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Moby Dick It Is The Horrible Texture Of A Fabric That Should Be Woven Of Ships Cables And Hawsers A Polar Wind Blows Through It, And Birds Of Prey Hover Over ItSo Melville Wrote Of His Masterpiece, One Of The Greatest Works Of Imagination In Literary History In Part, Moby Dick Is The Story Of An Eerily Compelling Madman Pursuing An Unholy War Against A Creature As Vast And Dangerous And Unknowable As The Sea Itself But Than Just A Novel Of Adventure, Than An Encyclopaedia Of Whaling Lore And Legend, The Book Can Be Seen As Part Of Its Author S Lifelong Meditation On America Written With Wonderfully Redemptive Humour, Moby Dick Is Also A Profound Inquiry Into Character, Faith, And The Nature Of PerceptionThis Edition Of Moby Dick, Which Reproduces The Definitive Text Of The Novel, Includes Invaluable Explanatory Notes, Along With Maps, Illustrations, And A Glossary Of Nautical Terms

About the Author: Herman Melville

There is than one author with this nameHerman Melville was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet His first two books gained much attention, though they were not bestsellers, and his popularity declined precipitously only a few years later By the time of his death he had been almost completely forgotten, but his longest novel, Moby Dick largely considered a failure d

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    LISA Dad, you can t take revenge on an animal That s the whole point of Moby Dick.HOMER Oh Lisa, the point of Moby Dick is be yourself The Simpsons, Season 15, Episode 5, The Fat and the Furriest There, there Stop your crying You didn t like Herman Melville s Moby Dick You didn t even finish it I m here to tell you, that s o

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    Where the White Whale, yo Ah, my first DBR And possibly my last, as this could be a complete shit show Approaching a review of Moby Dick in a state of sobriety just wasn t cutting it, though So let s raise our glasses to Option B, yeah I fucking love this book It took me eight hundred years to read it, but it was so, so worth it Melville s writing is im

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    I re read Moby Dick following my research trips to the whaling museums of New Bedford and Nantucket whaling museums The particular edition I read from University of California Press is HIGHLY recommended as the typeface is extremely agreeable to the eyes and the illustrations are subtle and instructive without ever interfering or drawing attention away from the story

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    So, Herman Melville s Moby Dick is supposed by many to be the greatest Engligh language novel ever written, especially among those written in the Romantic tradition Meh.It s not that I don t get that there s a TON of complexity, subtlety, and depth to this book about a mad captain s quest for revenge against a great white whale And on the surface it s even a pretty darn good

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    i tried.Both ends of the line are exposed the lower end terminating in an eye splice or loop coming up from the bottom against the side of the tub, and hanging over its edge completely disengaged from everything This arrangement of the lower end is necessary on two accounts First In order to facilitate the fastening to it of an additional line from a neighboring boat, in case the str

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    I hate this book so much It is impossible to ignore the literary merit of this work though it is, after all, a piece of innovative literature Melville broke narrative expectations when he shed the narrator Ishmael and burst through with his infinite knowledge of all things whale It was most creative, but then he pounded the reader with his knowledge of the whaling industry that could, quite

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    There once was a grouchy alpha whale named Moby Dick who rather than being agreeably shorn of his blubber and having lumpy sperm scooped out of his cranium like cottage cheese chose life Unlike so many shiftless, layabout sea mammals of his generation, Moby Dick did not go gentle into that good night This whale, in short, was not a back of the bus rider He assailed a shallow, consumerist society, wh

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    Y si Ahab abandona de s bito la b squeda Es probable que la pierna inexistente le duela para toda la vida Moby Dick fue, es y ser mi libro preferido de toda la vida Esta es en realidad la tercera vez que lo leo dado que la magia que se desprende de sus p ginas me hechiza sin soltarme M s all de que en la cima de mis escritores preferidos se yergue solitariamente y sin competencia mi admirad simo F

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    I was that precocious brat who first read the whale esque sized Moby Dick at the age of nine Why I had my reasons, and they were twofold 1 I was in the middle of my I love Jacques Cousteau phase, and this book had a picture of a whale on the cover 2 It was on the bookshelf juuuuust above my reach, and so obviously it was good because it was clearly meant to be not for little kids , and that made my little but

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