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A Step of Faith This one seemed a little boring at times But he met some interesting scary characters And of course, Mr Evans ended with one of his usual cliffhangers Yay for me, I have the last book to read So excited for the end of this journey. Just as good as the first three books in the series although I was a little distracted by the side journeys For me, my favorite part of the series is the actual traveling and this book seemed to be lacking that But it thoroughly captivated me and I could not put down the book until I was finished LOVED the last few paragraphs before the epilogue Do we really have to wait an entire year for the next in the series Following The New York Times Bestseller The Road To Grace, Richard Paul Evans S Hero Alan Christoffersen Faces A Life Changing Crisis On His Journey To GraceAfter The Death Of His Beloved Wife, After The Loss Of His Advertising Business To His Once Trusted Partner, After Bankruptcy Forced Him From His Home, Alan Christoffersen Is A Broken Man Leaving Everything He Knows, He Sets Out On An Extraordinary Cross Country Journey With Only The Pack On His Back, He Is Walking From Seattle To Key West The End Of The Map Along The Way, Alan Begins To Heal, Meeting People Who Teach Him Lessons About Love, Sacrifice, And Forgiveness But In St Louis, Alan Faces Another Life Changing Crisis, And Now The Journey Is In Jeopardy Alan Christoffersen began his walk from Seattle to Key West almost one year ago Devastated by the death of his wife, the betrayal of his business partner, the loss of his business and his home he was contemplating suicide, but decided to walk instead After collapsing at the side of the road at the almost halfway point of his walk, Alan discovers his recent bouts with vertigo are being caused by a brain tumor Having to deal with yet another hospital stay, Alan decides to have the procedure done in California, staying with his father in his childhood home to recuperate Counting his blessings that the tumor was benign and although not quickly as he wishes, he does resume his walk As can only be expected when one is walking cross country he meets up with some interesting people This series is a wonderful series to read Nothing blows up, no shades of grey, no bad language just a beautifully written book about a man and his wanderings across the USA Mr Evans includes quotes from the diary of Alan Christoffersen at the beginning of each chapter These quotes are so insightful that it makes me feel like I should write them down so I can have them at my fingertips for the right occasion If Mr Evans was not a successful novelist, he could certainly have made a career for himself writing heartfelt greeting cards Wow that last line sounds a little negative, but was meant completely as compliment A Step of Faith is the fourth in The Walk series that began in 2010 It is preceded by The Walk 2010 , Miles to Go 2011 , and The Road to Grace 2012 While it is not strictly necessary to have read the first three in order to understand and enjoy A Step of Faith, I would strongly recommend it The premise of The Walk series is that Alan Christoffersen, living in Seattle, had it all his own advertising business, a lovely home, and a beautiful, loving wife, McKale who also happens to have been his childhood sweetheart Until one day when McKale has an accident while riding her horse and subsequently dies, Alan s business partner, Kyle Craig interesting for James Patterson fans that this is also the name of Alex Cross former partner boss turned evil nemesis steals the agency s customers, the business is defunct, and with no money, Alan loses his cars and house After considering and rejecting suicide, Alan decides that with nothing left to tie him to Seattle he just wants to get as far away as possible He decides to walk from Seattle to the furthest point in the continental United States, Key West, Florida On his journey, Alan encounters many people, some good, others not so much some will reappear in his life, others will just become as ships passing in the night He also runs into obstacles and has his setbacks, such as being mugged and stabbed, but he meets these obstacles with resolve and determination, for it isabout the journey itself that the actual destination.When we last saw Alan at the end of The Road to Grace, Alan awoke in the hospital in St Louis after experiencing dizziness and headaches and finally losing consciousness alongside the road Falene, his former employee and friend, is with him and informs him that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor Will Alan resume his walk The answer lies in A Step of Faith and I don t think it would be considered a spoiler for me to tell you that Alan does indeed continue on his journey, meeting new people and experiencing some things he never even dreamed of And as before, the journey is Alan s opportunity for soul searching, listening to his heart, figuring out how he can move on.I have read each book in this series within a week of publication and have enjoyed each immensely A Step of Faith is certainly no exception, provable by the fact that I devoured it in one day However this one left me feeling a little bit sad, probably because about the time that Alan finally realizes that he needs people in his life and that he needs to open his heart to love again, those people begin leaving his life It seems rather a lesson in the old saying that you should never take for granted the ones you love, as you never know when you may lose them That said, I still enjoyed the book and will be eagerly awaiting the next one yes, there IS going to be a fifth book in the series, scheduled for May 2014 One problem that is unavoidable is that since the books in the series have been published approximately one year apart, it is easy to forget people and events, or at least the details I usually re read the last chapter or two in the previous book before starting a new one, just to refresh my memory I think I might re read the first four books shortly before the arrival of the fifth, so that there will be a natural flow that seems lacking when read a year apart Richard Paul Evans is always easy to read, and never disappoints I highly recommend this book to all, young and old alike. I have read every book Richard Paul Evans has written this is not including his children s books I love The Walk series I am looking forward to the conclusion that is coming out in May 2014 I think what I love most about all of his booksis the diary entries that are usually VERY THOUGHT provoking Some of my favorite QUOTES have come from Richard Paul Evans books Sorry, this was my least favorite of the walk series I found it rather boring where too much time was spent telling me what he ate for each meal I really detested the part of the cult encounter that bordered on sci fi perhaps alluding to Christian Scientist It didn t flow with the story and had no purpose in my mind I ended up skimming over El s the cult leader prophecies The fact that Allen was obtuse about the obvious adoration of two women and the concern from his father made him seem selfish There were also references to previous encounters relationships and now that we have spanned 4 books and how many years , I just can t remember those characters anyand couldn t make the connection And, yet the series doesn t end..I really think this could have been a better book and concluded the walk. This Walk series is definitely worth it and the wait between books Not only do you get to follow Alan on his cross country walk, you get to see him grow up as he goes with his various trials I really enjoy this series Book four of the series Still a solid story but not as exciting as the two prior ones Two strange events did occur but for some reason they didn t impact me to the same degree as other events in the prior books In any event, I am anxious to finish the series and only wish the author could write faster You can t go wrong with a Richard Paul Evans novel His prose seems effortless and you feel like you are walking along with the character I received the book on 5 7 and finished on 5 8. It was like reading a travel log I am tired of Alan feeling sorry for himself Some things he encountered in this book were too weird for me.

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When Richard Paul Evans wrote the 1 best seller, The Christmas Box, he never intended on becoming an internationally known author His quiet story of parental love and the true meaning of Christmas made history when it became simultaneously the 1 hardcover and paperback book in the nation Since then, than eight million copies of The Christmas Box have been printed He has since written ele

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