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Saving Daisy This book was much better than I d anticipated, and it was very original too Definitely a story worth reading. Having met Daisy in Phil Earle s Being Billy I was eager to find out her story I have to say I haven t been disappointed Daisy s life is just as intense and gripping as Billy s was The prologue really does hook the reader in you want to know if Daisy really did what she said or was it a misconception The first part of Saving Daisy we get to understand the relationship she has with her dad and learn about the strategy she s developed of seeming to belong with her peers while holding herself apart We also find out that recently, Daisy found a report, which makes her responsible for the loss of her mother To alleviate the panic this brings, Daisy copes in the only way that brings her relief she self harms.Interaction with a new teacher starting at school leads to tragedy and Daisy finds herself living in a therapeutic community where key worker Ade has the task of building trust and sharing strategies to help Daisy come to terms with her misconceptions and how to deal with the anxiety panic In the therapeutic community we get to experience many dramas with the interaction of the other four residents and staff as well as Daisy s journey.The build up to the final crisis is nail biting and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough I loved how the resolution tied in with Billy s life.Saving Daisy is written in the first person from Daisy s perception I think the author s experience of working in a care home as a drama therapist really shines through in Daisy s personality It certainly shows how well he knew the people he cared for.The characters in Saving Daisy are true to life and we get to know them through their dialogue and actions rather than descriptive writing.I can only commend Phil Earle for his portrayal of one of the darker aspects of life that once again, not everyone wants to acknowledge or accept He does not embellish or dramatise self harming he writes it as it is I think readers will empathise with Daisy and I think quite a lot of people will identify with thoughts we have that aren t reality or even logical.Although Daisy is a character in Being Billy, you don t have to have read it to be able to understand Daisy.Oh and my favourite scene just has to be Daisy s 15th birthday and old video footage I found myself grinning inanely while crying at the same time joy Saving Daisy is YA but I recommend anyone who is a people watcher, interested in psychology, likes drama and tension or has no fear of confronting the darker side of life pick up a copy for yourself You won t be bored.Jera s Jamboree at Wordpress Saving Daisy is an emotionally charged and powerful read from the British author of Being Billy Be warned now that you ll need to have a box of tissues beside you while you re reading this book because it will rip your heart out.Phil Earle s writing is unflinchingly honest He s not afraid to tackle difficult or emotive topics such as death and bereavement, rape, bullying, drinking and other such issues His background as a care worker is obvious here when reading about the main character Daisy and the experiences she goes through He writes sensitively about her and her issues, whilst also portraying a realistic view of life in a therapeutic community for teenagers I thought the relationship she had with her key worker Ade was one of great trust It was obvious that not only did Ade care deeply about Daisy and her road to recovery but it was touching to see how much Daisy came to value Ade s friendship by the end of the book.Some parts of the story made for difficult reading and it was hard at times to see how much Daisy blamed herself for not only her mother s death but also for many of the things that happen to her Trying to correct the way she thinks about herself and establish a positive outlook for the future is one of the struggles that she has to face I found the ending and overall message of the book to be full of hope, showing that there s always a way through the pain for everyone, no matter how bleak a person s future can look and no matter what someone has had to go through Saving Daisy is not a light read but it s one that will stay with you long after turning the last page It s heartbreaking at times and will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride but it s worth every second and is a book I would definitely recommend to others. I cried, I laughed, I loved, I grieved Saving Daisy was an emotional roller coaster one I adored and was sad to leave Or, precisely, I was heartbroken to leave Daisy I really, really loved her and Ade too Daisy never knew her Mum Her Dad won t can t talk about her In Daisy s eyes, it was her fault.As the fear, the misplaced guilt over her Mum s death gets stronger and stronger her ways of coping become violent, extreme But the one person she decides to trust does something they shouldn t have, and once Daisy tells herself she s to blame Her life spirals out of control, and before she knows it, Daisy is all alone.She doesn t want help, doesn t think she deserves it She s bad luck in her eyes everyone she lets in gets hurt or hurts her But can the kindness of a single stranger, one who is desperate to help, be enough to bring her back from brink Will Daisy Houghton even let herself be saved I love contemp books, especially ones that made me think, feel and although I don t know why I like it so much cry Saving Daisy made me do all three of these things and I loved every moment, wrapped up in Daisy s world, her fears I was so completely addicted from start to finish, unable to put the book down, desperate to know what happened to Daisy By the end I desperately wanted to read the whole book all over again, and I need Being Billy.Daisy Houghton was a wonderful girl snarkily funny, film addicted, clever She was also drowning in her fear and guilt I loved her from the word go, constantly telling her It s not your fault Daisy She was so scared, betrayed by the ones she let it, always on the edge of everything To begin with I thought her guilt was