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A Love by Any Measure I wanted to like this book, I really did The problem was that I couldn t find anything to like about the two main characters All those ideas of love being patient and kind, those do not apply in this book Our couple demonstrates their love through blackmail, emotional torment, jealousy, disloyalty, and sexual manipulation We are meant to believe that pure and upstanding Maeve is only led to the dark side because of her inability to resist August, but all I could think was that pure and upstanding gals do not agree to sexual blackmail, they find another way to make things work We are also meant to believe that August is damaged by his childhood and that his Daddy issues have made him the hardened man he is I felt like his actions were childish and ridiculous, from hot to cold in the blink of an eye I love historical fiction and when I read the premise I was so excited Having read the book I would file it under Romance, but not romantic Romance There isdescription of the sex than the characters themselves This books was a real disappointment to me, Believe me, I m sorry to sayI read a number of good reviews for this book and was so excited to read it Sadly, not at all what I was hoping It jumps right into the story, but became less engaging as I read The pacing was odd, moving too quickly to share a moment with the characters I wanted to be sad, angry, and in love with them but I wasn t able to connect enough to do so The only thing I know is that they re in love even though all they do is lie and manipulate each other and almost everyone else The biggest challenge for me is that neither Maeve nor August was likable or realistic, making it difficult for me to believe their love By the end, I almost hate August and not in a love to hate, Mr.Darcy style way He is so cruel and manipulative that even when viewing him through her loving eyes, all I see is an abusive, distant, controlling aristocrat that she willingly inexplicably follows into an unhealthy relationship Overall, I m so disappointed that it s not for me I need a strong female character who is driven by love but respects herself enough to walk away when she s treated so poorly. An Irish Lass An English Lord A Love That Overcomes All Boundaries August Grayson Has Secretly Dreamt Of The Girl Living On His Family S Irish Estate Since Childhoods Spent Together In Killarney Now A Proper Lord Of The British Empire, He Knows That Maeve Could Never Be Than Just A Distant Fantasy Still, If Only Maeve O Connor Owns Nothing In This World But Her Good Name, Which Proves Just Enough To Win A Proposal For A Marriage Of Convenience To A Good, Irish Lad Until The Wedding, However, She S In Dire Straits Rent On The Cottage She And Her Father Share Is Due, But There Simply Isn T The Money To Pay Driven To Desperation, Maeve Hopes Lord Grayson, Her Childhood Chum Turned Dashing English Rogue, Will Prove Lenient When She Comes Seeking Clemency The Temptation Presented Proves Too Much, And August Offers Maeve A Compromise Should She Permit Him Twice As Long On Each Succeeding Visit To Do Whatever He Wishes In Pursuit Of His Pleasure, He Will Consider Her Rent Paid Starting With A Mere Five Seconds, Pulses Soon Out Race The Ticking Clock, As August S Desires Become Maeve S Own Passion Blinds Them To The Challenges Closing In On Both The Irish And English Fronts, Threatening To Destroy The Love They Ve Discovered Working To Bridge That Which Divides Them, Tempting Fate With Each Stolen Kiss, And Torn Between Desire And Obligation, Maeve And August Must Strive To Overcome All And Find A Love By Any Measure Wow, this book really took me by surprise I ve readromance stories than I could possibly name, but only a handful have been historical romances I generally don t gravitate towards them because the romance is so muted and tame compared to contemporary and paranormal romance books, but Killian McRae has proven me wrong with this beautiful story A Love by Any Measure was an emotion driven, passionate tale of forbidden love and the lengths one would go to in order to find their way back to it The tone for this book changes dramatically as the story plays out When we first meet Maeve and August, she s on the verge of losing the cottage she shares with her father and is desperate to keep it Enter August, once a childhood friend and now wealthy English landlord with an offer Maeve wants to refuse but can t An Irish peasant with few options at her disposal, she is to make herself available for his time precisely and frustratingly measured by the ticking clock when he sees fit, and they can stay in their meager home But the crass, crude, and admittedly alluring August who forces his way back into Maeve s life slowly lets down his walls We see Maeve and August evolve from emotionally distant admirers forced back together by her station in life, to two long lost loves determined to find their way back to each other, and throughout their journey there are hidden secrets, mysterious twists, ill fated lovers, and passionate stolen moments that set the tone for a story that never ceases to keep you guessing and captivated The really was such an exquisite story McRae s painstakingly accurate detail of the period mid late 1800 s makes you feel enmeshed in the life of the time, and the plight of the characters grabs at your heart Maeve s struggles as a poor Irish lass trying to make a life for herself felt so real, and as she wraps her mind around marrying blacksmith