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Exiled (The Protector, #1) Ive re read this book about a million times it would be faire to say I am obsessed I read this book ages ago and noticed i hadnt even wrote a review I know right Well anyways back to the book, it is action packed, thrilling and intense I loved every word, sentance and page I just fell in love with Chase and Rayna Read this book and then youll know why It draw you in on the first page and then leaves you begging for on the last Lucky for you guys, the second book is now available It is by far one of my favorites and those who have not read it are mising out on one heck of a story Once you start reading this book you will not be able to stop it took all of my will power to stop for 2 seconds just to have a drink It is the type of book that you will not be able to put down and will finish quickly Throughout this book even when re read i re expierience all of the feelings I felt when I first read the book It leaves me sad, happy, anguished,humoured, angry, surprised every emotion known to man No one can say after finishing this book that M.R Merrick didnt produce one heck of a new series After this book I pre ordered Shift the sequel and read that in the first hour after i received it only to re read it again once I had finished. Posted on K Bookshttp k booksxo.blogspot.com 2011 08When I got this book sent to me for review I was really excited to start it I was really looking forward to reading it and seeing what would happen I really loved it.I think this is a book that anyone can enjoy no matter what age they are It has something for everyone in it, Vampires, Witches, Demons, Warlocks, you name it this book has it.Chase is a demon hunter, people who are brought up to protect humans from the demons in the world At fifteen, they go through a ritual to find their elemental power When Chase doesn t show any elemental magic he and his mother are exiled to live among humans and try to survive among demons Little does he know that his exile is the best blessing he could get as the Circle are corrupted and he was saved from the biggest evil of them all his father.I really loved this book, it was action packed and there were times when I could hardly breathe and no way that I could stop reading Many times in the book I got the feeling that sometimes you get when watching a movie, you can t look at the screen but you can t stop watching at the same time Close to the end of the book this was what I was like, so many things were going wrong I couldn t bare to read on because I didn t want anything else to go wrong but at the same time I couldn t possibly stop reading as I just needed to find out what was going to happen I really loved the characters in this book, Chase was just such an amazing lead character In most books I read the lead character is female so I wasn t sure how I would relate to the character but I did I loved Chase, he s just amazing and so strong I loved how loyal he is to his mother and would do anything to protect her and how he soon becomes the same to Rayna.I really loved Rayna, I just wanted to hug her and tell her everything would be okay She has been through so much and I really admire how strong she is.The ending of the book was just amazing, I loved how you got closure for things that happened in this first book but also left you needing the next one as well I was so sad and cried a little at the ending and I love when books make me cry That to me is a sign of a great author if their words can wield so much emotion in you then they are amazing M R Merrick is definitely an amazing author and I can t wait to see what happens next in this series.A great start to a series and I will definitely be following it right the way through until the end. I ve had a difficult time trying to write a review for this book 1 I find it really weird that the author has given himself a 5 star review.It makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel like the author is stalking his review page Perhaps this is why there hasn t been much descent toward the book People are afraid to get reamed out for a negative review, which has been happening a lot lately on goodreads.2 I have no idea how this book has 4.5 stars out of 5 When I see a book with this high of a review rating, I expect something extraordinary, and this book is far from extraordinary.My issues 1 This book was very predictable So predictable that I feel the characters were extremely moronic to not have figured everything out sooner I managed to figure it out after the first hint was given, and since we re experiencing everything from Chase s viewpoint, I have no idea why he couldn t figure it out sooner.2 There were a ton of misspellings and grammatical errors I found myself playing a game of Where s Waldo The Next Grammatical Error doesn t quite have the same ring as Waldo, but whatever.3 I felt like the antagonist in this book Chase s dad was way over donelike a characterature of an evil villain Chase s father could have still been a dick still been evil without going so far overboard Instead of hating him, I found myself rolling my eyes every time Chase had a flashback.4 view spoiler The fact that Chase starts out with no elemental powers in the beginning of the storythe reason why he is exiled Then all of a sudden develops not one but two powers is so friggin clich , so expected, that I literally had a countdown in my head of when we would discover his super human capabilities I m currently taking bets on whether or not there will a love triangle in later installments hide spoiler In all honesty here, I have read a lot of books this year with Demons and recently have found them all kind of mixing together in my head and not remembering much about them only weeks after reading the book This book however completely stood out on it s own and incredibly entertaining and memorable I had