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Ein Brief (Brief des Lord Chandos an Francis Bacon) Hugo Von Hoffmannsthal Made His Mark As A Poet, As A Playwright, And As The Librettist For Richard Strauss S Greatest Operas, But He Was No Less Accomplished As A Writer Of Short, Strangely Evocative Prose Works The Atmospheric Stories And Sketches Collected Here Fin De Si Cle Fairy Tales From The Vienna Of Klimt And Freud, A Number Of Them Never Before Translated Into English Propel The Reader Into A Shadowy World Of Uncanny Fates And Secret Desires An Aristocrat From Paris In The Plague Years Shares A Single Night Of Passion With An Unknown Woman A Cavalry Sergeant Meets His Double On The Battlefield An Orphaned Man Withdraws From The World With His Four Servants, Each Of Whom Has A Mysterious Power Over His DestinyThe Most Influential Of All Of Hofmannsthal S Writings Is The Title Story, A Fictional Letter To The English Philosopher Francis Bacon In Which Lord Chandos Explains Why He Is No Longer Able To Write The Letter Not Only Symbolized Hofmannsthal S Own Turn Away From Poetry, It Captured The Psychological Crisis Of Faith And Language Which Was To Define The Twentieth Century

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    INADEGUATEZZA DELLA PAROLANel mio personale olimpo della letteratura mitteleuropea, insieme a Musil, Schnitzler, Rilke, e Kafka, c da sempre anche Hugo von Hofmannsthal.Auguste Rodin Il pensatore, 1902 Mus e Rodin, Parigi.Come pi tardi ne L uomo difficile 1921 , qui 1902 si celebra la bancarotta della parola.Sotto la veste fittizia di una lettera il titolo or

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    At a minimum, readers intending to read Enrique Vila Matas Bartleby Co would be well advised not only to read or reread Bartleby, the Scrivener, but also the last story in this collection It mattersCavalry Soldier A sergeant imagines his future as he advances with his squadron through skirmishes in the Italian countryside before encountering his doppelg nger a

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    Dear Lord ChandosThis is not a review, of course nor is it a letter, for what is the point of writing a letter to someone who cannot reply, who would not reply even if he were a real man, and not a fictional character No, it is a confession masquerading as a game How tedious these games are, the games I have so often played in order to distract myself from mys

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    Somewhere in one of Julio Cortazar s books he raves about Hofmannsthal s The Lord Chandos Letter, so years ago I tracked it down in a library, read it, and loved it but I couldn t find anything else by him Good thing NYRB has now put this collection out, which includes The Letter, stories, and a few prose poems.Hoffmannsthal was a late 19th c Viennese literary p

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    Hugo Von Hofmannsthal has a fantastic name and every once in a while writes a clear sentence conveying a clear image but for the most part due most likely to a crappy translation mixed with antiquated story sensibilities admixed with weak sensory celebrations that seem pathological than ecstatic, to borrow a phrase from the world of breastfeeding, I didn t latch

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    Here we have a rather slim but suggestive selection of prose pieces most of which are radically incomplete by the fabled child saint of literary fin de si cle Vienna himself, Hugo von Hofmannsthal An author whom Hermann Broch maintained in an erudite, book length socio biographical study was the premier modernist writer greater even than that blind dipsomaniac and

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    Der Brief des Lord ChandosBu Hugo von Hofmannsthal An Ode to literature is this selection of the author s numerous sharp sighted essays on poetry and prose and his favourite classic writers The Letter of Lord Chandos is, in short, the apology of a once promising young author of having lost all capability of producing any new artwork Poetry or prose Of being incapab

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    I ll just add a little to Daniel Myers s review on .com These stories have long been classics of modernist literature, and they should be read by everyone interested in the history of Symbolism, the heritage of Poe, the history of fantasy fiction, and the development of what Robert Musil called daylight mysticism that s in his Posthumous Papers of a Living Author, a

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    It s believed by some that a primary influence on the Lord Chandos Letter was the work of Ernst Mach Mach is best known today for his association with the famous Mach number for measuring supersonic velocity, but in his own time he also made major contributions to the fields of experimental physics, optics, cosmology and the philosophy of science Mach s theoretical r

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    I can only rate three stars because nothing other than Lord Chandos Letter itself, actually only 10% of the book, spoke to me It is a letter to a friend explaining why words no longer can express anything he sees or feels, so he decides to abandon words altogether There is a certain irony to the story itself in that he expresses beautifully in the letter itself what h

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    I nostri sentimenti, anche quelli appena percepiti, e tutti gli stati d animo pi intimi, pi segreti e profondi, non sono forse intrecciati, nel modo pi singolare, con una stagione, con una certa atmosfera, con un alito Un certo movimento con cui scendi all alto di una vettura una notte estiva, afosa e priva di stelle l odore delle pietre umide nell androne di una casa

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    A carta de Lord Chandos, onde se diz que o infinito conjunto c smico do qual fazemos parte n o pode ser descrito com palavras e portanto a escrita um pequeno equ voco sem import ncia, t o pequeno que nos torna quase mudos Enrique Vila Matas, Bartleby Companhia

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    I learnt about this book while I was reading a Thai fiction on fictionlog in which the protagonist is diagnosed to have Lord Chandos syndrome which means he s losing his ability to describe things with words This book is a collection of short stories, some of them are just one page long, written by a talented Viennese poet, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal Lord Chandos letter is t

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    Is there such a thing as reader s block When literature itself becomes tedious, and your brain won t stop throbbing with useless and pointless and knowledge, then there s the Lord Chandos letter Read it again and cleanse yourself.

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