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The Ways of White Folks This book made me ache inside Hughes is an excellent writer and his stories are like razor blades that draw fine little lines in your heart You don t even realize you re bleeding until it s done. One Of His Best Known Works, Hughes WroteThe Ways Of White Folkswhile Living In Carmel, California In It, He Shares Acrid And Poignant Stories Of Blacks Colliding Sometimes Humorously, But Often Tragically With Whites Throughout The S And SThe Book Consists Of Fourteen Moving Stories Cora Unashamed Slave On The Block Home Passing A Good Job Gone Rejuvenation Through Joy The Blues I M Playing Red Headed Baby Poor Little Black Fellow Little Dog Berry Mother And Child One Christmas Eve Father And Son This book is a collection of short stories of interactions of every day encounters of black people and white people From small towns to big cities and overseas, we get a glimpse of how each side thinks of the other The stories are humorous, sad, truthful, and at times you want to scream Langston Hughes writing style puts you the reader in the mist of the story When he writes about Cora, the name sounds simple But, he magnifies the persona.The tale of the lonely white woman in the company of black waiters she counts as one of her only friends A story of the bi racial son of a planation owner A yard nigger who wants his respect The lyric writing of Langston Hughes will make you holler for A Good Read Quote But, Arnie thought he wouldn t mind being poor in a land where it didn t matter what color you were Yes, you would mind Vivi said O, if I could holler sang the blues, Like a mountain jack, I d go up on de mountain sang the blues, And call my back, And I, said Mrs Ellsworth rising from her chair, would stand looking at the stars. After reading this brilliant African American fiction composed of numerous short stories, I was compelled to reflect on a piece of American history that was not honorable, in regards to the morale of a society I appreciated the blunt honesty that Langston portrayed within his work in the series of short stories He presented stories that contained content that has been echoed within Black families for decades I am grateful for the major progress in this country and hope that we continue to make strides toward a unified and peaceful nation. This book is a definite must read I picked it up because I thought it had a funny name, and the leaps and bounds it took beyond my expectations have made me wonder how it has not won awards and how we are not all expected to read this book in school.I admit that my common conclusion upon reading a famous author s short stories is genius F Scott Fitzgerald, Kurt Vonnegut in many ways their short stories impressed me than their full length novels I don t think I ve ever read other Langston Hughes, but this compilation astounded me How rare that everyone reading can relate to every story in a collection How rare that every story teaches you, enthralls you, encaptures your imagination in the first three paragraphs, convincing you that you have known these characters all your life, that you ARE these characters or your friends are these characters and the stories all take place in Jim Crow area no less.Who are you Who do you know Who do you see in the faces of your family, your neighbors, the people you cross on the street and see in the supermarket and read about in the newspaper Do you know the white family who adopts an African American child out of love, but out of pity, and raises a child who can t fit it in any world Are you the other or the backbone of the story Do you see the impact of the white man conceiving multiple children, who he later disowns for their race with his black servant My entire paragraph sounds unbelievably cliche, but Hughes stories melt into the reality that is America.I read these stories as being judgmental towards white folks, but maybe I m biased I m pretty sure it just shows the truth of how things were in a different time, and how that time has affected this time.While this book is gripping for its historical significance in relaying the way things were, every single story is enchanting for the way it is told and how gripping the characters are. No, said Oceola simply This is mine Listen How sad and gay it is Blue and happy laughing and crying How white like you and black like me How much like a man And how much like a woman Warm as Pete s mouth These are the blues I m playing I love that line What a beautifully written, powerful and sad book I think I shall remember it for a long time.I ll write a full review this weekend. I found this golden nugget in my neighbors attic library and HAD to ask if I could borrow it Upon seeing the excitement in my eyes, she smiled and said to use it as long at I d like I started this evening saying I d only read a bit, and now I m nearly half done I do not recommend finishing this book while sitting on the bus at the end of a work day, particularly while the cutest little black boy sits laughing on his father s lap in a seat across from you This book took me longer than I expected to finish Often, after a story, I would have to put it down and leave it for a few days It just isn t possible to move into the next tragic tale, like the nightly news Happy endings were few Thank you for this book, Langston Hughes, and fuck you all who made these stories too real. Langston Hughes The Ways of White Folks is or should be a disquieting book for those of us who are White Hughes presents a series of caricatures of White in a series of short stories His white folk sometimes do good things and are sometimes well intentioned toward Blacks, but often they objectify, condescend, and pity They shift blame for problems, often problems of their own making, onto Blacks White families would prefer their daughters have an ultimately fatal abortion than that she raise a black child Even their good acts are often tainted by poor intentions Besides, Milberry said to himself, the ways of white folks, I mean some white folks, is too much for me I reckon they must be a few good ones, but most of em ain t good leastwise they don t treat me good And Lawd knows, I ain t never done nothin to em, nothin a tall p 181.And nothing Blacks do is ever good enough In Father and Son, for example, Hughes focuses on three men The white Colonel and his two sons by his black mistress, one olive skinned and the other dark Willie and the Colonel got along fine, because Willie was docile and good natured and nigger like, bowing and scraping and treating white folks like they expected to be treated p 226 Bowing and scraping or uppity, they both met ill ends.His characters, as in Poor Little Black Fellow, despite being given many advantages, wouldn t mind being poor in a land where it didn t matter what color you were p 153 Arnie was really happy when for the first time in his life somebody had offered him something without charity, without condescension, without prayer, without distance, and without being nice p 146.I want to believe that these are caricatures, as I didn t easily find myself or my friends in the characters in this book Would the white characters have described themselves in the ways that Hughes did As I paid attention to my attempts to dismiss Hughes s stories, stories where Blacks are 90% good and Whites are 90% bad, however, I thought about food deserts, the population in prisons and on death row, the relative investments in inner city and suburban schools, the treatment of young black men at traffic stops the list can go on and I m not so sure that we can be so sanctimonious The racism that Hughes described has just gone underground. It s hard not to love every bit of Langston Hughes s contribution to American letters Although best know as a poet, I greatly admire his prose too Two other prose works of his to check out are two of my favorite works of American memoir The Big Sea and I Wonder as I Wander.

About the Author: Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, short story writer, and columnist He was one of the earliest innovators of the then new literary art form jazz poetry Hughes is best known for his work during the Harlem Renaissance He famously wrote about the period that Harlem was in vogue.

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