been hearing some good things about the book in some blogs, so I had it on my radar, it s a great price right now and jumped at the opportunity to review it Needless to say when I started reading it I was unsure how it was going to turn out for me, but about halfway through is when I really knew it was going to get the 5 star rating and worth every penny in my opinion What I did like immediately from page one was that it s told from a male perspective I am starting to appreciate this and as it is not so common in Young Adult books out there I read mostly young adult books for review I find a the male s perspective on things refreshing and different especially when it is written so well This book has great characters, they interacted well with each other, I also like a story with a great evil villain that really adds content that keeps me entertained and guessing at what will happen next Also the mixture of characters and the world building and traveling was a unique mixture and really fit the story I don t know why I find it important to emphasize that the 2nd half of the book rocked Once the characters were established and we get a feel for everything, it takes off into a crazy adventure and incredible fighting scenes Rounded off nicely with a epilogue that is very fitting and not a cliffhanger Rayne was quick to comment My, can it be true One day you re calling me a filthy demon, and next you re having sleepover with an Underworlder What can I say, he was prettier than you Rayne and ChaseWhat a read Exiled by Mathew Merrick was a fantasy action novel at its best If you re looking for an awesome, action, paranormal novel with a male main character then look no further Exiled will have you up late at night needing to know what Chase was going to get himself in and out of next Chase is a part of the Circle, a group of hunters who have elemental powers to help them save the innocent from demons Today is Chase s 15th birthday, today he is supposed to finally receive his elemental power, but when at the ceremony..no elemental power comes In return his powerful father , a fire elemental has his own son Chase, and Tessa, Chases mother exiled from the circle.Almost three years later, and Chase still relives that day, every day As if that wasn t bad enough, even though he has been exiled, and has no elemental power, he is still regularly attacked by demons But one day everything changes, he meets Rayne, a beautifully fierce girl that is part demon and hunter according to what the circle taught him, Rayne shouldn t even existafter meeting Rayne, Chase is learning that there is much going on in the Circle then he could ever imagine..What a ride Exiled was one of the best fantasy novels I have ever read, it had everything you want when looking for a great paranormal read, there were hunters, demons, vampires, werecats, goblins, trolls, giants, I think you get my point This novel completely satisfied my paranormal needs, the part I especially loved about the fantasy beings was how the hunters worked, most books that have hunters, means they are just really strong and good fighters But in Exiled hunters had magical powers each hunter had an element they could use air, fire, water, or earth Scenes that involved hunters using such awesome powers were my favorite parts throughout the book Besides the fantasy aspect of Exiled, I also enjoyed the action throughout it I don t normally get to into action scenes in books, but with Exiled I was completely spellbound The action scenes were so intense with lots of blood and so well written, I normally can t picture battle fights in my head very good, but with every one of Matthew Merrick s action scenes, I pictured it picture perfect clear in my mind, it was incredible More or so I guess that just means I completely loved the author Matthew Merrick s writing, even outside of battle scenes each page flowed perfectly, and I was able to easily imagine what was going on Last, but not least the characters The variety of characters was wonderful There were so many different characters that Chase runs into throughout Exiled, and each and every one of them was easy to remember No one was really all that similar each character had a distinctive personality My favorite hands down though were Chase, Rayne, and Willy And each one of them is different, Chase is insanely strong headed, Rayne is flat out fierce, and Willy is the guy always scared and stuttering Their each so different, yet I loved every one of them Overall Exiled is not a book any YA fantasy paranormal readers want to miss This book had me going crazy over what Chase was going to get him and his friends into next, and I cannot wait to see where book 2 Shift will take him next, I can only hope all the characters I have come to love will make it out of book 2 alive Originally posted to Bookish Blog as a part of MEN in YA Event Supernatural the TV Show meets The Mortal Instruments in Matt Merrick s insanely addictive, action packed novel, Exiled This excellent debut sparks and crackles with so much detail and emotion that it s virtually impossible not to fell in love with it A superb cast of characters, clever dialogues, exciting plot twists and rich visual tapestry all that makes it a book that readers simply can t afford to pass up An absolute must read No matter how many times I survived, there was always another danger around the corner, and I still wasn t used to being the victim I was Chase Williams, a demon hunter I wasn t supposed to be the one looking over my shoulder, I was supposed to be stalking prey ChaseChase Williams is a demon hunter who once belonged to the Circle group of warriors bearing elemental magic He was raised and trained to become a hunter At the age of fifteen his powers were supposed to manifest themselves, but, well, they didn t He s a magic free zone, null, zero, nada Together with his mother, he gets kicked out of the