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Until the Night (John Cardinal and Lise Delorme Mystery, #6) It S Not Unusual For John Cardinal To Be Hauled Out Of A Warm Bed On A Cold Night In Algonquin Bay To Investigate A Murder And At First This Dead Body, Sprawled In The Parking Lot Of Motel , Looks Pretty Run Of The Mill The Corpse Has A Big Bootprint On His Neck, And The Likely Suspect Is His Lover S Outraged Husband But The Lover Has Gone Missing And Then Delorme, Following A Hunch, Locates Another Missing Woman, A Senator S Wife From Ottawa, Frozen In The Ruins Of An Abandoned Hotel Way Back In The Woods Spookily, She Was Chained Up And Abandoned Wearing A New Winter Parka And Boots, With A Thermos Beside Her As If Her Murderer Was Giving Her A Whisper Of A Chance At SurvivalNeither Delorme Nor Cardinal Can Imagine Where Their Investigation Will Lead Into A Decades Old Injustice Committed In The High Arctic Into The Swingers World Inhabited By An Ex Rock Star Who Owns A Pub In Algonquin Bay As Well As Private Members Clubs In Toronto And Ottawa Into The Insecurity That Afflicts Delorme The Woman And The Cop And Into The Deep Bond Between Delorme And Cardinal, Which Is At Real Risk Of Coming UndoneIn Until The Night, Giles Blunt Outdoes Himself, Creating A Masterpiece Of Crime Fiction That Will Not Only Haunt His Fans And Readers, But Delight And Amaze Them Too I love the characters John Cardinal and Lise Delorme I ve read the whole series and loved every book But I didn t like what Blunt did by giving us a peek at Lise s supposedly dark side For one thing, it just doesn t ring true for Delorme And then Blunt sweeps the issue under the carpet and expects me to believe that Cardinal adopts a can t we just move on from here attitude It wasn t convincing, and I don t buy it That was worth 2 stars right there.The 3rd star was for not revealing how Durie was rescued from near death from hypothermia not to mention starvation and thirst and lost in the Arctic. So far the last of the series and possibly the best Two different story lines that at first appear to have nothing in common Beautifully written, meticulously researched Really delves into the main character s feelings I can t believe Blunt is leaving me hanging A solid procedural noir with too many populist plotting tropes for my liking Comparable to Gillian Flynn in that this is clearly a competent crime writer intent on cheap manipulation and point scoring with their readers but enjoyable enough on its own merits that the manipulation serves to detract I hesitate to use M.Night Shyamalam as a comparison because it doesn t reach the sorry depths of that guys storytelling but maybe it expresses what I mean in easy shorthand so I can go read another book. Until the Night marks the sixth and much awaited entry in Giles Blunt s mystery series featuring Detective John Cardinal Until the Night opens with a cryptic entry from something called The Blue Notebook, giving us a brief glance into an Arctic science station The next chapter takes us back to familiar territory Algonquin Bay, Ontario 340 miles north of Toronto It is here that John Cardinal lives and works He and counterpart Lise Delorme are called in to investigate what looks to be a domestic murder a husband murdering his wife s lover But the wife is missing too also murdered She is found, dead, but in odd circumstances As is yet another woman And the case leads Cardinal and Delorme down paths they couldn t imagine.As their investigation progresses, so do the entries from The Blue Notebook and we are slowly privy to and details.Blunt has done it again an absolutely original, intelligent, riveting plot that kept me reading..Until The Night Sorry couldn t resist But, seriously, I did use a Sunday off to devour it from first page to last Yep, that good.Why do I like this series so much Protagonist John Cardinal is the big draw for me In him, Blunt has created a believable, realistic character whose life has evolved over the course of six books His personal life involving his wife and her difficulties have provided a storyline handled with thoughtfulness, realism and genuine emotion His relationship with Delorme has him quite confused and is explored further in this book We get to delve much deeper into Lise Delorme s life this time Her own issues, insecurities and demons lead her to a dark place, putting herself and her career at risk I have become quite invested in both of these characters.The plotting was fantastic the link between The Blue Notebook and Cardinal s case was slowly, inexorably revealed The setting of Algonquin Bay has become quite familiar and I can almost feel the cold seeping into my fingers as I hold the book Blunt grew up in North Bay, Ontario, so he knows what he writes of Blunt also takes us to other Ontario locales with the seamier underside of Toronto and Ottawa woven into this latest mystery.I think this latest book just might be my favourite Cardinal book yet If you haven t discovered this Canadian author and series yet, I encourage you to CTV has