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Brothers and Sisters This book was longand trying to sum it up by theme the closest things I could say was that it was about ambition What do you want to be, how far do you want to go and what would you do to get there It doesn t matter what level of education or background the characters had, they all wanted something and were faced with moral dilemas on how to achieve these goals Some of the character may have been a little sterotyped but most were representative of people I have encountered This book brought up some interesting conflict between loyalty to race, gender, and family Which is stronger It also was interesting to have it set after the LA riots and consider how much those recent events stirred up feelings in the characters I found this to be an interesting look into the lives of people who encounter race issues and difficult choices on a regular basis. I think Bebe Moore Campbell tried to cover a lot of ground in this book I think a lot of what she did with Esther and Mallory s friendship was exaggerated but real in many ways I make the same argument for Humphrey Boone and Esther as upwardly mobile black folks in the modern day.This was a book that I appreciated not having all the loose ends tied off I felt like this was a book about people in progress and having they open endedness allows me to be hopeful for them all.Even to this day, I think this would make a great book discussion title especially for groups not afraid to tackle the topic of race. I don t understand all the praise This book is awful Flat, stereotyped characters Jerky timelines and POV s that switch suddenly and clumsily I keep having to backtrack to check where we are in time and whose head we re in How exactly do you smack yourself in the head so hard that it reverberates in the empty room that we ve already been told isn t empty or tremble so hard somebody can t hold on to you Take a minute and picture those things, seriously Hamfisted, overdramatic, contrived Yes, I get the story, I really do get it, it s about prejudice and power and the moral choices each of us makes, and had the story been told well this could have been a Truly Important Book Campbell is capable of a good turn of phrase describing buildings in a depressed part of town as the color of bathtub rings was evocative As it is, it comes off as a sophomoric soap opera Life is too short for bad writing, but I have to finish this because it s assigned reading for an MCS class At least I can sell it back after the quarter. This is a GREAT book it teaches about self esteem, how men can sometimes have a certain control over a womans mind that makes her either believe that she is worth it or not BROTHERS AND SISTERS touches subjects such as how minorities Blacks, HispanicsWOMEN have a difficult time moving up in the corporate world, especially women and the trials and tribulations they may incur, i.e., having to work twice as hard to prove ones qualifications and hitting the glass ceiling There are so many social everyday day to day issues that are pointed out in this book While reading BROTHERS AND SISTERS by BEBE MOORE CAMPBELL I am 100% sure you WILL be able to relate to it in one way or another no matter WHO you are.Happy reading Bebe Moore Campbell delivers sooooo much with this book Even though it s a lot of book to read it never falters and you even want at the end The way Campbell effortlessly tackles so many themes and draws readers in to all of these characters is amazing I would recommend this book to ANYBODY regardless of race or gender This is also a timeless book as race relations and professional politics will remain relevant Things kicked into high gear at the end and it was great I would have rated this book a 5 star if some of the climax didn t seem a little rushed Overall, I love a book where you FEEL the characters root for some hate some others and struggle back and forth on what s right and what s wrong You even question, What would I do if it were me or my decision when it comes to a lot of the obstacles Great read I feel very late getting into BMC s work esp now that she is deceased, but this will not be the only book I read from her already bought What You Owe Me. This book was a slow start for meI had to force myself to read past page 100.However, the patience paid off This story is truly captivating once the characters are well established and start to intermingle.I think this book holds a new relevance with today s issues and news. I did enjoy the settings themes of the book, but I felt the story progressed way too slow, at 544 pages, the book could ve been shortened of some of the filler Also, Esther was the epitome of angry Black female it began to annoy me how clich her character became Still, the issues are as relevant now as they were in the book s settings of 1993, and the writing skills of Bebe Moore Campbell are excellent. The L.A riots Most people on the west coast at least probably remember them pretty vividly I was just a kid A white kid who had just moved back from Mexico and was shocked by this thing called racism Not that there isn t prejudice south of the border, but it was never anything like this I felt weird in my own skin, where I had been a minority before in number only there were never any negative consequences to this now I was part of the majority an ugly majority that even as a child made me feel ashamed, a majority I never understood, a majority that considered any loss of privilege reverse racism not even going there In Brothers and Sisters, Campbell captures this whole hot mess in a way that let me glimpse at both sides And that s not to say that all of a sudden I feel any sympathy for bigots or for the average white person who sees anyone else getting a fair shake and somehow think the result is that they are getting cheated, it s still bullcrap, but Campbell does a fantastic job of showing that perspective I have always failed to see Weird right A white girl needing a black author to explain her own race to her but that just goes to show how race and racism are so much bigger and so much complicated than just black and white, us and them Campbell also proves herself an expert in shifting POV It s a tough thing to do, but the author nails it in this book, shifting from black perspectives to white, female to male, young to old, always giving the character in question a chance at explaining themselves This is an excellent read that shouldn t be timeless but so far it is because wounds are still fresh and hate still broils at our nation s surface. Campbell knocked it out of the park with the wonderfully empathetic, unsentimental, and moving Your Blues Ain t Like Mine sad to say, she struck out with this sad affair assorted bathetic shenanigans and sundry soap operatic histrionics fail to coalesce into anything worthwhile about as striking and interesting as dishwater. Best Book, Brothers And Sisters By Bebe Moore Campbell This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Brothers And Sisters, Essay By Bebe Moore Campbell Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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Bebe Moore Campbell February 18, 1950 November 27, 2006 , was the author of three New York Times bestsellers, Brothers and Sisters, Singing in the Comeback Choir, and What You Owe Me, which was also a Los Angeles Times Best Book of 2001 Her other works include the novel Your Blues Ain t Like Mine, which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and the winner of the NAACP Image Award for

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