Circle as a punishment for being a disgrace to his father and other Hunters But that is only the beginning of his problems Not only does he have to learn how to live among mortals on Earth, but it also appears that our MC is a magnet for all sorts of trouble, always crossing paths with Underworlders, and having to fight his way through life Now that we have the pissing contest out of the way, we need information RaynaTwo years after his exile, he runs into a weird looking demon ess and a hunter who seems to be protecting her Imagine his surprise when these two end up saving his life Like that wasn t enough, they also tell him that things have changed in the Circle And not for good at all Something weird is going on, demon hunters are kidnapping Underworlders and no one knows why Chase is about to uncover a disturbingly sophisticated web of lies and a plot to take over the world He will also learn that not all demon hunters are noble and good willed, and not all Underworlders deserve to die Yeah, yeah, you expected better from me, being the son of the big, scary Riley Williams and all Save it, I ve heard it ChaseOMG Exiled exceeded all my expectations Seriously, I did not think it would be THAT good I saw people raving about it on Twitter, and I noticed that its Goodreads page is literally bombarded with tons of 5 star reviews, but I really didn t anticipate to be so amazed by it OH MY GOSH It s just unbelievably good I know we all have those moments when we re hesitant to pick up a self published book, but let me just tell you this book is nothing short of awesome Passing up on it would be like saying no to a huge box of brand new books or Starbucks Gingerbread Latte impossible to resist All the characters are fabulous From the overly confident, charming, sexy and incredibly witty MC Chase , to all the fantastic supporting characters, like the hilarious and insanely cute Underworlder, Willy he is soooo adorable And then there s also Rayna Wow, what a great chick She s hot, totally kick ass, sassy, funny, thoughtful, temperamental and loyal Most importantly she s not in the least whiny thank goodness for that I love Rayna sorry Chase, you re awesome, too, but she s better Merrick s character and world building is simply splendid I honestly don t know how he does it There s so much detail to the story, every scene, place and person is described so well, you can easily visualize all that in your head The plot itself is brilliant, I wouldn t change a thing I found myself wanting to learn about the Circle and the Underworld, discover all the mysteries, get to know the characters I genuinely cared about all that stuff, how extremely rare is that The wait for the second part is going to be painful for sure, I can t wait to get my hands on it To sum it all up Exiled is a mesmerizing, spine tingling wonder of a book It s the perfect blend of action, magic, mystery, thriller, romance and humor A one of a kind reading experience that you ll never forget Read it Matt gives us one hell of a story in Exiled, one that I didn t want to put down and super glad I already had Shift the second novel in the series when I was finished We are thrown into a world of demon hunters, demons, half breeds, trolls, goblins and on that note, never piss one of those off, things can get a bit scary witches, and other dimensions I was instantly hooked and couldn t flip the page or in my case tap the screen quick enough to find out what was happening next Chase Williams has lived, studied, and trained in the Circle his whole life awaiting the day he could claim his elemental powers that day would come on his fifteenth birthday however no powers would This resulted in himself and his mother being exiled from the Circle a society of hunters sworn to protect the innocent from demons that they are faced with almost every day His own father, Riley, was one that went with the decision to cast them out.After being exiled Chase still had his fair share of fights with demons because everyone in the Underworld wants to be the one to kill him, just because he is the son of Riley One night he senses a demon Rayna and things in his life change drastically after that He learns that things aren t the same as they use to be and something is going on inside the Circle that goes against all their rules and beliefs.I loved the characters and watching Chase realize what was going on, adapt to the change, stand up for what he thought was right, dealing with dark family issues, and of course there s the girl I absolutely loved Raynas smirky character she was full of that sarcastic charm I adore There wasn t any romance or insta love but a friendship growing from an I d never associate with someone like you to possibly being something in the future guess I ll find out soon enough If you want something with action, well then my friends, this is the one There are threats, tons of fights, magic, all the goodies all thrown together into this action packed wonderfully paced book With all this said you may not believe me when I say that I had some tears, so Matt you are one sneaky sneak for doing that just want you to know Exiled takes us to another world where the demons we ve all read about are told from a different angle to which I loved It s one that you ll be rooting for the characters while they are going through their journey while your emotions are running all over the place not to mention your adrenaline pumping until the very end This is one that I d highly recommend to anyone especially those that haven t read a good book in a while because this will get that I wanna read leave me the hell alone gear back in place. I love when a book launches right out of the chute and never quite slows down That s how Exiled by M R Merrick, started and stayed for me I didn t know much about this book going in Some books are like that Sometimes you know about a book and think you should buy it