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The Two Towers The Fellowship Was Scattered Some Were Bracing Hopelessly For War Against The Ancient Evil Of Sauron Some Were Contending With The Treachery Of The Wizard Saruman Only Frodo And Sam Were Left To Take The Accursed Ring Of Power To Be Destroyed In Mordor The Dark Kingdom Where Sauron Was Supreme Their Guide Was Gollum, Deceitful And Lust Filled, Slave To The Corruption Of The Ring Thus Continues The Magnificent, Bestselling Tale Of Adventure Begun In The Fellowship Of The Ring, Which Reaches Its Soul Stirring Climax In The Return Of The King

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    Another Tolkien review Yep, I m putting out another Tolkien review I m on a mission, a mission to review everything written by Tolkien And I literally mean everything I ve read most of his works, so I m starting with those first before I move on to th

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    The hope for saving Middle Earth continues THE FELLOWSHIP IS BROKEN There is some good in this world, and it s worth fighting for. So much for the fellowship made of representative of the races of good in the Middle Earth with the task of destroying T

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    Book Review For as long as I can remember, I have loved serial fiction and saga stories The Lord of the Rings trilogy and associated books by J.R.R Tolkien are a treasure I first found the books when I was 14 and had to re read again when the movies came ou

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    A review of Lord of the Rings The Two Towers by SauronAfter my review of the Fellowship of the Ring, my agent BBMed me and said that people still thought I was a bitter a hole He suggested that I learn to deal with my situation by talking with some likeminded people who have

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    The second act of the classic Lord Of The Rings saga is divided into two halves the second half focussing on Frodo, Sam and Gollum and the first half focussing on the rest of the divided fellowship.To be honest, I love this book so much, it s virtually impossible for me to write a b

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    494 The Two Towers The Lord of The Rings, 2 , J.R.R John Ronald Reuel TolkienThe Two Towers is the second volume of J.R.R Tolkien s high fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings It is preceded by The Fellowship of the Ring and followed by The Return of the King 2002 1381 9649305491 20 1381 964697130 1381 1391 9789643343224 1382 9646564992

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    Herewith Some Notes On My Inaugural Journey Through The Second Volume Of Tolkien s The Lord Of The Rings Me after staying up all night reading The Two TowersI liked The Fellowship Of The Ring , but this book made me love Tolkien s Middle Earth epic Some of the writing i

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    Tolkien did not design The Lord of the Rings to be read as three separate books However, since the book is flawless, there is just no boring moment Even if you chop it further to 6, 12 or 24 books, I think all of them deserve 5 stars I am not a big fan of fantasy genre but this one is just over the

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    I m one of very few people in the world that actually really hate the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Hobbit as well I ve read The Hobbit twice, trying to capture the second time what I was sure I must have missed the first time round but no And then I read The Fellowship of the Ring and found Frodo s story to

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