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Botanicaust Awesome Indies ApprovedThe Only Crop Left Is HumanAfter Genetically Altered Weeds Devastate Earth S Crop Lands, Dr Tula Macoby Believes Photosynthetic Skin Can Save The Human Race, And Her People Single Mindedly Embark On A Mission To Convert The Cannibals Roaming What S Left Of Earth But When Levi, A Peaceful Stranger, Refuses Alteration, Tula Doesn T Think The Only Options Should Be Conversion Or DeathLevi Kraybill, A Devout Member Of The Old Order, Left His Holdout Farmland To Seek A Cure For His Terminally Ill Son Genetic Manipulation Is A Sin, But Levi Will Do Almost Anything For The Life Of His Child When He S Captured, He S Sure He S Damned, And His Only Escape Will Be DeathTula S Superiors Schedule Levi S Euthanization, And She Risks Everything To Set The Innocent Man Free Now She And Levi Are Outlaws With Her People, And She S An Abomination With His Can They Find Sanctuary In A Cannibal Wasteland With independently published books, you never know what you re going to get With Botanicaust, you get a professional level product all the way around Professional presentation Professional editing Professional story Professional writing This book is a keeper, and I look forward to from Tam Linsey She s a writer to watch for.Set in a dystopian future, isolated groups have adapted to environmental collapse in different ways One group, the Amish, have adapted by maintaining a close knit, self sufficient farming community By the end of the book, I had a real feel for the strengths and weaknesses of the farmers, who are presented sympathetically and realistically.A scientifically advanced group has discovered immortality and immorality , but at great cost This group is the least developed, serving mostly as a foil to the others.Finally, and most originally, the third group adapted by transforming themselves into plants sort of Their skin is capable of photosynthesis Author Linsey has the scientific chops to make this idea seem plausible.Put Levi, a man from the religious farmers, together with Tula, a green scientist from the photosynthetic people, and their world will be the same.My only quibble was with the villain I never learned the reason for his antipathy for Tula, and though he got his comeuppance, it was handled in a few sentences of narration, whereas I wanted to see him get what he deserved But that was a relatively small point in an otherwise excellent book.Highly recommended I read Botanicaust in its audiobook version and, to be honest, it took all of my concentration to get into it in the very beginning because the concepts described in this new world were so overwhelming foreign for me I m used to the horrific side of the apocalypse but this one is pretty firmly steeped in the realm of science fiction An event coined the Botanicaust happened which basically wiped out all edible crops Yeah That s no good The survivors have morphed into a few different groups of people all with some major flaws who must take drastic measures in order to survive I m only going to concern myself with two of them the rest shall be a surprise for you, if you choose to read this series There are cannibals who hunt and eat people and another group of green plant like people who use science to convert the, eh, shall we say sort of agreeable cannibals into green people who no longer need to eat flesh to survive Tula is one of the greenies and her job as a psychologist is to convince them to stop eating peopleTraining the carnivore out of the cannibal was not easyand sign the conversion release form in a very short window of time Without it, they face euthanasia So pretty much, you agree to go through this incredibly painful transformation or you die Sucks for you Tula is compassionate and her job is difficult seeing as there is also a language barrier between herself and her patients and she has a superior who is hell bent on making her life miserable Tula s most recent patient is Levi Levi is not a cannibal but a man who traveled outside the boundaries of his safe haven to save the life of his dying child When Levi refuses to sign the release Tula takes drastic measures, puts her own life in danger and uncovers some disturbingly devious secrets I m not going give away any of the plot, there s a lot of it, I m lazy and you should discover it for yourself It gets twisty and turny, there is betrayal, a little sex, characters you grow to care about and lots of action Once I found my footing, I enjoyed the uniqueness of the world and was anxious to see how it would all come to a close considering it s part one of a series Fortunately, for me, it managed to leave room open for sequels but didn t end on a huge, annoying cliff hanger that left my head exploding in frustration.If you like audios, this one has a quiet, pleasant voiced narrator who doesn t over act or simply read the text and she does a great job with all of the varied characters I received a copy of this audiobook from the author Hope she doesn t regret it I won this book through a giveaway the author was kind enough to send it to Pakistan What I liked the concept this story was based on was really interesting and it didn t disappoint, as I read aheadthe cover suited all three races, if they can be called that, were as different as day and night but the most advanced ones I forget what they re called were the scariest the author did research and it showed I loved the part about telomerase and the chloroplasts, as well as the part about Ripening.the ending wasn t impractical it was quite realisticI sort of threw a tantrum when one of the little girls was taken by the cannibals I m pretty sure we ll see her again, if there s going to be a sequel but still What I didn t like the whole people turning into cannibals part wasn t too well thought If plants will grow in one place, surely people will work to grow them elsewhere.If you want to read about photosynthesizing people, cannibals and an apocalyptic world, give this one a try it doesn t disappoint Also reviewed liked at BLBSWPLIMEBOFBBNKobo This story actually isn t about cannibalism It s a little misleading to suggest that is a main point of the plot It s of a solid science fiction dystopian tale of various social groups, and how they get by after humanity destroys the ecosystem.Some of the groups eat people Some turned to photosynthesis Some became, essentially, Amishand some others have turned to science in a way I won t spoil here I found the different societies and s very interesting, and thought this was an excellent way to begin a new series I look forward to follow up stories The world building is pretty complex the author laid a good foundation for to come The glossary in the back is very helpful, and I suggest referring to it as the book is read.One nice extra freebie after you read the story, you can find a special link to get an additional chapter, taking place concurrently at a crucial point, from another character s POV Very thoughtful There is also a novella available on Kindle that presents a self contained cannibal s tale.Ever since I was a child I wanted to be photosythetic, and this story shows how that may become possible although it might not be a completely positive experience there might be some side effects I m actually not sure which culture I would choose to live in, given the chance There are surprising positives and negatives in each.Recommended for sci fi lovers who enjoy dystopian futures, and for students of societal clashes in speculative fiction.Disclaimer I was given this book to review by GoodReads I was not paid for this review, and the opinions expressed are my own.

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