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The Doctor's Secret Son Love Deb s booksLove Deb s booksI have truly enjoyed all of Deb s books I really like the characters overlapping in the books I haven t read them in the correct order so I often know when someone is together already, but I still get to enjoy the journeys of love and growth with God. Delia Rae Ivers Said Goodbye To Small Town Serendipity Ten Years Ago For Medical School To Start A New Life, She D Ended Her Romance With The Town Rebel, Zach Bowden And Kept Their Little Boy A Secret But When Her Mother Falls Ill, Delia Answers The Town S Online Ad For A New Doctor It S Time To Come Home To Family, Friends And The Man She Loved A Decade Ago Will Forgiveness Give Them A Second Chance To Become The Family They Were Meant To Be I absolutely LOVED The Doctor s Secret Son It was amazing and one of the best Christian romances I ve read The storyline was superb, and the characters were perfect They were very easy to relate to and I thought their personalities were great Deb Kastner did a phenomenal job with this novel and I loved her writing style I am extremely looking forward to reading Drew Spencer s story in The Nanny s Twin Blessings. Alot of repeated words and events Delia and her son Riley come back to her home town after her mother s health degenerates She will have to face her friends and family with the news of Riley, Zach s son This one is very introspective. This is the second book I ve read of Deb Kastner and I find myself so relaxed and at ease when reading her books This series is really good and I m a quarter the way through with book 3 now Miniseries Email Order Brides The Doctor s Secret Son is the 2nd book in the e mail Order Brides series but it can certainly be read as a stand alone story The author did a great job of explaining who the characters are that are in the 1st book, Phoebe s Groom Delia has moved back to the town she grew up in, after leaving without a word to anyone 10 years ago She has kept a very big secret from everyone for the past 10 years, including the person who the secret effects the most Zach was a bad boy always in some kind of trouble who only cared about himself as a teenager but has grown into a very respectable Christian man He is not sure how he feels about Delia moving back after she left him without any explanation Zach Delia caused the other person so much pain that it might be difficult for them to both move on and possibly have a relationship again This a great story that shows the importance of forgiveness and trust It also shows how having a strong faith can help a person get through any situation. This book is one of the least memorable romances I ve ever read Nothing really happens to move the plot along Delia Rae returns to small town Serendipity after leaving to attend medical school now, she runs the clinic She meets EMT Zach Bowden while caring for a resident, and they recognize each other However, Delia has kept one thing from Zach when she left, she was pregnant with his child.This is the second book with a hidden baby storyline in it the other book was much better Delia and Zach meet, sparks fly, and after much angsting, they decide to tell Delia s son about his father Then they live happily ever after Really That s it That s the whole plot Nothing bad really happens to pull them apart, although if I were a man, I think I d be very angry to learn that my child had purposefully been kept from me There is literally nothing about this book that I found particularly appealing.

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