Owen Murphy despite her lack of feelings for the man, you can t help but wish better for her The ways of their society made marrying someone of a higher station in life difficult at best, and even though she and August have such a deep connection, he knows he can t give her the happy life she deserves But the passion they share can t be denied, and from their short interludes to the moments they finally give in to their attraction, it was sexy When the truth comes out about a decision August made in the past, it threatens to loosen any hold he had on Maeve completely, and she is forced to make choices of her own that tear their world apart McRae gives glimpses of the past and present leading up to these events, allowing the reader to have a unique perspective on what happened to these lovers presumably destined to be apart It was heartbreaking, and seeing what they had to go through all due to ridiculous narrow societal views was maddening It s unsettling what they had to endure and what terrible turns fate took in order for them to find a way to be together, but in the end there was no doubt their hearts belonged to each other It was a bittersweet end, but it was beautiful and worth the wait to see what would happen to these memorable characters You can also find my review at A Love by any Measure is my first Killian McRae and I have to say, I really enjoyed it So much, that I had to take it to work with me so I could read a few pages during my breaks I always wanted to know what happens next The characters were charming and memorable, interesting and even witty Maeve O Connor is a respectable young lady that works hard for those she cares about She ll do anything to help her father and when they end up short on rent for their cottage, she does the only thing she could do Ask for help She meets with the owner of the cottage to try and get an extension, but he wantsthan that He wants her At first, I wasn t fond of the idea of her pay off her rent through a sexual way, but the author wrote it properly, so that it made it intriguing.August was a fantastic character Yes, he was a jerk for a good part of the book, but we found out his reasons He cared deeply for Maeve, it was obvious, at least most of the time But he went about things all wrong I guess, when you grow up a certain way, it s the only way you know One things I have to point out is the cover It was beautiful and unique and the material was so soft Almost like a plastic silicon It feels great.As for the storyline, I really enjoyed it, but at times was a little confused with the chapter time changes It would jump back and forth with some chapters, that made it a very interesting read, but also a bit harder to read along with I ended getting into the grove of the writing and really enjoyed it, but I have to admit, it took a few chapters.Another small annoyance was the typos Pobodys Nerfect , but it can be a bit annoying when you have to read a sentence over a few times to get the jest There weren t many and it doesn t discourage you from the main part the story one bit I just thought I d let it known Many novels have typos, but this one I noticed,so than others shrugs It was still a great read that I recommend to all historical romance lovers This was a sweet, emotional read that will have you laughing and crying I hope to readhistorical romances by this author Quick Take Fans of sprawling, epic romances are bound to love this book I loved the emotional buildup of the first half, but had trouble buying into the plot developments of the second It s not for the impatient, nor for those who prefer that their main characters be without deep flaws and baggage But by golly, it s a fascinating story.Review I m kind of in awe of Killian McRae How she comes up with her book concepts, I don t know But she s definitely adept at taking a simple premise and making it into something epic She did it in her debut novel, 12.21.12 the title of which some give a clue about the topic Here in A Love by Any Measure, she takes the idea of a single bargain between two people, and slaps some legs on that puppy to take it across many years and many locations Don t be fooled by the fact that there s only a line or so at the end of the blurb above that hints at complex intrigue All told, this book is nothing if not epic.Having a basic familiarity with Irish history during the latter half of the 19th century, while not required, provides some added import to the motivations and behaviors of the book s characters Even without prior knowledge of the historical events, it s very clear that identity and social standing had very special importance to people of this era, for various reasons And it s because of the status and identity that August Greyson begins the whole thread of his bargain with Maeve O Connor.August and Maeve s interactions in the first section of this book are positively addictive Maeve detests the man, and yet she s drawn to him August seems like a right jackass for even starting his agreement, and while his narrative perspective is not revealed until well into the book, his motivations are so complex, his feelings muchthan might be initially assumed I loved the interplay between the two, which lived somewhere on that thin line between love, anger, and lust Quite compelling, emotionally turbulent stuff.I very much appreciated that it was difficult to guess what might come next Just when an expectation was starting to form, it d be blown away by some unseen plot development In the first half of the book, such