and maybe you will and then finally you do Other times it kind of happens fast and you re a little blind going in and, bam, pleasant surprise x 200 I ran across the author in a Twitter exchange, clicked on a link to get to his website, read about 45 gazillion 5 star reviews and immediately went to and downloaded Exiled for my Kindle for PC.I m so glad I did Exiled is one of those books that takes you someplace new and unexpected it s hard to describe It s not just a YA book, it s not just a demon book, it s not just a revenge book or a mystery or a race against time, it s not just about vampires or even goblins it s got all of that and so much.I love it when the author has really taken the time to not just build but explore a new world in ways that make it exciting for the reader I m not trying to be purposefully vague about the plot points, but for me this was such a fun and surprising find, I m trying to allow you to have the same experience.In summary, Exiled is a debut novel from a talented new author who I look forward to reading from very, very soon Do yourself a favor and read Exiled you won t be disappointed Far from it, you re far likely to get addicted instead I put off reading this book for a long time and I m not sure why I asked Matt if there was any sexy times in it, and he said not really That may have had something to do with it But if he d told me that there was so much chemistry between Chase and Rayna, I might have checked it out faster Because it kind of had the potential to stroll into bow chica wow wow territory, and probably would have if they hadn t all been so busy fighting to survive Also, Merrick, what are you doing wasting all that potential sexual chemistry And have you ever considered writing romances Exiled is like a diamond in the rough I see so much of Merrick s potential as an author I think given time, attention, and hardwork his books are going to be pretty damn great Exiled itself was a difficult book to me to rate The raw material, itself, was pretty excellent There was certainly plenty to appreciate about the novel and I had a great deal of enjoyment while reading it This was Merrick s first novel, though, so there are always going to be things that an author can learn and improve on When I said diamond in the rough, I meant it I got the sense throughout reading it, that it really needed an experienced editor to cut and polish it to help Merrick bring out the best parts, and chip off the parts that were cumbersome or unnecessary In case you can t tell that s Aladdin and that s someone explaining the process of how they perfected his look Isn t this, like, the most appropriate GIF for a review everThe intro needed to be a little smoother, and the back end of the story contained some unnecessary story telling that I could see was probably setting up for the next novel, but that really punched the pacing in the gut and detracted from the overall plot.The characters were a big positive for this book Chase was endearing in that way that little brothers are Overly confident and just adorable enough to pull it off Rayna was a great counter balance, providing maturity and a gravity that Chase could aspire to Marcus played the ever patient and ever ignored father figure while Chase s mum gave the novel a sweet, grounding, human touch Then, of course, there s Vincent if you want a mature romantic lead.And whilst I am eager to follow up on the lives and adventures of Chase and crew, I can t help but want to take a red pen to this book I enjoyed it so much but feel like its potential was cut short, like a world class athlete with no one to train it Merrick made a couple of astounding female characters, which I d like to see him do of The novel does feel a little unbalanced and overpopulated with powerful men in leadership destiny roles I feel like they re especially necessary to balance out the damsel in distress heavy plot toward the second half of the book.You re probably going to like this book if you re into a younger version of The Dresden Files with a main protagonist who is almost as exasperating It s certainly not a perfect novel, but also not without merit.Ultimately, I want to see from Merrick This was a really hard book to rate I feel like it deserved stars based on my enjoyment, but the issues with the plotting and pacing tripped me up I think he has the signs of an excellent story teller, though, and I m eager to read the next in the series, Shift.This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. Chase Williams Is A Demon Hunter In The Circle, Or At Least He Was Supposed To Be On His Fifteenth Birthday, Chase Stepped Up To The Altar To Claim His Elemental Power, But It Never Came Elemental Magic Is Passed Down To A Hunter Through The Bloodline, But On Chase S Birthday, The Bloodline Stopped Exiled Without The Circle S Protection, Chase Has Spent Two Years Trying To Survive A World Riddled With Half Demons And Magic When He Has A Run In With A Frightened And Seemingly Innocent Demon, He Learns The Circle S Agenda Has Changed The Circle Plans To Unlock A Portal And Unleash Pure Blood Demons Into The World Vowing To Stop Them, And Knowing He Can T Do It Alone, Chase Forms A Reluctant Alliance With Rayna A Sexy Witch With An Attitude And A Secret In Their Attempt To Stop Them, Chase And Rayna Find Themselves In The Middle Of The Circle S Plan, Leaving One Of Them To Decide What Their Friendship Is Worth, And The Other S Life Depending On It

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M.R Merrick is a Canadian writer and author of The Protector Series, and The Rise of Genesis Having never traveled, he adventures to far off lands through his imagination and in between cups of coffee As a music lover and proud breakfast enthusiast, he s usually found at the computer between a pair of headphones and a large bowl of cereal.

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