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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn The Beloved American Classic About A Young Girl S Coming Of Age At The Turn Of The Century, Betty Smith S A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Is A Poignant And Moving Tale Filled With Compassion And Cruelty, Laughter And Heartache, Crowded With Life And People And Incident The Story Of Young, Sensitive, And Idealistic Francie Nolan And Her Bittersweet Formative Years In The Slums Of Williamsburg Has Enchanted And Inspired Millions Of Readers For Than Sixty Years By Turns Overwhelming, Sublime, Heartbreaking, And Uplifting, The Daily Experiences Of The Unforgettable Nolans Are Raw With Honesty And Tenderly Threaded With Family Connectedness In A Work Of Literary Art That Brilliantly Captures A Unique Time And Place As Well As Incredibly Rich Moments Of Universal Experience Betty Smith s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn has been passed down through at least three or four generations and is highly regarded as a classic novel perfect for any young adult bent on entering adulthood and escaping from the gaping clutches of a complicated childhood While it was not for those reasons that I first picked up Brooklyn, I came to regard it as one of the finest books that I had ever read At first glance, it is a very deceitful book short words spaced nicely apart and, a largish font size However, as I began to become enveloped in the life of a young Brooklyn girl dreaming of becoming big, I realized that this tale was not as easy as the superficial first glance had led me to believe.For one, Francie s sufferings and trials from being the unloved child gave me a special, odd sort of comfort If she could survive no, flourish living in the slums of Brooklyn with a drunk Irish father and a mother who was not always there for her, why could I not do so in absolute comfort Granted, my father is not a drunk, nor is he Irish and my mother is always there for me Still, as every young adult feels at one point during this trying time, I have often thought that there was no one to whom I could turn for steady support Secondly, Betty Smith wrote the novel in a fluid, page turning manner Her every word supports and encourages the next, while also performing the duty of enticing the reader to keep marching onward She writes simply and plainly, a very modern woman in a time where their position in society was shifting.She created in Francie a heroine worthy of comparison to Jane Austen s beloved Elizabeth Bennet or Elinor Dashwood Bold, daring, smart, and at the same time reserved, wise, creative, and thoughtful, Smith wrote a protagonist not only for the shifting ways of the early 20th century, but for all time. Some books give young girls dreams of ponies, kittens, and visions of eternal love This book is not one of them.If I were to make a metaphor, this book would be the equivalent of the ice bucket challenge It offers no platitudes, it is harsh, realistic It slaps you in the face with reality, a reality that is very rarely pleasant.And it is also one of the best young adult books I have ever read.I first read this book as a young teen, perhaps when I was 13 or 14 The main lesson I learned from it Life is not fair Life is hard Life is harsh People suffer Good things do not come to those who wait Even if you re the best person in the world, life can still slap you in the face, and you can only take what fate has handed you Even if you strive to be the best child you can be to your parents, they can still show favoritism to your younger sibling, for no reason than the fact that your younger sibling was determined through some undetermined reason to be superior Parents can and will play favorites, despite your best efforts.Even if your mother works her hands to the bone to support you and your brother, you will secretly love your wastrel, drunkard of a father , for unfathomable reasons Because human nature doesn t always make sense, and you can t help who you love.Even if you re committed to common sense, you will have your heart broken People can and will take advantage of you, no matter how much you try to guard yourself.This book is a bleak one It is about a young girl named Frannie, a child born of desperately poor parents A quiet child, a shy child, one who takes comfort in books I think we can all relate to that A girl mature beyond her years, due to the hardships of the poor Brooklyn life in which she grew up, but a girl who is naive, all the same.She knew her family was poor, but little children never notice much of that Her mother has to stretch a loaf of bread over an entire week, but there is magic in how she does it so that there is variety in their meals She takes joy in playing with her brother, in getting a few pennies to buy a bit of candy at the dime store In buying a pickle and reveling in the sourness of it Simple joys that only children know It is not until later in life that reality becomes all too clear.Her neighbors are vibrant, colorful Above all, they are people They are human This may be a silly thing to note, but not all books are about people, not all books have humans that seem human Too many books have characters who are little than typescript on a page The people in this book seem alive, from the grumpy old man who yells at her down the street, to the sadly tragic woman who enters into a costume competition and wins for wearing what judges feel to be a symbolic dress with just one arm, not realizing that she is too poor to afford both sleeves, and the one arm is from a salvaged outfit.If you wanted a true portrait of the people of Brooklyn in the early 20th century, you will find no better depiction in this book.No, this book doesn t offer any rainbows, there are no daydreams Not all little girls need constant beauty and joy and complacency All girls, however, need a good dose of reality They need to know that they, too, can survive and thrive, despite what life throws at them Because if a girl like Frannie can survive like a blade of grass sprouting from the hard concrete of Brooklyn, so can they. Dear God, let me be something every minute of every hour of my life Let me be gay let me be sad Let me be cold let me be warm Let me be hungryhave too much to eat Let me be ragged or well dressed Let me be sincere be deceitful Let me be truthful let me be a liar Let me be honorable and let me sin Only let me be something every blessed minute And when I sleep, let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost Don t say that It s not better to die Who wants to die Everything struggles to live Look at that tree growing up there from the grating It gets no sun, and water only when it rains It s growing out of sour earth And it s strong because its hard struggle to live is making it strong Oh, I wish I was young again when everything seemed so wonderful Well, a person can cry for only so long Then she has to find something else to do with her time I know that s what people say you ll get over it I d say it, too But I know it s not true Oh, you ll be happy again, never fear But you won t forget. Yup, I m reading it AGAIN I sob, and I mean sob, every time I read this book It s such a simple story Francie Nolan is a smart little girl who s trying to find beauty in her sometimes ugly, always poverty stricken life Her adored father is wonderful, but too plagued by his own demons to support his family Her mother loves her children fiercely but is often harsh because she thinks it s her job to keep them grounded in reality oh, and she seems to love Francie s brother Her aunt is a bit of a floozy, but is still kind and generous Together, this family lives dirt poor in Brooklyn And that s it But from this simple premise grows a tender, heartbreaking story It s the only book that fills me with sadness just by thinking about it Also, this is another of those books that I fear will fade away It s just not that flashy, and it is long I m always saddened at how much length plays a part in what my students choose to read Please buy it

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