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Transcendence When A Visit To The Tower Of London Triggers An Overwhelmingly Real Vision Of A Beheading That Occurred Centuries Before, Cole Ryan Fears She Is Losing Her Mind A Mysterious Boy, Griffon Hall, Comes To Her Aid, But The Intensity Of Their Immediate Connection Seems To Open The Floodgate Of Memories Even WiderAs Their Feelings Grow, Griffon Reveals Their Common Bond As Members Of The Akhet An Elite Group Of People Who Can Remember Past Lives And Use Their Collected Wisdom For The Good Of The World But Not All Akhet Are Altruistic, And A Rogue Is After Cole To Avenge Their Shared Past Now In Extreme Danger, Cole Must Piece Together Clues From Many Lifetimes What She Finds Could Ruin Her Chance At A Future With Griffon, But Risking His Love May Be The Only Way To Save Them BothFull Of Danger, Romance, And Intrigue, Transcendence Breathes New Life Into A Perpetually Fascinating Question What Would You Do With Another Life To Live

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    Read This Review More Like It On My Blog 4.25 out of 5 starsFirst, immediate thoughts upon finishing this quick read of a teenage paranormal novel That was a lot of fun That was original and wholly compelling, and it managed to be all that and without a love tr

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    A captivating storyline with plenty of romance, mystery, historical references, suspense and reincarnation Transcendence introduces readers to an incredible world, fascinating characters and a unique story line I ve not read a lot of YA books that tackle reincarnatio

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    Transcendence is the kind of book that hits my sweet spot It s based in reality but an enhanced reality, a magical reality It s here and now but with a fun twist reincarnation I really loved the way C J Omololu weaved the snippets of memory of Cole s past lives into the n

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    Initial reaction Transcendence had many elements that intrigued me mystery, suspense, romance, loose ties to Egyptian lore, a decent time travel story, and nice characterization It does start a little sluggish with setting the pieces and people in the story in place, but once

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    This novel has an interesting paranormal concept that plays out in a disconnected, melodramatic plot with forgettable characters It may appeal to younger teens who still love vampire stories, or are bored of vampire stories but still want that romance between beings with eternal li

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    While on a vacation visit to the Tower of London, high school junior and cello prodigy, Cole Nicole Ryan experiences a waking dream, a hallucination in which she is not an observer, but a participant She finds herself to be a young woman in 1538 about to be executed within the walls of

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    At first I wasn t sure what to think, I was sucked in but started to dislike Griffon pretty much right away I thought this book had the making of a beautiful disaster, but yet again, I was wrong This book is beautiful, but certainly not a disaster After Griffon comes clean, there was no way

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    So i won this book for free through the giveaways here on goodreads I had never heard of the author before so I had not idea what to expect But boy i wasnt disappointed The plot of the story was wonderful The way it was played out made sense but also kept you wondering and interested The romance

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    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.This is a fantastic book I m so glad it s got a sequel because I definitely want of Griffon and Cole I was hooked from the first chapter that describes Cole and her sister Kat on a Spring Break trip to London That s where Cole starts hav

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    Review What were my expectations of this book Hmm I thought it sounded interesting enough and I figured I would enjoy it but never did I think I would end up liking the book so much.From the first page, I was hooked I could hardly believe it myself as I looked down and realized I finished the book in a mat

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