For Which She Was Named Is Everything More Like A Parent Than A Brother, Abdullah Will Do Anything For Her, Even Trading His Only Pair Of Shoes For A Feather For Her Treasured Collection Each Night They Sleep Together In Their Cot, Their Heads Touching, Their Limbs Tangled One Day The Siblings Journey Across The Desert To Kabul With Their Father Pari And Abdullah Have No Sense Of The Fate That Awaits Them There, For The Event Which Unfolds Will Tear Their Lives Apart Sometimes A Finger Must Be Cut To Save The Hand Crossing Generations And Continents, Moving From Kabul, To Paris, To San Francisco, To The Greek Island Of Tinos, With Profound Wisdom, Depth, Insight And Compassion, Khaled Hosseini Writes About The Bonds That Define Us And Shape Our Lives, The Ways In Which We Help Our Loved Ones In Need, How The Choices We Make Resonate Through History And How We Are Often Surprised By The People Closest To Us

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    What did I think I don t know exactly Like his two other books, Hosseini is an excellent storyteller He s great with words and produces images that flow like poetry The story is touching, emotional and speaks of life s hardships and the difficult choices one must make Deeper than that, it speaks of how the choices you make now may have a r

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    Date I finished this book 06 09 2013Date I was ready to review this book NeverUnfortunately, I have to review it because it is due back to the library tomorrow, so here comes my completely insufficient review This book is by Khaled Hosseini Really, what is there to say I knew it would be wonderful.I have to admit that the problem I ran int

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    Why do people rate books before reading them This skews the ratings and I wish people wouldn t do soThis was my most anticipated book of all time I couldn t wait to read and and naturally was a bit let down My least favorite of his three.I found the voice in some of the chapters a bit awkward The characters were interesting and well develope

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    Here s something you should know about Khaled Hosseini All his stories have or less, the same ingredients.It always starts with Afghanistan in its pre war days The protagonists are children, guileless and innocent Then the invasion happens People separate, the bonds between them torn apart either by fate or by design Many gut wrenching chapt

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    The tale of how my father lost his sister was as familiar to me as the stories my mother had told me of the Prophet, tales I would learn again later when my parents would enroll me in Sunday school at a mosque in Hayward Still, despite the familiarity, each night I asked to hear Pari s story again, caught in the pull of its gravity Maybe it wa

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    Every so often a book comes around that rocks you to your core It makes you cry, laugh, think, feel and dream so intensely that when it is over you wonder where that life has gone The characters are your friends and you realize you should probably call them because you haven t heard from them in awhile and you wonder what is going on in their l

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    Blown like leaves in the wind A story is like a moving train no matter where you hop onboard, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later Within the first few pages of this book, the reader knows s he s in the hands of a master storyteller In a village in rural Afghanistan, mid 1940s, a father tells a folk tale to his two young child

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    2.5 StarsOh that felt like blasphemy to type, but I ve gotta be honest here I loved The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, but Hosseini just missed the mark with this one.The story begins with a father telling his children a fable of an evil div monster who roamed various villages and would choose a home at random Said home would have to s

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    I finished reading this book on May 24, but did not write a review because I didn t want to taint the experience for many of my friends who had not yet read the book Since then I ve seen several people post where they ve finished the book and how much they loved it Unfortunately I did not love it I was highly disappointed in this book, it was not

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    And The Mountains Echoed ATME is a brilliant stand alone book, however, it s not up to the mark that Khaled Hosseini set for himself with his earlier two fantastic novels Starting with the negatives, the narration style simply didn t work out Though Mr Hosseini deserves a pat on the back for trying out something different this time and not sticking

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