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Prodigy 3.5 stars BR with Lian When you imagine the fall of the US as a democracy, what kind of state do you think will emerge I imagine one of two options are most likely 1 A fascist surveillance state nothing is private, nothing is your choice, your every move is strictly directed and monitored by a governing force possibly the military Very little personal freedom 2 A state ruled by money as David Mitchell calls it in Cloud Atlas, a corporacracy Every part of your life is determined by your economic standing free social service is nonexistent Freedom based on income My point Prodigy was an interesting read for me because it depicts the US falling into ruin, then splitting into two halves, each spiraling down to become one of the options above The Republic Option OneThe Colonies Option TwoThere s some food for thought Perhaps Marie Lu shares my views on the fall of the US I didn t mention this in my review of Legend because the dystopian world of the series wasn t explained and expanded until Book 2 The worldbuilding I missed in the first book was delivered in Prodigy, which was a relief I couldn t give Prodigy a full five stars because of LOVE TRIANGLES UGH.Not one but TWO new love triangles are established in this book and it pisses me off Not because it was unrealistic people fall in love in inconvenient ways all the time so that was definitely believable What I can t stand is when authors turn perfectly kind and lovable people into complete dicks for the sake of resolving a love triangle conflict Ever read the Shatter Me series Think about Adam s transformation and you ll know what I mean So Tess, a lovely girl with great prospects and an admirable PLATONIC relationship with Day, all of a sudden falls for him and turns into a raging asshat This is not okay Slow building character development deterioration that s reasonable Total 180s out of nowhere NOPE Stop that shit Aside from that Though the plot was a bit slow, the unveiling of the Republic s inner workings and the glimpse at the Colonies made up for it I enjoyed Prodigy nearly as much, if not just as much, as Legend. Wow, what a fun sequel If assassination plots and stealing fighter jets weren t enough, I d read it for the whispers bathtub scene alone. Actual rating 4.5 stars Well, well, well Here I am yet again eating my words A year ago, when I read Legend, I complained about the world building Mind you, I did think it was a fast paced, exciting read, but it felt incomplete as a dystopian novel because I couldn t fully visualize how the society fit into the world as a whole By the end, I was left with so many questions about how everything functioned I felt like Marie Lu was purposefully keeping secrets from me just to string me along to book two Well, I supposed it did work and to my immense delight, it was well worth the wait And I loved it.Instantly, I noticed a change from Legend to Prodigy The biggest being the change in my opinion over the two main characters June and Day Originally, June and I didn t mesh well, but in Prodigy that situation was flipped It was Day that was the new thorn in my side for the majority of the book From the beginning, June warns Day of the Patriots and their leader, Razor, but Day, blinded by his hatred of the Republic for destroying his family, fails to heed her warning A part of this is due to doubt of June s loyalty being placed in his head from other Patriots and his best friend, Tess, who is not ashamed to show her dislike for June And just when I thought I had it up to here with him, he wised up and took action The old Day that warmed my heart in Legend was back.June, on the other hand, I liked very much I thought her character growth was a vast improvement from Legend because she s clearly learned from past actions In Prodigy, she isaware of the corruption in the Republic and is therefore able to pinpoint wary situations Yet, the thing she struggles with the most in this sequel are her feelings for Day and how their relationship could possibly work out given their backgrounds Can they remain together even with the knowledge that June s actions in Legend resulted in the murdering of his family Are they simply too different for it to work being from opposite economic classes And then there s Anden, the new Elector Primo, whose interest in June was shown in Legend and apparently still holding firm Wouldn t it just be easier to be with someone like him That s the predicament June finds herself in And while it may sound rather angsty the way I ve described it, I never felt it was overdone to the point of instant headdesk ation Another improvement was the world building And with that, I m now wondering if I m often too hard on first books in dystopians I m noticing a trend with world building becomingpronounced in the second books in series when I usually prefer some sort of set up to the story Perhaps this is just my high fantasy mind kicking into gear But everything came together nicely here We found out how the country was split into two separate ones We find out how the outside world views the Republic We find out what s going on in the Colonies though, I would have loved to hearabout them Sure, I would have loved to know a little of this during Legend, but I have to say, I ve enjoyed the ride thus far.Finally, there s the ending, which I will warn other readers, does end in a rather disturbing cliffhanger sniff In my Legend review, I complained about the illusion of Day and June s invincibility N n not so in Prodigy hiccup Okay, okay I admit it I was a teensy bit emotional But only for, like, five seconds plus