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Zazpi etxe Frantzian Curioso libro No hab a le do hasta ahora nada de Bernardo Atxaga y este primer encuentro con una de sus obras me ha dejado un tanto perplejo Digo lo de curioso y que me ha dejado un tanto perplejo porque no s si el libro ha terminado o no de gustarme, no s si la respuesta se acerca m s al s o al no, pero si tuviera que decantarme por algo dir a que s pero no o no pero s , que no es lo mismo pero casi.El libro se lee con gran facilidad, resulta ameno y la forma de narrar de Atxaga es cercana al lector, y sin embargo a mi no ha terminado de engancharme, los personajes son m s retazos y pinceladas sueltas que otra cosa, la historia tampoco tiene demasiada chicha, aunque lo cierto es que creo que representa de una manera bastante fidedigna la situaci n de las colonias a principios del siglo pasado.Supongo que despu s de leer un libro como este lo que uno deber a hacer ser a leer otra obra de Atxaga, darle una nueva oportunidad, el problema es que cuando uno tiene un lector electr nico dispone de mucho m s donde elegir e intentar descubrir cosas nuevas y sorprendentes No descarto leer Obabakoak que alg n miembro del Club de Lectura recomienda, pero supongo que pasar alg n tiempo antes de ello. Bernardo Atxaga is an author from the Basque Country in Northern Spain, who writes in Euskera Basque and Spanish Seven Houses in France was written in his mother tongue and translated into Spanish under his supervision, and then into English This double translation doesn t seem to show, perhaps because the translator is Margaret Jull Costa who has translated the most notable of Iberian authors, including the Nobel Prize winning Jos Saramago She has captured Atxaga s ironies perfectly.The blurb on the back cover of this novel includes a reference to Joseph Conrad s Heart of Darkness and there are some superficial similarities Seven Houses in France is set in the remote reaches of the Congo River in the days of colonialism, and there is likewise a character whose arrival upsets the established order of things In Heart of Darkness Conrad redefined what savagery was for the 20th century with the swirling mists of uncertainty and moral confusion in Marlow s search for Mr Kurtz, and Atxaga s novel shows us who the real savages are too The difference between them is that Conrad was a citizen of Imperialist Britain observing the effects of colonialism Atxaga, a Basque nationalist, identifies with the perspective of a subject people Seven Houses in France is a satire, and in this novel, there is always a sense that the colonisers will eventually get their just desserts.To read the rest of my review please visit a fast read and much less opaque than previous atxaga novels, chronicles an intimate look at one belgium post on the congo in 1904ish so a bit claustrophobic story of the soldiers, colonial troops, slaves, workers, rubber tappers, mahogany stealers, ivory smugglers the latter two being officers stealing these commodities from king leopold and selling them in europe and becoming filthy rich, why is it the rich seem most always filthy and of course, the rebels so in comes a fresh officer, a brilliant shot, a virgin and bound and determined to stay that way, a non drinker, a non smoker, and goddamn enigma so tensions escalate the old soldiers figure he is fag, the indigenous and slaves are terrified of him for his shooting prowess on bullet, one dead tapper , and a certain young women even falls in love with him so a simple story really, with the horror show of belgium congo administration as an unobtrusive and subtle normality of the modern world with all its unspeakable brutality, out of hand sadism, and profits baby, big big profits atxaga did lots of research for this, but does not overburden the reader with a historical novel, but rather a novel of megalomania, jealousy, lust, avarice, passing on the low down, righteousness, globalization steamboat style. One dimensional characters and an unremittingly tawdry, bleak atmosphere Ploughs similar terrain to Joseph Conrad and JG Farrell but with nothing like the emotional force of the former or the subtly drawn social intricacies of the latter The publisher s blurb describes it as blackly comic , but any comedy was completely lost on me. This novel by the Basque writer, Bernardo Atxaga, is a change of pace the black humorous story of greed in the Congo, in the early 1900s, at the time of King L opold II of Belgium, the man who raped the Congo of its natural resources, while the Congo was under Belgian domination The novel concerns