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The Whored's Prayer Branded Back Stabbed Bloodthirsty Ready For One Kiss Of The Knife Some Ax Murderers Are Nicer Than Joseph Merchant Or So He D Have His Law Proteges Think Maybe That S Why Lawyer Turned Escort Leila Can T Say No To Him She S Got A Thing For Men With KnivesJoseph Bought Leila S Services For The Whole Of Their New York Business Trip The They Explore Their Darker Desires, The Joseph Pushes For Something Other Than Their Paid Arrangementand Charlotte, Leila S Dirty Secret And Escort Alter Ego, Is Helpless To Resist Now Leila Has A Shot At An Amazing Career, A Boyfriend As Twisted As She Is, And For The First Time, She Starts To Accept Her Submissive, Polyamorous SelfBut Somebody Knows About Her Escort Work Than She Bargained For Someone Who S Not Afraid To Abuse Her Secrets To Get What They Want And If Their Blackmail Succeeds, Leila Will Lose EverythingWARNING Contains Non Consent Roleplay That Ll Make You Check Your Locks, And A Girl Who S Sold Than Her Body To A Man Who Ll Take All Of It And Then Some Ever since she got involved with Joseph Merchant, Leila s life has dramatically altered She has become his personal prostitute after his discovery of her side job as Charlotte the prostitute and has spent months enjoying debauched sex with the Chairman of the Whored himself Since her break up with Matt, Joseph has been less discrete about their affair, showing her off to his oldest friends and work colleges with a devil may care attitude that is at odds with the reality of the situation No one must know what Leila is, what she does when she lets Charlotte out to play, but Joseph seems to be treating her as of a lover than a whore, drawing unwelcome attention to their relationship.There are two jobs left on her contract as Josephs personal sex slave, the first being her exclusive service during their trip to New York But as the week progresses, their darker sides come out to play, fusing them together in a way they never imagined In the midst of all the blood and bondage, they realise that they may have found something they didn t realise they ever wanted the other half of their twisted souls Joseph s lack of discretion starts tongues wagging and before long someone discovers all of Leila s secrets To protect the things she holds dear, they want her to give up everything that she cares about But, will she be able to give up the Chairman of the Whored A couple of things to mention before I properly start this review Don t bother reading it if you haven t read the first, it won t make sense Do read them both though as they are pretty excellent This book contains knife play and sex with foreign objects so be warned The female lead is a masochist there is a lot of sex with pain.You have been warned.Anyhow, in some ways I enjoyed this book far than the first I actually liked Joseph in this one which was bloody surprising He didn t mellow at all in some ways he was an even bigger prick, but by God was he a presence They were like two twisted peas in a pod and it was disturbing to read but is certainly engaging In the review of the first one, I wrote I d never read a book where I hated every character in it, but still enjoyed it This one has a totally different feel and I actually liked all the major players The first book is a tale of sexual games, and could only be classed as erotica, but I think this one has a twisted romance running throughout its core The writing is very smooth but my only complaint is that at a couple of points in the book, I couldn t work out what was going on The writing is brimming with different descriptive techniques but sometimes they detracted from the happenings of the story there was a scene where I think they were having anal sex but I honestly still can t tell you if that was what was definitely going on Leila is conflicted in this one At some points, it was a little odd because there were constant references to the fact that Charlotte was a complete separate entity to Leila It felt like a cop out at certain points, an easy excuse to explain away some of her dubious character traits Then Joseph states something that made me blink and consider what was actually going on Charlotte is created by Leila to explain away all the things that she desires that she feels she shouldn t It is Charlotte who likes being fucked with a shoe, it is Charlotte who likes the fact her lover has carved his name across her stomach with a bread knife and it is Charlotte who likes to be watched during sex The one thing I really liked about this book is the message that no matter how twisted your desires, as long as you don t hurt or abuse others, there really is nothing wrong with them.Joseph is an arse, but I can honestly say that he is an arse that grows on you He seems to know what she needs, seems to know that no matter how twisted his desires, Leila matches them Yes, the fact that he has forced her into this arrangement, and is effectively paying her, is inescapable, but I don t know how either of them mistook what was going on between them as a simple business transaction He marked her as his, he couldn t bear her relationship with Matt and he tried to protect her He has his revenge on someone in this book and the method he uses is twisted and absolutely fucking perfect I adored it.My favourite character in the first book was the Aiden and he remains so for the second one His protectiveness of Leila is lovely and his general attitude was highly entertaining.I want him to find a HEA with a nice boy girl There were a host of new characters in this one and the majority of them were fun to read about This isn t an easy read it s kinky, twisted and slightly shocking in places It thrilled me, aroused me and kept me entertained All the characters are flawed, and they make dubious decisions, but that s one of the things I liked the most. 1 2 Breaking Joseph, book 2 of 2 The conclusion of Leila s erotic journey orchestrated by her boss Joseph, the Chairman of the WhoredHe looked every inch the wolf, groomed and stuffed into a suitBooks in Knives Flowers series should be read in order Book 1 Breaking LeilaBook 2 Breaking JosephIn Breaking Leila book 1 law intern Leila Vaughn, Lei Lei aka Charlotte s