ridiculous, but in her mind, she really thought she was responsible I felt so bad for her because I loved her so much She was just so strong, so stubborn and she had to grow up so fast I loved it when we got to see the sweet, grieving side of Daisy, rather than the guilt ridden, self blaming one She was so real to me it felt like I was the only one she trusted Ade, Daisy s key worker, was lovely The moment she walked in, she made Daisy feel better, like she was being saved , and made me smile She really looked out for Daisy, was really smart, laidback, instructive without being bossy She was just so strong, and really understood Daisy and I loved her so much Bellfield, the place Daisy was sent to find the answer was amazing You had so many different characters The overly friendly, sweet Susie, who didn t really understand personal space The argumentative, snarky, slightly violent Patrick The constantly texting, perhaps perhaps not delusional, laidback Jimmy, who couldn t quite tell the difference between fantasy and reality The moody, short tempered, irrational, unpredictable Naomi The various careers young, laid back Floss efficient, friendly, respected by all Bex the lovely, kind, patient Ade All the different personalities made for a chaotic, volatile, never dull place My favourite was by far Jimmy Ade not included I loved Jimmy style therapy watching washing machines sweet You definitely have the X Factor Jimmy The writing was amazing It was raw, emotional, powerful, addictive It was teenager, but the voice of a teenager who knows too much It was Daisy 100% I adored the descriptions, brilliant but not too heavy I just loved the edginess, everything I just loved Earle s writing Enough said I thought the plot would be straight forward from the blurb Boy was I wrong There were twists I never saw coming, plot turns I never would have thought of, character changes that surprised me I loved every turn, every unpredictable development I was completely hooked from start to finish.What struck me straight away about Saving Daisy were the emotions Instantly, I was tangled in Daisy s head, not exactly sure where my emotions stopped and hers began It felt like I was drowning in Daisy s feelings, in my own It was overwhelming, in the very best way I was so wrapped up in the book, in Daisy invested It was a roller coaster of emotions, the main ones pain, sadness, grief, love and sympathy I was almost constantly on the verge of tears, so the little bright spots, the small breakthroughs, the parts that made me smile, were even potent But in some probably twisted way, I loved crying, the constant battling emotions Crying meant I adored this book and its characters and truly cared about what happened to them Because I did.A heartbroken, guilt ridden, scarred heroine, afraid to trust or love, a caring, always smiling care worker, with a secret of her own, and the hardest journey of all facing your fears, you guilt and realising it wasn t your fault, putting yourself back together Saving Daisy was an emotional, powerful read that left my head spinning I won t forget you Daisy Not in a long time. Since reading the fabulous Being Billy I have been looking forward to reading Daisy s story Now that I have, Phil Earle has truly cemented himself as an author I will read simply because his name is on the cover I absolutely loved it.The events of Saving Daisy take place before Being Billy making this a prequel of sorts I loved finding out all about Daisy and having the story told from her point of view I adored her in Being Billy and loved her even after reading this One of the things I really liked about Being Billy was the authentic voice given to Billy and I have to say that he did it again with Daisy She s so real you can t help but get swept up in her story and feel everything she felt I felt so bad for her and everything she goes through She s so convinced that everything is her fault that she deserves to be alone Her reaction to her mother s death is understandable it must be very hard to deal with and I hated that someone used that to get close to her when he shouldn t And, of course, the accident would be hard for anyone to deal with add it all together and it s not surprising that she finds it hard to cope.Again it s obvious that Phil Earle has experience working with kids it shines through in his writing He has such an understanding of what Daisy and kids like her are going through the whole story is just spot on and feels completely realistic Powerfully so I so desperately wanted Daisy to stop blaming herself to find a way to see that none of it was her fault And I loved Ade her key worker and how she manages to help Daisy see the truth.I can t recommend this highly enough I loved Being Billy but this managed to surpass all my expectations An absolute must read Argh This is one of those books One of those impossibly difficult to review, yet utterly brilliant books which I absolutely loved Just thinking about reading Saving Daisy makes my heart ache a little So, I m going to try and review it But in case I just ramble on incoherently, my basic advice to everyone is just read this book.From the prologue, we knew something would happen to Daisy s dad I wasn t expecting to be quite as affected as I was, not because it related to anything that s happened to me, but because it crystallised almost every fear I have for my family at one time or another What made it worse for me was that I could really relate to Daisy s relationship with her father, particularly when it came to their afternoon tea, bickies and a movie ritual Daisy wasn t perfect, and that s what makes her such a wonderful character She made me angry and frustrated at times But she also made me smile, worry and hope for her future Earle is one of my favourite authors because he creates characters which are so damn real it s almost unbelievable.In both Being Billy and Saving Daisy, Earle writes with an unflinching honesty which left me raw with emotion He doesn t shy away from thoroughly uncomfortable topics like grief, anxiety, anger and self harm Yet, it doesn t feel like a contrived issues book for teenagers No, in this Daisy s story just is I finished