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Midnight Tribunal In A City Where The Aswang Control Everything That Is Illegaland Where Ancient Gods Seek To Control Everything Else,enforcing The Law Can Be A Very Difficult TaskWhen Crime Takes A Turn For The Weird, The Police Normally Call Alexandra Trese Lately, It Seems Like Others Have Been Taking That CallTrese Must Confront These Supernatural Crime Fighters And Bring Order Back To The City, Before The Underworld Attempts To Seek Balance In Its Own Way

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    Book 5 of a comics series that is very popular here in Manila So far I LIKED THESE 3 STARS THIS IS OKAY 2 STARS I don t have any expectation for Book 5 that was launched in the Komikon 2012 yesterday I rated each part as I read because I did not know that they were related to each other I remember that there

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    Original post at One More PageSo the news of the fifth installment of the graphic novel Trese by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo totally took me by surprise I wasn t supposed to pass by the Komikon on the last weekend of October because I thought I didn t have anything to go there for And then I saw the Facebook u

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    During my junior year, TRESE was a comic book that was a lucky purchase one lazy afternoon at our university s National Bookstore outlet Every time I get bored in class, I would just sneak out and browse through the shelves since most of my classes are on the ground floor anyway I checked this one out because the art l

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    I definitely ship Alexa and Maliksi The author is so measly with Alexa s personal life , I want .

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    Maliksi is so entertaining Hope to see him again in future installments.

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    Bought this on Komikon 2012 What shocks me to see a familiar character from the previous volume it didn t occur me they actually planned to put Maliksi back in action but this time it s different Not only that there s a Higante roaming around doing its own justice.AS usual Budjette and Kajo done magnificent job Now I can t wait for t

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    Trese 5 Midnight Tribunal by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo reminded me of Trese 3 Both books were character driven although I enjoy character driven books, as well as reading the characters backstories, I think I enjoyed the individual cases in this comic series Trese 2 and Trese 5, for example Trese 3 and 5

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    4.5 starsNow we re going down a darker path

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    Cool.Fascinating The powers of the city are being divided, siphoned, drained elsewhere You re going to need all the help you can get So far this volume is my favorite after my last Trese read After shedding some light on Trese Family and some on the Kambals identity The story proceeds with new and old mates There is a great change on how t

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    I recommend Midnight Tribunal Who says I needed saving ..Alexandra Trese is still awesome Fact 1 Five connecting stories Good.Fact 2 The Kambal is entertaining than ever Big plus.Fact 3 Someone s interested in Trese So fun.I really liked all the stories here They are still rich in Filipino detail fused with local folklore.I wish I

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