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Batman: Shaman A Young Batman Must Use His Developing Skills As A Detective To Track Down A Murderous Impersonator And Is Led Down A Trail Filled With Native North American Mysticism This Hair Raising Adventure Reveals The Genesis Of Bruce Wayne S Identity As Batman And The Origin Of The Bat Cave

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    Batman Shaman 1989 Modern Batman 2 Be the Mask Am I stll high This is a very odd batman story that showcase

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    This is Bruce in his younger Batman days he s been off travelling to Alaska heard a Shaman tell him a bat story and he s like shit tha

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    Published 1998 as the collected edition of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 1 5 The story spans several years, beginning with Bruce Wayn

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    If you are reading this ignore all the other reviewers They are complete shit I am not sure if they are Grant Morrison enthusiasts or just read the book w

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    Not at all what I expected, but turned out pretty damn good.

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    Underrated Batman story, written by the legendary Denny O Neill The kind of down to earth, simple stories that made Batman as big as he is today Events stories like RIP will

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    I am not a fan of superheroes Haven t seen most of the movies except Spiderman But now it has changed I like BATMAN and will continue reading his story and maybe will watch his movies

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    So I actually read the single issues of this Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 1 5 because they never printed enough of the trade paperback, ergo it s hard to find and expensive But I think this

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    Shaman collects the first five issues of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight This series, which ran from 1989 to 2007, typically tells stories set in Batman s formative years Shaman oc

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    As the first arc of Legends of the Dark Knight, Dennis O Neil s Shaman set a winning template for the anthology series multi issue lost files stories from Batman s career, with a new creative team for

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