an hour or twomaybe And now I m secretly cursing myself for ever complaining in the first place Why WHY WHY OH, GOD WHY, DO AUTHORS KEEP DESTROYING MY FEELINGS First, I was in a bit of shock Marie Lu wouldn t do that to me I mean, she had built up the anticipation perfectly throughout the entire novel I thought ALL THE THINGS were going to be okie dokieWe interrupt your regularly scheduled review for a moment of angst end moment of angstEr Sorry, that was weird So then when I finished the book and was LEFT ON THE BLOODY CLIFF, I was like, Marie no you, evil genius no So basically, Marie Lu has me hook, line and sinker I m completely enthralled in this series and I can t wait to see what happens next.Big thank you to Anna from Literary Exploration for lending me her ARC More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery.com. My thoughts on having to wait a whole year for the next book I ve been so pleasantly surprised by my long awaited January sequels, first Through the Ever Night, then Everbound and now Prodigy has come in and turned a series I was on the fence about into one where I anxiously obsess over what will happen in the next installment Marie Lu really focuses on developing her characters here, whilst still exploring the politics of her dystopian society and introducing one really evil twist to this story.The highlight of this book, for me, was Anden I am delighted with how Lu handled his character and made her story so muchcomplex than a simple battle of good vs evil This novel asks the question who are the good guys And you keep changing your mind about the answer The journey we are taken on here is fast paced, we see Day and June divided over their loyalties to different people as they team up with the Patriots to carry out an assassination plot on the new Elector Primo The map gets a little bit bigger too and we start to get a clearer picture of what the rest of the world is up to at this point and just how this society was formed This is information I was longing for in Legend and was disappointed not to get it, but I am just relieved that this is one of those cases where the author actually knows what she s doing She knows why and how her dystopian society came into being and doesn t throw around empty words like rebellion and war hoping that will be enough to satisfy her readers.I was one of the minority that didn t feel much either way for June and Day in Legend, I liked them enough because they didn t annoy me or anything like that but I thought there was a lack of character development No such problem here I feel like this second book tests them as people and challenges their ability to trust each other, the battle is a muchpsychological one than in the first book and this allows us to see sides of their characters that we didn t know before And Lu doesn t stop there There are so many characters in Prodigy that becomeimportant,developed Tess begins to doubt Day s loyalty, Kaede is hilarious and I love her spirit and Anden is just brilliant And the ending Oh my god, THE ENDING I just can t, no, no, no you can t just do something like that Part of me loves that Marie Lu went there and part of me is freaking out view spoiler She can t actually kill him, right sob She better not hide spoiler Well that ending is a really sad thing I m hoping something can change in the last book June and Day are sneaking their way into Vegas They meet up with The Patriots and Tess Day gets some new armor so to speak They make plans to assassinate the new Elector, Anden Butnot everything is as it seems and maybe, just maybe, Anden can be trusted Although, in this world it s really hard to trust any one June goes undercover so to speak and finds out some information, the kind she wasn t expecting to find out I still loved the book I loved the action I loved most everything but that one revelation and I will never tell Of course, most of you have read the books anyway On to the next .MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Espa ol English Nos hemos jugado la vida por nuestro pa s no por el pa s en el que vivimos ahora, sino por el pa s en el que deseamos vivir Sinceramente, quien no la le do esta serie debe correr a hacerlo, es fant stica Este segundo libro de la serie es incluso mejor que el primero porque conocemos m s de los personajes, sus dudas de a qui n le deben su lealtad El personaje de Anden es el punto focal de la historia y las inc gnitas de que pasar con La Rep blica Y el final, oh el final, me mata la incertidumbre Honestly, whoever that hasn t read this series should run to do it, it s fantastic.This second book in the series is even better than the first because we knowabout the characters, their doubts about who owe their loyalty The character of Anden is the focal point of the story and the unknowns that will happen with The Republic.And the end,Oh the end, the uncertainty kills me. Final rating 4.75 5 starsHe is beauty, inside and out.He is the silver lining in a world of darkness.He is my lightWHY.THE.HELL.DID.I.READ.THIS.NOW It s killing me to wait another year for third book Killing me i say Especially after abooooooooooooooooooom ending like that TT It s going to be tortureeeeeeeeeeeee And i need next book nooooooooow I should have waited for the last book to come out Oh and ending i was not expecting this The good 1 enjoyment i certainly enjoyed this farthan when i read Legend it s muchamazing, and just 2character development seriously 3world building Finally there were answers about who what where how and such And it s muchinfo than it was in the first book More explanations about Republic and Colonies, and even outer world, and