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Atlas Probably 3.5 stars for this one It was an enjoyable, action packed story though the solving of the crime felt a little too easy for me.The formatting of this book meant that the dialogue between characters was often shown on a single line which meant I had to constantly reread things to make sense of them Irritating Atlas is a futuristic novel with political undertones, but that s an inadequate and misleading description since it s also a well written, character driven police procedural The setting is a post civil war San Francisco The author doesn t go into the back story in much detail, but I got the impression of successful rebellion against an authoritarian regime The resulting new society is rebuilt on Ayn Rand lines rich versus poor, with the majority of the population living lives of quiet desperation, yet there is a sense that some kind of decent society is trying to arise from the mess As a futuristic novel, there are constant references to technology not currently existent I did not find this distracting the author manages to integrate the new tech into the story so that the reader can understand easily the purposes and functions as ordinary elements of the characters lives In other words, the world building is very effective The main character is a female detective from the underfunded overworked public sector who has to solve a crime involving the super rich ruling class This could have been a simple good versus evil plot, but it isn t Instead the characterizations of the female cop, the tycoon, and even the androids are rich and authentic I enjoyed the writing itself the word choices, sentence flow and descriptions The author has a talent for metaphors that are imaginative and apt noticeable without being showy I often found myself savoring the prose itself, apart from the content I do wish the author would go over the text one time for typos I don t think I would have noticed the typos much except for the fact that the graceful elegance of the prose made them stand out I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes good writing, well developed characters, and an intricate plot It s the first in a series and I intend to read the rest. Inspector Victoria Rhodes Works Long Hours As One Of The Last Clean Cops On San Francisco S Crumbling Police Force When A Double Murder Claims The Life Of A City Prosecutor In The Exclusive Covenant Community Of Atlantis, Rhodes Is Assigned As Liaison Between The SFPD Investigation And The Investigation Run By The Private Security Force Known As The ASMPublic Prosecutor Katherine Radcliffe Was The Face Of Local Politics, Fighting To Resurrect The Fallen City Of San Francisco By Bridging The Gap Between The Private Wealth Of Atlantis And The Forgotten Populace Of The Public Sector Found In The Arms Of Her Ex Sensual Companion Turned Corporate Psychologist Lover, Her Death Resonates With Rhodes And The People Of San Francisco On A Personal LevelWith Tensions Building Between The Classes And Evidence Mounting, Rhodes Finds Herself Delving Into The Past Of The Man At The Top Of The ASM Corporate Ladder, An Inexplicable Mercenary Turned Upper Class Messiah , Known As AtlasWhen She Discovers That His Past Remarkably Resembles Her Own , She Can T Help But Force A Confrontation That Brings Her Face To Face With A Man She Cannot Understand, A Suspect She Knows She Has To Pursue, And A Truth She Knows She May Not Want To Uncover Something different This is a well written first novel from Benjamin Smith It is based around a murder mystery which takes place in the future In that world there is an even greater divide between the rich and the poor as well as their neighbourhoods Fascinating characters and interesting Androids reel you into the story In the Epilogue, Perpetua leaves you wondering if there might be to follow Atlas by Benjamin Smith is a solid and well written thriller that takes place not too far into the future Science has advanced and in the tradition of forensic and technologically enhanced crime investigation the book offers a lot of new gadgets and methods for Detective ehm Inspector Victoria Rhodes and her team.Set in San Francisco and Northern California the story offers familiar places, some of them still as we know them, some modernised For example there is a dome for the filthily rich with total segregation from the poor, run by the controversial Atlas corporation.I liked the set up very much for its realistic and plausible character too many futuristic thrillers go overboard, Smith has introduced just enough to make this an interesting different world, yet keep relevance to present time humans.The chemistry between the investigating Inspector and her counter part in the Atlas Corporation regarding a double murder works extremely well Theirs is not a screwball type taming of the shrewd chemistry, there is depth and a horrifying link to their past that gives this much bite and substance.The story itself is well plotted and paced with enough action, turns and suspense to keep you glued to the kindle and should prove a winner with fans of the genre This is a full hearted and well accomplished effort that deserves a place amongst the first in its field.This is really good stuff and fortunately for us only the first in a series. I think the most I can say about this book is meh It had a lot of potential for being a good book The story is a good story line I really enjoyed certain aspects of the book, but the execution was very poorly done Anybody who pays any attention to my reviews can probably figure out that if I don t feel like the characters are well defined than I probably won t like the book That is just one aspect that this book is missing The characters were so boring I love a strong female lead, but she was not a strong character, making this book a bit dull to get through view spoiler And besides that, why does the strong female lead have to fall in love so quickly and stupidly This woman who apparently has many trust issues starts trusting a man that she just met with no qualms whatsoever hide spoiler I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a fabulous story, it starts off a little sadthe main characters were basically cast off kids, who went through some very horrible thingsespecially Victoriashe didn t even know her age or name when she was basically rescued from a life of drugs and prostitution The cop that saves her then adopts her and gives her a better life, lets her choose her own nameand she becomes a detective herself She is called in on some brutal murders and Phillip a rich semi detective himself gets involved.well there are some very odd twists and turns, some romance, and this is set in the far future where there are auto drive hover cars and all kinds of cool techie stuff..the mystery was very good and I cant wait for book 2 I must say this story has a strong I, Robot vibeand I think that rocks Thank you AUDIOBOOKBLAST DOT COM The future comes and it isn t pretty Yet despite tech advances, good, solid police work is still what s needed to get the job done With childhood histories reminiscent of Hitler Youth, the cop and the uber rich suspect are the protagonists in this tale of grisly murder The plot is involved and drags you in as it moves to conclusion All of the characters are well drawn and believable.Ms Lewis demonstrates her talents as an audio performer with skillful ease Her voice is clear and pleasant whether in character speak or narrative Character voices are well differentiated and given added depth.This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast.com. I devoured this book and can t wait for the next book from Benjamin Smith The characters really grab your attention and keep you enthralled to the very end I really like how the main characters have faced challenges in the past that really explains how they are now In a way they were damaged brutally and in the end they survived, despite the terrible past they endured Wrapped up in these intricate characters that really pull on your heartstrings is murder, suspense, politics, and danger The book is based in San Francisco 2066 The lead inspector Victoria Rhodes is damaged and has been brilliantly developed into a tough character who one minute you are cheering on, the next you want to embrace her in a hug, and the next you want to shake her Benjamin Smith really made her someone you can connect to despite the unimaginable past she endured In truth, this book would make a fascinating movie or television series I m doing the best I can to steer clear of giving away any spoilers since this is a must read for anyone who enjoys dystopian, police procedural, murder, mystery, intrigue, and science fiction All I can say is read the book, you will not regret it. A great first novel by Mr Smith I found his vision of 2066 disturbing, of course, but it was entirely realistic considering current trends The main characters are people you want to care about and to find out what happens to them.I m a big fan of speculative fiction and detective fiction and this book contributes to both genres It compares quite favorably with J D Robb s in Death series with Philip and Victoria replacing Roark and Eve as well as my own novel, Crown of Creation Crown of Creation

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