twists grabbed be and kept me glued to the page I must admit, however, that some of those same types of developments in the second half of the book made be a bit exasperatedthan anything elseAs a matter of fact, I d mentally separated the book into two halves Whereas the first half feelsintimate and character based, on a smaller scale and arguablyrealistic, the second half is very much a huge, sensational tale Think The Matrix as compared to The Matrix Revolutions Given the relative realism of the first section, the second felt a bit theatrical, and I had trouble buying into the story and accepting that the characters would behave they did The second half also has what I like to call Tarantino style plot development punchline first, explanation much later If you ve seen the film Pulp Fiction, you ll know what I meanAs such, it required a good dose of patience to get through All told, if someone were to tell me that the two halves of A Love were in fact different books, I d believe them in a minute.I wouldn t count the aforementioned reservations as a reason not the read the book, however I d simply say that one should be patient enough to let the story unfold as it does Overall, it s a touching and very powerful love story It s got so much range that one is bound to be caught in some part of its spell. 2.5 starsThis was an enjoyable read, but I had too many issues with it to rate a full 3 stars The book feels quite uneven between the first and second halves and several contrivances irritated me There is a Big Ol Useless Mis Of The Worst Sort in here my least favorite device so it must be punished with half point loss Otherwise, I enjoyed the tropes and several elements of the story, yet for every bit I loved, there was a pesky ridiculousness in the execution that killed my buzz I ll be checking other stuff the author may have written If she relies less on the okey doke set ups and false conflicts and one incredibly unrealistic throwaway character in view spoiler Amelia hide spoiler CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFWhat can I say about A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae It s a beautiful, emotional rollercoaster ride that takes readers on a journey they will never forget It s a lovely story that transports readers back in time It s a romance novel about a love that runs deep and true, but isn t accepted by society It s about the obstacles that two people must overcome and the unforgivable circumstances they must forgive in order to be together It s a breathtaking, jaw dropping story that needs to be read by everyone.This story made me laugh, cry, and SCREAM Yes, scream There were times when I was so frustrated with the hero that I wanted to punch someone in the face Luckily for my boyfriend, I refrained That may sound like a bad thing, but it s not I love books that make me feel every emotion Books that make me feel everything are the books that I ll remember five years from now, and this is definitely one of those books It s intense It s romantic It s memorable I gave A Love by Any Measure by Killian McRae 4 STARS I loved this historical romance novel, and I strongly recommend it to mature young adults and adults XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING Wow Just WOW.Theoretically speaking, anybody in possession of a pen and paper can write, but just because you put ink on a page doesn t mean you are a writer I didn t know what to expect when I started this book, but I took a chance and all I could think after finishing was HOW IN THE H E DOUBLE L DID I NOT READ THIS SOONER I m seriously perplexed.For whatever reason, Killian McRae has been a rather elusive author to me in the Goodreads world and I am about to rectify that This was an utterly fantastic piece of Historical Fiction Romance and I most definitely consider it a favorite of mine and will probably read it multiple times over the next several years Her talent is so extraordinary that I am seriously in awe I went to bed last night with the most amazing Happily Ever After resting in the confines of my mind and my toes curled over in absolute glee This story is so beautiful.You basically have 3 main players in this book Miss Maeve O Connor, Lord August Grayson and Mr Owen Murphy The time is set in the mid 1800 s and takes place between Ireland, England and New England with a brief encounter into the West of the Americas And I devoured every single sentence.There were times that I was in love with August, hated August, back in love with August, wanted to KILL August, sort of liked August, understood August, didn t understand August, was ANGRY at August, only to fall head over heels back in LOVE with August It was an adventure Killian kept surprising me at every turn and I found 90% of the plot to be completely unpredictable, which I loved It definitely held muchintrigue, mystery and drama then I was ever expecting Just when I thought I knew where she was taking me, she d throw on the e brake and we d be heading in the opposite direction It was mind boggling The beginning of the book has a lotheat then I was expecting and which generally isn t my style when picking up books, but it really sets you up to understand everything that would come to pass between August, Maeve and Owen And I think that s what I love most about this book Killian had every single piece of her puzzle plot completely in line with each other and perfectly connected Her entire story line was so well thought and planned to such minutiae that it was no wonder she took 3 