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The Guestbook Fleeing Her Picture Perfect Marriage Among The Privileged Set Of Brentwood And The Wreckage Of A Failed Marriage, Lily Parkins Decides To Move To The Only Place That Still Holds Happy Memories, Her Grandmother S Old Farmhouse The Lush And Majestic Setting Of The Pacific Northwest Calls To Her And Offers A Place Of Refuge And Perhaps Renewal Her Grandmother Has Passed Away, Leaving The Madrona Island Bed Breakfast Inn To Lily Left With Only An Old Guestbook As Her Guide A Curious Book Full Of Letters, Recipes, And Glimpses Into Her Family History Lily Is Determined To Embrace Her Newfound Independence And Recreate Herself, One Page At A Time With The Help Of The Quirky Island Residents She Has Befriended, She Slowly Finds The Strength To Seek Out Happiness On Her Own Terms But As Soon As She Has Sworn Off Men And Is Standing On Her Own Two Feet, Lily Meets Ian, The Alluring Artist Who Lives Next Door, And Her New Life Is Suddenly Thrown Off Course The Last Thing She Wants To Do Right Now Is To Open Her Heart To Another Man Ultimately, Lily Must Decide If It S Worth Giving Up Her Soul For Security Or Risking Everything To Follow Her Heart

About the Author: Andrea Hurst

When not visiting local farmer s markets or indulging her love for chocolate, Andrea Hurst is an author and literary agent Her passion for books drives her to find and write stories that take readers on a journey to another place and leave them with an unforgettable impression She is a developmental editor for publishers and authors, an instructor in Creative Writing at the Northwest Institute o

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    Had potential but Honestly, I don t know why there are so many good reviews on or Goodreads There were so many unfinished plots in this book For example, a father who has not seen the main character but leaves threatening messages in the mailbox but never makes an appearance There is no explanation on why he just disappears in quotes because he never actually appeared and why he no longer wants the house at what seemed to

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    3.75 to 4 stars After finding out that her husband was cheating on her, Lily Parkins left her comfortable life in Los Angeles for Madrona Island The island was a significant part of Lily s childhood It is also where her grandmother lived as a proprietor of BB, which she left to Lily when she died I enjoyed this little gem of a story This wasn t really your typical romance book, although it certainly has a lot of that The Guestbook

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    This would normally be a total fluff read with the typical scripted story frame of a harlequin romance, but it s biggest failing was the horrid inconsistencies and errors throughout the book I m not a critical reader by any means, but these inconsistencies were so glaringly obvious, I wonder if anyone ever edited this book at all and if they did they should be fired Things as glaringly obvious as on one page Lily is baking cinnamon scone

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    At best, this is a mediocre book Lily and Ian are both terrific people and a great match they find each other unexpectedly as she s still trying to get through a divorce and he s still recovering from his wife s death Probably my favorite character in the story though is Betty, how hilarious I still think the divorce money situation is suspicious and Brad hid money somewhere from Lily that she definitely should have been entitled tooor at least

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    really disappointed in this book I tried but it was hard to make it through

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    This book is very poorly written to the point where I can t figure out why it s getting so many good reviews The author constantly violates the rule of show, don t tell I m pretty sure the author doesn t have a good dictionary in her arsenal because she used the same set of adjectives to describe things Ian s body was always beautiful which tells me nothing about how he looks Jude was always wonderful The dialogue was unbelievable as well No one talks like t

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    Great storyline, but the writing was terrible The author does an excellent job of describing scenery and what s going on, but the dialogue is badly written, very stilted I wouldn t mind finding out about the other character s stories in books 2 3 but I think I ll pass due to the writing in the first book.

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    Good read

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    Judging by some of the other reviews, this seems to be a love it or hate it book I really enjoyed it I honestly don t understand what some of the negative reviews were for The writing style was wonderful Beautifully descriptive painting a scenery I could easily imagine myself in, feeling and smelling as the characters were, and tasting This was a torturous book to read while pregnant My mouth has been watering for the Orange scones with icing, the chocolate cherry muffins, and a

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    My Love for the three mentioned authors in the synopsis only heightened my interest in this book But, once inside the pages, I was never pleased and engrossed with the story of Lily Parkins by author Andrea Hurst She won me over very quickly to say the least.Author Andrea Hurst is now on my list to continue to find and read as many as I can get my hands on, author read n review list Her way of telling the story of main character Lily Parkins and her grandmothers old farmhouse kept me

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