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Cages of Smoke The Cages Of Smoke Is A Military Adventure Set In The Far East Harry Weston Thought He Was Finished With Military Life But, Forced Back Into Service, He Is Sent On A Mission To Hong Kong His Objective Was To Stop An Ex American Soldier, Bob Tan, From Influencing Powerful People Who Could Lead New Zealand Into Sending Troops To The Vietnam Conflict Bob Is Suspected Of Operating Under The Influence Of Brain Washing He Was Was Subjected To When He Was A Prisoner During The Korean WarHis Mission A Failure, Through No Fault Of His Own, Harry Is Once Repatriated To New Zealand And A Civilian Life But He Has A Taste For Adventure Having Found Work, He Starts A New Life As An Expat Living In Papua New Guinea Life Should Be Straightforward But Proves To Be Anything But Flotsam And Jetsam From Around The World Flock To New Guinea, At A Time The Country Is Seeking Independence Their Objective, To Get Whatever They Can From A Region Ripe For Exploitation, No Matter Who Stands In Their Way Harry Is Drawn Into This Complicated World Of Expat Life And Does What He Can To Protect The Locals, His Students And The Better Calibre Expats He Has Befriended Even When Things Turn A Little Violent He Uses His Past Experience In The Military To Good Effect, Foiling Many Of The Best Laid Plans Of The Dross That Has Moved In On His New Territory

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    This was a cracking good read, especially for anyone interested in the history of military action in the Far East albeit this is fiction or about the trials and tribulations that face ex pats as they try and eke a living out of a country trying to recover from the Pacific War and seeking independence.Markham also has a habit of asking the philosophical questions of what good

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