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Selected Poems and Fragments Friedrich H Lderlin Is Now Recognized As One Of Europe S Supreme Poets He First Found His True Voice In The Epigrams And Odes He Wrote When Transfigured By His Love For The Wife Of A Rich Banker He Later Embarked On An Extraordinarily Ambitious Sequence Of Hymns Exploring Cosmology And History, From Mythological Times To The Discovery Of America And His Own Era The Canticles Of Night , By Contrast, Include Enigmatic Fragments In An Unprecedented Style, Which Anticipates The Symbolists And Surrealists Together The Works Collected Here Show H Lderlin S Use Of Classical And Christian Imagery And His Exploration Of Cosmology And History In An Attempt To Find Meaning In An Uncertain World

About the Author: Friedrich Hölderlin

Johann Christian Friedrich H lderlin was a major German lyric poet, commonly associated with the artistic movement known as Romanticism H lderlin was also an important thinker in the development of German Idealism, particularly his early association with and philosophical influence on his seminary roommates and fellow Swabians Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling.

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    A collection of poems that give readers peace and gentle delight, as if returning to the drunken yet quiet days of the ancient Greek gods.

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    I love these two beautiful poems Neckar a major tributary of the Rhine river and Brevity The Neckar Der Nekar In your valleys my heart awakened to life, Your small waves played around me, And of all the gracious hills that know you, Wanderer, not one is foreign to me.Often on your peaks, the air of heaven Relieved the pain of my labors, and from the valley, Like life from the cup of original joy, A silver and blue wave glittered.The mountain streams hurried down to you With them came my heart, an

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    In studying of contemporary philosophy, I ve been hearing H lderlin s name for years His poetry had tremendous impact on a number of philosophers I ve read and enjoyed, including Hegel and Schelling his seminary roommates but later on Heidegger, Benjamin, Adorno, Foucault, Blanchot and others But I d never read any of his work until recently.I m not sure, as a relatively untrained reader of poetry, I really took from it all I could To my untrained ear, much of the poetry sounded dated and somewhat inac

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    So I have been really immersed in German Idealism, and lately German Romanticism Jena School in order to get a better understanding of 19 20th century radical revisions of the human and their world H lderlin is crucial here A romantic poet, friends with Schelling and Hegel, mentored by Schiller Along with Novalis and Schlegel, he is part of the triumvirate of German Romanticism I have been reading these thinkers in relation to the preceding and contemporaneous Idealism, and also the succeeding Frankfurt Scho

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    H lderlin s poetry is one of the greatest gifts to humanity His hexameters and odes provide comfort in this uncertain world we live in The book contains both the original German text and its English translation I sometimes envy my wife for being fluent in German but the English text flows very well.

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    I m not reviewing this particular edition of Hamburger s translations of Holderlin but the Penguin edition which strangely doesn t seem to be on the Goodreads list The Penguin is probably only about half the size of this particular edition On that note let me give my thoughts on this poet and translator Is it best to read an introduction to a poet or writer and then following the work itself In regards to this poet Gerard De Nerval is another I would say no, the reason being once you read of the man s life you re going

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    Like most Holderlin came by way of philosophy This book is a fabulous German to English collection of poems and fragments Found it remarkably current and insightful.

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    Man, I love this guy His writing just vibrates so well with my mind This edition is wonderful the cover is beautiful, the poems are both in German and English and there s a lot of material to read and re read Highly recommended.

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    Life changing poems.

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    ForewordPrefaceIntroductionBiographical Note Odes and Epigrams 1797 1799 Epigrams 1797 Good Advice Descriptive Poetry To Diotima Diotima Bliss of the heavenly Muse Bonaparte Empedocles To the Fates Diotima You suffer and keep silent and, strange to them To Her Genius Plea for Forgiveness Then and Now The Course of Life High my spirit aspired Brevity Human Applause Home Content the boatman turns Good Faith Her Recovery Nature, she who s your friend The Unpardonable To the Young Poets To the Germans Do not laugh The Sanctimonious Poets Sunset T

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