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The Malice Box When Robert Is Sent What Seems To Be A Simple Copper Puzzle Box, He Has No Idea His Life Is About To Undergo A Violent Transformation That Night An Acquaintance Commits Suicide In Curious Circumstances The Following Day An Old Friend Reveals The Existence Of An Arcane Weapon That Could Destroy All Of New York CityThe Responsibility Of Hunting Down And Destroying This Weapon, This Malice Box, Lies With Robert The Weapon Is Primed To Explode In Seven Days And Robert Must Undergo A Spiritual And Physical Quest A Series Of Trials Around Manhattan In Order To Track Down The Keys That Will Prevent Detonation In A Desperate Race Against The Clock, Robert Scours The Streets Of New York While Plagued By Doubts Of The Motives Of Those Closest To Him Robert Has Only Terri, A Beautiful And Mysterious Psychic, To Guide HimIntricately Plotted And Brilliantly Imagined, The Malice Box Is The Debut Novel By A New Master Of The Thriller

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    I only give the book one star because no matter how I tried I can t bring myself to finish the book the book is so confusing and long and make me frown all the time maybe I m harsh but I rather read a dictionary than read this book

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    First of all, can I make something clear to the negative reviewers and others this is NOT a Da Vinci Code clone What Martin Langfield has written is a fast paced, intelligent, supernatural thriller, predominantly set in New York with flashbacks to Cambridge and London It weaves occult philosophy and esoteric religious practices into the narrative of a tightly written novel that will keep you in suspense, forever gue

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    I wanted to like this book, and the story idea itself was great So what s the problem I hate the author s voice honestly and the characters annoyed me so much,they weren t that interesting and I really didn t care what happened to them I kept soldiering on but honestly the characters just got worse and worse, the authors voice grated on me and until it felt like a chore trying to read this book.

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    What an amazing book I would really love to visit New York after reading this I ve always thought the architecture looks stupendoous and a large part of it comes into focus in this book as the clues in the plot take you from location to location Fast paced, thrilling great read.

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    I went into this book with high hopes, ready for adventure, full of history, mystery and intrigue The Malice Box had quite a few of these elements, but there was one other massive element, the supernatural.Maybe I ve been a bit harsh on this book simply because it s not was I was expecting but in the end it didn t keep me very interested I didn t like the characters of Adam Hale, or Katherine and I was pretty much indifferent to the main charact

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    A twisting , turning, complex race against time and around Manhattan It was an engaging read, lots of changes in direction for both the main character, Robert, and the reader I loved the descriptions of the buildings and the articfacts, despite never having been to Manhattan I finished the book feeling as though i d just had a personal tour with an authortive guide I d recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and likes to try and solve the puzzle

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    I picked this book up to be my easy fluffy read between serious books but I didn t anticipate how difficult it would be to get through this thing Ugh Not brilliantly written and a story that goes off on too many tangents and too many glaring attempts at literary flourish left me struggling to finish this, not to mention that I ceased to care about the story only a quarter of the way into the book.

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    I really struggled to finish this book The characters are just uninteresting, and the authors rather florid attempts to turn a potentially decent thriller into a supernatural journey of spiritual awakening are ham fisted at best.Also, Robert Reckliss is a really stupid name.

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    The Malice Box sounds like a novel hanging on the coattails of the recent explosion of religious thrillers However, Martin Langfield s d but read is like Clive Barker collaborating with Dan Brown Although grounded in that current popular genre of running around solving riddles, The Malice Box is heavily laced with a supernatural mythological slant This fresh angle should deliver a engaging read than Langfield delivers The Malice Box jumps back and forth with flashbacks, never creates

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