it was coolThe bad ermmmmmmmmmmmmthere was nothing i guess DCharactersDayOur baby grows up He definitely getsdeveloped, because now we can see his struggles with what is right and wrong, and who to trust and who not, a lot of questions, a lot of doubt and so muchBut he is in every way just adorable and huggable Especially in the ring scene That was something cutest i have ever read And we get to find out something interesting about him he hasinferiority complexand he hasStockholm syndromeNow, let me explain Inferiority complex comes from his thinking that June is from high class and that he is practically no one, has nothing, he thinks he is not worthy of her and it just f cks him upScene 01 After he tells June that he loves her, and she answers nothingI suddenly feel so stupid for telling her that I love her, as if I d be able to make her love me in return like some common girl from the streets She didn t say it back, anyway.Why do I even care It shouldn t hurt this much Should it Don t I haveimportant stuff to worry aboutfacepalm Scene 02 Conversation between Tess and DayWhat s the matter with you At my silence, she puts her hand on my arm Well, do you love her she saysquietly Does she love you Love her I d told her so in that Vegas bathroom, and I d meant it But she didn t say it back, yeah Maybe she never felt the same way maybe I m just deluding myself I don t know, okay I reply My words sound angrier than I actually amextreme head deskNo need forright And then we have his Stockholm syndrome conversation with Tess, i will leave the quote say the restDay, she begins again, have you ever wondered why you like June so much I mean well given how you were arrested and all I shake my head What do you mean She takes a deep breath I ve heard of this thing somewhere before, on the JumboTrons or something, where they were talking about prisoners from the Colonies About how kidnapping victims fall for their captors I frown The Tess I know is fading away into a cloud of suspicion and dark thoughts You think I like June because she arrested me You really think I m that twisted in the head Day Tess says carefully June turned you in I throw down Tess s hands I don t want to talk about this Tess shakes her head mournfully, her eyes glossy with unshed tears She killed view spoiler your mother hide spoiler He is beauty inside and out.He is the silver lining in a world of darkness.He is my lightI completely loved Legend. 4 stars, but I still enjoyed it I loved Marie s The Young Elites and The Rose Society and I neededof her writing since I had to wait for the 3rd book to publish, still am And after reading Legend, I was glad I didn t have to wait to read the rest of the trilogy I did wait even though I owned the books, but I think we all have been in that situation where you want to finish a series but another series or standalone book calls your name And now, here I am a little upset with Prodigy because nothing happened in the beginning, a little in the middle, and everything just broke my heart in the end I love Marie Lu I love how she changes her characters and either makes them weak and stubborn to strong, powerful and dark Or just adds small and enough changes to the other characters because a lot isn t really needed That s what happened in Prodigy Few people ever kill for the right reasons. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM LEGEND Prodigy starts off where Legend left off June and Day have escaped Los Angeles and are headed to Las Vegas After escaping, they both know they are the most wanted criminal and traitor of the Republic, so they pretty much know they have to escape somewhere else and not let any of the other soldiers track them down As Day and June are headed for Las Vegas, they know their only chance of escaping for good and not being tracked down is to join The Patriots, another group that is well known for their criminals Even with Day having a broken leg and June not being able to completely let go of the republic that knew her as a prodigy and one of the best soldiers, she can t completely let go of the place she so called home at times But a lot of things have happened once they arrive The Elector dies, and it s up to his son, Anden, to take control and manage a way for the people to love him and be like his father Or not be like his father The reason for the joining of The Patriots, Day and June are sure they are the only ones that can help Day save his brother, Eden And now that they are given orders that were unexpected and not being sure how to complete them, one including killing the new Elector Primo, Day and June must work together with each other and trust The Patriots and see where this all leads to Maybe there will be vengeance Maybe people will listen to their innocence Maybe there will be war and chaos Love is illogical, love had consequences I did this to myself, and I should be able to take it. June really is the same June in Legend She hasn t changed much, and that was something I really liked She didn t betray anyone, or lie to anyone, and didn t go back to the Republic and either turn herself in or anyone else in She was loyal to The Patriots just like she was loyal to the Republic and was the same June that still seeks vengeance for her brother and risks her life for the boy that she loves but can t express her feelings She was still a kickass heroine but was still the same one that cares about the people she loves She focuses on her missions and sets her mind where it should be.Day hasn t changed either His leg is broken but after being fixed, he goes off running and is still the same amazing runner Razor heard about