announced plans for a TV series based on the John Cardinal novels, with Blunt himself doing much of the adaptation. Perhaps my favourite in the series so far I particularly enjoyed the chapters From the Blue Notebook , chronicling a scientist s time at an Arctic research base Slowly, Blunt reveals how this seemingly unrelated journal is relevant to the main story Blunt s writing in this novel like in all his others is suspenseful, informative and emotionally engaging. Book 6, in the John Cardinal seriesI agree with those saying this series is getting better with each book it is of no surprise that with this latest Mr Blunt won the Arthur Ellis Awards for best crime novel in 2013 Congratulations Mr Blunt Until the Night is a dark and convoluted mystery beautifully written with exceptionally solid characters This is a must read for fans of this series A caution, some may be offended by the crude language and the sex scenes that pepper the chapters The mystery has two captivating stories cleverly interwoven in the typical Blunt s style and technique It opens with what looks like an ordinary case of adultery gone wrong A man found dead in a cheap motel, the woman accompanying him has vanished and the likely suspect is the lovers outraged husband One thing leads to another and the investigation uncovers a string of missing women and leads our duo of Cardinal and Delorme into a decades old injustice committed in the high Arctic In alternating chapters The Blue Notebook details what happened on an Arctic research station in the past Reading this immediately captured my interest, it is gripping with tension and drama and of course Mr Blunt s powerfully describes the spell of the Arctic landscape with all of its beauties and horrors this is quite an atmospheric mystery Both plots are clever with plenty of twists and turns to have kept me on the edge of my seat till the final page This book is most satisfying In a final note the author acknowledges this was one of those books requiring considerable research. Wow Gasping for breath as I galloped to the finisha thrilling read, dark and twisted and based in interesting research.Wonderful tale with a merging of past wrongs and present ones, woven into each other with an overwhelming feeling of cold The locations are Arctic and Northern Ontario, but even considering that, Blunt managed to make me feel cold even on a bright fall day He invests every page with a chill, psychological or physical I love it when a writer can put me so in situ that I actually feel the weather.Blunt writes dark mysteries There hasn t been a one that I ve read hat hasn t made me check the door locks when I go to bed at night That said, some reviewers below seem surprised about the sex in this novel, the depravities, etc For me, they were secondary, but added a depth to Delorme s character a background that is based on than her affection for Cardinal I am intrigued, a bit repelled, and eagerly awaiting developments Cardinal has the shadow of his wife she needs shadows for balance and as a woman in my 50 s, I know that there are parts of my personality that I am only identifying now as I pick away at the stories I ve told myself for years Some aren t that great I have some apologizing to do So it doesn t seem a stretch for me that Delorme finds things in herself that she didn t recognize before It makes her interesting as a character.I am a bit tired of the dropped in big mouth incompetent cop meme it s everywhere as no doubt they truly are Bureaucracies But it s getting tired and I d like to see a creative twist Non mainstream sexuality figures in the novel, so if this bothers you, you may wish to avoid For me, I was too tied up in the story to really notice it. A Masterful Canadian Mystery that doesn t apologize for the fact John Cardinal discovers a serial murderer with cause The high Arctic background story is magnificent on its own, but when combined with the action in Algonquin Bay, Ottawa, Toronto and points roundabout it is superb Blunt is a brilliant writer and I m anxiously waiting for the next in the series. WOW WOW WOW And I mean it Giles Blunt s John Cardinal series just gets better and better This one is the best so far The use of the two seemingly unrelated stories was quite unique and even when I started to see them coming together I still didn t see the twist that brought them into the one story This book would rate 5 stars except for a few loose ends Such as what happened to Loach and maybe some explanation of how Kit identified those guys at the top of the ridge and at that distance Probably researched it while in prison but it would have been believable if something was built into the story to explain it And why Cardinal didn t follow up on the clothing purchases that seemed to just get lost along the way BUT these are just nit picking little things that didn t really detract from a great read Please, Giles, quickly bring on the next in the series and let s have of Jerry Commanda and McCleod I love em

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