the book feeling hopeful for Daisy s future, but it was by no means a happy ending or compensation for the enormous trauma she suffered It s clear Earle s own experience as a care worker in a home like that in Saving Daisy played a huge part in making this feel so incredibly real.It s hard to describe just how beautiful and heartbreaking Saving Daisy is Earle is undeniably one of Britain s best contemporary young adult writers and this is a must read for fans of the genre This review and many can be found at The Unfinished Bookshelf. Daisy s story is an incredibly emotional, devastating and uplifting novel It had me in floods of tears out of sadness and happiness I hasn t felt quite so emotional over a book in a long time.Earle has a tragically beautiful writing style It is gritty and raw and brutally honest I haven t read his first novel Being Billy but after finishing Saving Daisy I can t wait to.When starting the novel I has absolutely no idea where it was going to go There were so many possibilities and I wasn t able to predict it I don t want to say the novel doesn t have a plot because it does but it is about so much than the plot It is about Daisy s growth as a character and having the strength and hope to keep going when things get tough.Saving Daisy book is hard to read at times and the book deals with difficult subject matters but it is a book worth reading if you like books about real people with real problems Ultimately, the book is about hope and it definitely gave me some of my own. Absolutely astonishing read Maybe because I m at that right age to appreciate Daisy s turmoil, I felt like I connected with her, however I have never been through anything that Daisy has been through I love books like this, especially because my passion is working with children and families One day I d like to be like Ade Although I have never personally experienced what Daisy has, I have known people with certain similar traits or who have experienced some of what Daisy has Phil Earle has an absolute talent for writing from the point of view of a very emotionally damaged teenage girl Saving Daisy is a superb book and I would highly recommend it to everyone The first thing that I m going to say about this book is simply Wow I didn t know much about this book when I picked it up, only that I liked Daisy s character in Being Billy, Earle s debut novel I could see a lot of potential and depth in Daisy from her appearance in Being Billy and this book certainly reached and topped that potential This is a sort of prequel to that, though it is a standalone, and so it s not necessary to read Being Billy before you pick this one up.It is very clear from the start that Earle has had experience in the children s care sector of work He has worked as a carer in a children s home and also in a therapeutic community His experience allows him to portray an extremely raw and realistic tale of a very troubled girl, Daisy Although she is only fourteen for the most part of the book, she is very developed in her complex thoughts and feelings, even if they aren t positive ones For this reason, I think this book would appeal to adults as well as older teenagers The setting for this story is mostly in Bellfield, a therapeutic community and a very frank, good representation of life there is given A lot of different mental health care aspects are explored, from fitting in with others, medication side effects, the positive affect of charities and the need for trust with any therapists.The general atmosphere for our protagonist is set straight away From the beginning, the novel is full of mystery and intrigue It is clear from the first lines that Daisy is not just a two dimensional character, but much complex I was drawn to her and wanted to know We get to see the reasoning behind some of her thoughts quite early in on the book, though there is certainly a lot to learn about Daisy, and the people she meets, throughout My attention was completely captured by her mental health issues Earle deals with emotional and behavioural issues such as self harm in an experienced, tactful manner He shows how methodical it is for Daisy and gives the reader a real idea of what it is like for someone who self injures Daisy has a huge weight burdening her and she has done for all of her life I often felt as though I was sharing this weight with her and at a lot of points, it was very difficult to read Daisy has a lot of important relationships with her father and with Ade, her key worker, in particular I loved Ade she was so connected to Daisy, so caring and managed to put me at ease there was definitely an air of confidence and security about her Naomi and the several other characters she meets whilst in the therapeutic community also play important roles in her life Everyone who is introduced has a unique personality and it was fantastic to read a book in which people with mental health issues weren t stereotypical There are several twists and turns in this book which made it compulsive reading, though I often did have to put it down as some of the subject matter was very difficult, emotionally, to read about There are an abundance of subjects tackled, from student teacher relationships, self harm, friendships and differences, grieving, love and loss Different coping methods are explored, as are the difference in our thought processes The action and change in this novel is almost non stop which makes it a real page turner I think that Earle does manage to, despite all the difficulties, give us a real sense of hope This is a very touching, sad but inspiring story that I m very thankful that I read I can t wait to see what Phil Earle has to offer us next. 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Phil was born in Hull in 1974, and he studied English and Drama at Hull University He worked for a year as a carer in a children s home, then after training as a drama therapist, he worked in a therapeutic community in London, which cared for multiply abused adolescents Then, changing tack completely, he chose a marginally sedate life as a children s bookseller It was here that he develope

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