him Razor is the leader from The Patriots His relationship with June grows in some scenes but fades in others and it gets complicated, but Day knows he loves the strange girl he met, only ending up betraying him but helping him at the end He knows he loves her, but he also knows it s a long step to make to tell her he loves her, and he knows there is too much going on between them Even with that, he agrees to help The Patriots if they help him back and as he and June help each other out, they re able to speak their voices for the people and Day is able to see his little brother Eden again, just what he was hoping.As for the other characters, Tess was a complete bitch and I hated her for changing so damn much She was so jealous of Day and June s relationship and would try to give him reminders that she is the reason for his mother s death and brother, John That she is the reason he got beaten up and suffered in the Republic That she is still loyal to the murderers of his family and would be able to break his heart any moment.Tess was also ignorant of June s decisions and how much she actually did, when Tess was really nothing and did nothing I just hated her so much and I was glad she wasn t part of their journey but would always there for Day when he was hurt Sure he had someone, but if it was someone else like Kaede or Razor himself would be better Tess would just argue with him and tell him their relationship wouldn t work and that why is it that he fell in love with her in a couple of months and thanks her for saving him, when Tess would help him multiple times and that they ve known each other for so long Okay I got it I understood they re basically childhood friends and trust each other completely, but even with that, it wasn t really necessary for Tess to get so jealous because Day decided to choose Tess The saving was completely different Day was about to get killed, and Tess didn t do anything compared to saving him when he was about to be executed Her saving were completely different If I knew or remembered them I would say, but I don t so I can t Also, it s funny because June saved Tess when Tess was about to fight Kaede In Legend, Tess accidentally ended up in a brawl of fighters and when Kaede was about to put it up, June took her spot and decided to fight for her Damn Not even with a save from getting a face broken is she thankful Pathetic.Kaede was cool and a little show off just because she s been with The Patriots for so long and knows a lotHer arm is still broken from the time June broke it so that made me happy Is that bad Hey she thought she was all tough and shit but she was really nothing compared to June She s strong, and was always the one going on the trips with Day and showing him how it s done They had some funny moments and I was glad there was no love triangle between them, unlike Day, June and Tess Well, it was Tess s fault Razor is known as the leader of The Patriots He was also part of the Republic, but that was just for additional information and giving it to The Patriots He wasn t loyal to the Republic, but acted like one He was the one who set up the plans and told June and Day what they had to do Other than that, there wasn t much to it He knew was he was doing since he probably the oldest and always knew how to solve a situation.Anden is actually the one who changed He s nothing like his father and maybe never was, just seemed like it He was caring and kind to June and I know there are some that ship him with June and want them together, and I admit, I woudn t care After that ending and seeing Day didn t try much, it wouldn t bother me But, I don t think it will really happen He was expected as an arrogant boy ruler but instead, he really wanted to help his people and wanted everyone to rise with him There was no faith in him and it left me a little upset, but I was glad Day was there to speak his voice and let everyone hear them talk about the truth about this young, boy ruler.Thomas is still an asshole and I hate him I m just waiting for something to happen to him in Champion that involves either being killed by June or Day themselves, becoming poor and homeless, or just being executed by someone I just want him to die and to not continue through the whole novel of Champion He s still a lying ass and I hate him for everything he has done He thinks he s cool and shit when he s jus a piece of shit and a weak ass He can t do anything and I hate him for stealing Ollie from Mettias and June He used him to track her down and I hate him for it but I was glad he didn t do anything If he hurt him a slight bit, I would ve cried and this would ve lost a star just for that I m just hoping something bad happens to him.The writing is similar to Legend, June s perspective is black font and Day s is the color of the book, so blue It was confusing at first and I m not the biggest fan of colored font, but I was able to keep up and keep the pages turning without repeating line over line because of how confusing the color was at first Marie didn t add a lot of changes and I was glad, but I was expecting a lotaction and fighting scenes I was glad she worked on the romance and relationship between Day and June Like others, the bathroom scene was probably my favorite The ending was really sad and broke me because I really don t know what I m expecting in Champion now and see where this all goes I know romance isn t the main focus of the book, but I actually hope it all works out and I hope they get to be together again and actually work it all out Like I said, I was expectingfighting scenes and only got a few Unlike Legend, everything sped up and got