years to write it It was fantastic to put it all together piece by piece I felt that my brain was constantly unlocking secret doors to new information every time she began a chapter The timeline she choose to use in telling her story was perfect as well I did find it odd that she jumped back and forth from present to future, but after awhile I realized I didn t have to pay attention to the dates to keep up It just all made sense.First Line We have an understanding then Favorite Line Why didn t Guinevere have a baby then, if that s what Arthur needed Perhaps they didn t do it enough, August returned with a slight blush on his cheeks But Maeve wasconfused still Do what August smirked, It, Maeve Funniest Line Do you ever get used to Patty making jokes about you whacking your log all day british irish humor is hilarious Last Line Every day, I love youMo Maeve, mo chroi. My heart I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the following 1 Historical Fiction2 Intense plot lines that keep you guessing3 Experiencing a ton of emotions towards your Main Characters4 Great, Epic LOVE STORIES 4.75 5 StarsI love you beyond rich, beyond poor, beyond lord and peasant, Anglican and Catholic, Irish and English Beyond any measure of time or wealth or ruin, I love you No greater truth has ever been spoken Lord August Grayson Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I don t even know how to begin this review So I ll start with the following I absolutely LOVED it Definitely one of the best HR stories I ve ever read I m actually sad the journey is over, but what a ride this was The love story between August and Maeve was both tragic and beautiful We get to see glimpses of their past, present and future The jumping back and forth between time periods was a little difficult to get use to, but the story it weaved was unbelievable It was one epic journey that leads to one heck of an ending The following may contain spoilersWe are all equal in the sight of God It is only in the eyes of man that we find the faults of this world within August Grayson August Grayson is an English Lord Maeve O Connor is an Irish peasant Their paths crossed one summer when they were just teenagers August s father returned to Ireland, where he brought his Irish wife, Eliza, home to die As young as August was around this time, he was unaware of this reason August and Maeve were best friends and spent the majority of the summer at Middle Lake at Maeve s home The following is how Maeve s mother, Sine, described AugustHe had been kind, though fiercely inquisitive, and she hadn t failed to notice the way he followed her daughter around like a puppy to its master Then came the day when August s gaze fell upon her daughter with a new softness, a sense of reverence that she had understood at once with tempered fret. After the passing of his mother, August disappeared While everyone was in search of him, Maeve knew exactly where to find him August was overcome with emotion when Maeve found him All the feeling he had towards his mother and Maeve came crashing down on him He kissed her for the very first time Upon their arrival, August s father was disgusted to find that his son was in company of an Irish peasant girl Aiming to please his father, August dismisses Maeve, breaking both their hearts.Fast forward ten years to the present Lord August Grayson is back in Ireland He owns the land that Maeve and her father reside on Maeve is behind on their rent and makes a deal with the LordYou and your father can stay in your little cottage on my property as long as you present yourself to me when summoned Whenever, without qualificationThis is for his pleasure Though she is engaged to the local blacksmith, Owen, she reluctantly agreesOur first time together will last five seconds, ten the next, then twenty, and so on, doubling each timeTime doesn t begin until August touches her cheek and measures the encounter with the tick of the clock in his chamber Talk about taking things slow and sweet The electricity between the two just escalates with each passing encounter Holy mother of God, the tension was unbelievably hot Good Lord Poor Maeve, she tries to resist, but it s futile These two cannot resist each other They try to keep their arrangement secret, even coming up with a unique excuse, but everyone has their suspicions However, with Maeve and her pristine reputation, no one questions her But how long can their arrangement last How does August react when Maeve and Owen actually set a date for the wedding Oh my God and poor Owen are all I have to say about that August definitely gives Maeve something to think about She has to make a decision and her choice is life altering When we get glimpses into the future, we start to form our own conclusions on how things will play out It s like you knew where it was going, then it would immediately take various twists and turns and you re left second guessing yourself It was one hell of a ride, let me tell you The shockers seemed to come out of no where, without any warnings There so many GASP moments, my heart and mind were on the brink of overdrive The ending totally came out of left field I totally didn t see any of that coming Don t worry, it was happy, just surprising Anyway sorry for the lengthy review, but I just LOVED this story and can go on forever about it It s safe to say that I highly recommend it FOLLOW ME Blog www.sweetspotbookblog.comFacebook www.facebook.com SweetSpotBookBlogTwitter thessamari

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