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Les Confessions In His Confessions Jean Jacques Rousseau Tells The Story Of His Life, From The Formative Experience Of His Humble Childhood In Geneva, Through The Achievement Of International Fame As Novelist And Philosopher In Paris, To His Wanderings As An Exile, Persecuted By Governments And Alienated From The World Of Modern Civilization In Trying To Explain Who He Was And How He Came To Be The Object Of Others Admiration And Abuse, Rousseau Analyses With Unique Insight The Relationship Between An Elusive But Essential Inner Self And The Variety Of Social Identities He Was Led To Adopt The Book Vividly Illustrates The Mixture Of Moods And Motives That Underlie The Writing Of Autobiography Defiance And Vulnerability, Self Exploration And Denial, Passion, Puzzlement, And Detachment Above All, Confessions Is Rousseau S Search, Through Every Resource Of Language, To Convey What He Despairs Of Putting Into Words The Personal Quality Of One S Own Existence

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    955 Confessions, Jean Jacques RousseauThe Confessions is an autobiographical book, by Jean Jacques Rousseau In modern times, it is often published with the title The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau in order to distinguish it from Saint Augustine s Confessions Covering the first fifty three years of Rousseau s life, up to 1765, it was completed in 1769, but not published until 1782, four years after Rousseau s death, even though Rousseau did read excerpts of his manuscript publicly at various salons and other meeting places 1976 18 1328 545 1348 512 1382 616 1384 1385 845 9789644482847 1392 1390 744 9786001760372 1394 533 9786005947731

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    I would never have read The Confessions had it not been for the admiration W.G Sebald expresses for the man and his works in his A Place in the Country The writing here is lucid, often floridly emotional, but it s the density of Rousseau s memory that astonishes His focus on a single incident or individual is uncanny his retrospective interpretatio

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    There are times when I am so unlike myself that I could be taken for someone else of an entirely opposite character. This book begins with a falsehood and only escalates from there Rousseau, prone to hyperbole, boldly asserts that his autobiography is without precedent Nevermind St Augustine s famous autobiography, which shares the same name and ignore

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    As is true about classics, they are not only a very authentic expression of the author s views and ideas, but also by large, present a mirror for the world we live in This is one reason why it is difficult to review them For, it calls not only an undivided attention towards the ideas expressed and opinions raised, but also for a deep introspection a meditation on the

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    This book is a revelation as it seemed to me a portrait, or perhaps a mask, of the heightened sensibilities of the interior monologue of a genius Since my name is certain to live on among men, I do not want the reputation it transmits to be a false one Indeed, his honesty is remarkable as he writes about the abandonment of his children, his relationship with lovers and his inti

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