really good towards the middle, around page 250 I was upset because there was no focus other than romance, plans, and communications Hopefully there s a lotin Champion and hopefully everything I expect will be there What I really expect is for Thomas to fight someone I just want his ass kicked, it s all I m hoping to see Everything I am familiar with is gone. I m really looking forward to Champion but I don t have high expectations I had a lot for Prodigy, and only a few were met The only reason I was really looking forward for this was because I saw the book trailer and I literally fell in love It s so simple and short but it was enough to grab my attention Hopefully Champion is better and there are most sci fi elements. Huge thanks to Julianna Helms for loaning me her ARC Everybody go and give Julianna a cyber hug right now GO.So today I was standing around in the kitchen in my underwear frosting cupcakes, and as I stared vacantly out of the window over the sink, I wondered, What if I looked up and there was a zombie standing out there I frequently wonder this Call me crazy, but when I finally peel myself away from my manuscript at about 3 30 in the morning and I let the dog out one last time, I bristle and wonder if, when I open the door, I ll hear that tell tale ominous moan that marks the dawn of the apocalypse What weapon would I use A lamp A chair leg That piece of wood that the landlord inexplicably left leaning up against the back door before she was fired from caring for our property The dog Either I ve been watching too much television, or I m an idiot Those are the only two options.Well, actually, you could always consider that perhaps my imagination is just inflated that s neither a bad thing nor good Alright, being incredibly imaginative does have its perks, especially when you re looking into joining the authorship train, but it also lends itself to crazy shit like this You know, looking under your bed for ghouls before you get into it Peering behind the curtains to make sure there isn t a demon waiting there only to jump out and lop your head off when you aren t looking.You lop someone s head off, bitch ain t going to be looking at anything.An imagination of the wild variety is the only thing that could have given birth to something as unique, colorful and adventurous as the Legend series This is, most likely, one of my favorite series ever It is absolutely fantastic.And Prodigy just blew Legend, its predecessor, right out of the water It is better than Legend.The characters probably aren t the best display of wild imagination they re bright, great fun to follow and wonderfully rounded but I can t say they re the freshest tilapia on the chopping block I d say what really got me about this book and what really sold it to me was the intricacy and pace of the mind bending plot.It moves at an absolutely breakneck speed, but somehow, probably through the beauty and skill of Marie s writing, it touches you The dialogue, romance, deaths and action struck a real chord with me and pulled me in from the beginning I opened this book and I literally could not stop reading until I was finished I was forced nay, compelled to keep turning pages and find out where the plot would move next, which was off the chess board, under the table and into the middle of the road where it caused a huge pile up and several thousand awesome explosions Reading this book is like being strapped into fucking Oblivion and forced to complete six rounds of it while someone holds a gun to your head and says, If you pee your pants, I will shoot you A quick low down is that June and Day, our heroes, head to Las Vegas where they re welcomed into the fold of the Patriots, who are anti Republic revolutionaries They begin hatching a plan to assassinate the new Elector, a young hot one who came into power after the old Elector suddenly died This plan involves June and Day being pushed around like chess pieces, and along the way they discover secrets about the plan, the Republic and themselves that forces them to question everything they believe is true.There s also lots of making out, sploding, fighter jets, soul destroying death, kicking and punching, sexy military uniforms, adorable children, jewellery, betrayal, selflessness, selfishness, lover s quarreling and a big, fat love square.The love square was fucking awesome view spoiler My GOD, I want June to be with Anden in the next book The whole thing was left hanging at the end, and as much as I love Day, I justUGH Anden I fucking love that guy He s absolutely gorgeous However, I do not want Day and Tess to be together It s just weird They don t make a good match at all hide spoiler Injured And On The Run, It Has Been Seven Days Since June And Day Barely Escaped Los Angeles And The Republic With Their Lives Day Is Believed Dead Having Lost His Own Brother To An Execution Squad Who Thought They Were Assassinating Him June Is Now The Republic S Most Wanted Traitor Desperate For Help, They Turn To The Patriots A Vigilante Rebel Group Sworn To Bring Down The Republic But Can They Trust Them Or Have They Unwittingly Become Pawns In The Most Terrifying Of Political Games

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Thanks I write young adult novels, and have a special love for dystopian books Ironically, I was born in 1984 Before becoming a full time writer, I was an Art Director at a video game company Now I shuffle around at home and talk to myself a lot I graduated from the University of Southern California in 06 and currently live in LA, where I spend my time stuck on the freeways.

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