side job as an escort was discovered by her boss, the mysterious and sinister law firm partner, Joseph Merchant, Joe aka Chairman of the Whored who booked her for a night of debauchery and kink bringing her coworker and friend, law intern Matthew Gordon, Matt aka Mattman Matt Matt into his game.That night changed everything, setting all their lives into a tailspin Leila found herself torn between two men, her past and future and her two personalities She was forced to reevaluate everything her decisions clouded by a web of lies and omissions.Breaking Joseph book 2 picks up at book 1 s ending Leila is confused than ever torn between her two sides, the men in her life, worries about her future and her need to explore dark and kinky sex with Joseph.From euphoric highs to rock bottom lows Leila is learning that sometimes one must to let go of status quo, even of the things one loves to embrace an uncertain future aheadHis fingers stroked my scratched belly as he fucked me slow, slowly, slower Breath peaked against our pillows in bursts of warm airNine words to describe Joseph Merchant, Joe aka Chairman of the Whored Confident, enigmatic, commanding, intuitive, non committal, blunt, manipulative, sinister and ruthlessI m a man, not a fucking religionNine words to describe Leila Vaughn, Lei Lei aka Charlotte Fearless, kinky, captivating, insightful, obtuse, analytical, private, focused and vulnerableYou want to talk contradictions You ve been alone with me for five whole minutes and you ve still got your clothes on BlasphemyBreaking Joseph is told from Leila s POV, is captivating, driven by Leila s care free and charismatic personally everyone around her drawn to her like moths to a flame There was some events midway through I felt were uncharacteristic to Leila, but I have to write that off as confusion on her part Story has fitting conclusion, after some nail biting twists, and comes with an epilogue Be sure to read the last bonus POV.Spell binding story telling Intriguing and kinky plot Captivating heroine Sinister and addicting Joseph Many amazing side characters Aiden Aid Aid , Matt Matt plus villainsHolding me tightly in place, and he kissed the same way he fucked sharp, thorough and intricateHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 stars Sexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4.5 starsPlot rating 4 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 4.5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 4.5 stars Overall rating 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Yes.Would I read future books by this author Yes. 4.25 StarsWith the powerful ending of Breaking Leila, it seems as though Leila and Joseph have finally pierced through their barriers however, as Breaking Joseph opens, there are still layers of complex feelings that must be shattered in order for them to move forward As such, the second and final book in this series is heavily character driven and delves into Leila s acceptance of herself The plot arc continues to rise throughout part two into an even compelling story Tell me do you want to forget why you started running, or to remember where it is you were trying to get to With Joseph meeting Leila on equal footing, they are in sync with each other on every level Joseph has always viewed monogamy as a state of mind but has not found someone who can match him fuck for fuck until he meets Leila He is than willing to prove to her that he is as vulnerable as she and willingly allows Leila to mark him as such As the kinkery continues to escalate between Joseph and Leila, their bond continues to mirror each level I d waited for someone to blow me away Whether that meant to impress or deconstruct me, I hadn t a clue but I never imagined I d get both at the same time With the discovery that Leila is being blackmailed, she descends back to her old world where compartmentalizes her lives Rather than share this development with Joseph, she chooses to act on her own to protect him While this didn t seem like the best choice at the time, it seems to have gives Leila the clarity and validation she so craved With him, no longer was I unfinished This series has many elements solid story telling, an acute sense of humor, hot and steamy kinkery, engaging dialogue and truly likeable characters I truly enjoyed being immersed in Leila s world and appreciated the path the author set out for the reader I will look forward to reading books by this author. THREE STARS I just finished recently and have been on the fence about how I should rate this one but I kept flip flopping between a 2.5 to 4 so I guess this is it.Let me explain.The first book in the series focuses on Leila coming to terms with her two worlds colliding friends of prim tax lawyer meet the rambunctious life of Charlotte, Leila s call girl counter part The second book in the series starts off right where the first one left off and we get to see Leila and Joseph s relationship evolve into something serious We also get to see Leila interact a bit with her social circle and make new friendsWomen rule each other They say that behind every great man there s a great woman, and that may well be right, but behind that woman is a not so great one, bawling her eyes out She s not crying because she didn t meet the man s standards she s crying because the other woman made them too highWhat I Loved More of Leila and Joseph What I Could Have Passed On If in the first book you, like me, thought Leila was a bit too rambly, get ready for this one Don t get me wrong, I am all for details in a book and every once in a while I do like indulging myself by getting lost in the thought tangents of fictional characters, but Leila took it a whole other level Several times in the book she would be having a conversation with someone or thinking about something and she would make THE most confusing connections or bring up a completely random thought I didn t make her deep, it made no sense and just confused the reader I also thought that this book was a bit too dominated by Matt and Aidan I want Joseph and..If you ve read the first book and liked it, definitely give this one a go But if the first wasn t your cup of tea, skip this one.

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