a group of soldiers in the Force Publique, which I assume to be a police force, with European officers and Congolese NCOs The Captain s wife, since he s been there seven years, wants seven houses in France she now has six For the seventh, the Captain must obtain ten elephant tusks and 500 trunks of mahogany trees and sell them in Belgium A new soldier arrives, a sharpshooter, who upsets the balance of power The men obtain the ivory and mahogany, but the men s jealousies, hatreds, venalities and of course, greed, play out, ending in tragedy.There must be on this period of history, but I can think quickly of only these two works the fiction classic Heart of Darknessand an excellent nonfiction study of the period King Leopold s Ghost A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa.You have to like black humor this novel probably would not appeal to everyone I recommend the book, but it was a strange one I would like to read Atxaga, though. Bernardo Atxaga Basque Country , Etxe houseEtxea the houseEtxeak the housesEtxera to the houseEtxeetara to the housesEtxetik from the houseEtxeetatik from the housesEtxeraino until the houseEtxeetaraino until the housesEtxean in the houseEtxeetan in the houses Obabakoak , And Captain Lalande Biran, Overseeing A Garrison On The Banks Of The Congo, Has An Ambition To Amass A Fortune And Return To The Literary Caf S Of Paris His Glamorous Wife Christine Has A Further Ambition To Own Seven Houses In France, A House For Every Year He Has Been AbroadAt The Captain S Side Are An Ex Legionnaire Womaniser, And A Servile, Treacherous Man Who Dreams Of Running A Brothel At Their Hands The Jungle Is Transformed Into A Wild Circus Of Human Ambition And Absurdity But Everything Changes With The Arrival Of A New Officer And Brilliant Marksman The Enigmatic Chrysostome Li Ge When it comes to tales of corruption in the Belgian Congo, it s hard to compete with the canonical squalor of Joseph Conrad s Heart of Darkness But Seven Houses in France manages to infuse a colorful layer of vulgarity and humor into a familiar portrait of abuse The book s title refers to the houses Captain Biran has been able to purchase for his wife one for each year he spent in Africa with money from the mahogany and ivory he stealthily ships out of the jungle The arrival of an oddly disciplined soldier named Chrysostome, however, changes the tenor of the life in Yangambi Chyrsostome s chaste habits and perfect marksmanship make him an object of both scorn and envy among his rakish compatriots and it doesn t take long for tensions to spiral out of control, plunging the camp into chaos Captain Biran s final words are a bit measured than Mr Kurtz s, but no less haunting I am going to the eighth house A French journalist reporting on the death glibly explains that in Kabbalah the eighth house is the house of death no one disputes him.http www.thedailybeast.com articles This is the latest Bernardo Atxaga s novel.Atxaga is one of the most brilliant Spanish author who usually writes in Euskera, his mother tongue, but he personally monitors the translation process from Euskera to Spanish.He is an author who enjoys discover fantastic and fresh new literary territories, and this story is placed in a lost town of Congo, named Yangambi, and talks about the mission of a group of Belgian soldiers in Lepoldo II of Belgium Times.Captain Lalande Biran dreams of return to Paris and his famous poet s life, but his wife Christine asks him to earn enough money to buy seven houses in France.The arrival of a new and enigmatic official Chrysostome Liege, has a dramatic impact in the ordinary life of the Belgian troops in Yangambi.I liked so much this fresh and original history, and only missed a deeper development of some characters, as the Black African Princess Bamu. Just finished reading this, and not for the first time with a foreign language book, I don t think the writing style has travelled well It s as though the literal meaning has been translated, but the soul of the novel, the authors voice, has been well and truly lost Fascinating setting, interesting set up, but ultimately a bit of a let down.

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Bernardo Atxaga Joseba Irazu Garmendia, Asteasu, Guip zcoa, 1951 belongs to the young group of Basque writers that began publishing in his mother language, Euskara, in the Seventies Graduated in Economics for the Bilbao University, he later studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.His first short story, Ziutateaz was published in 1976 and his first book of poetry Etiopia in 1978 Both