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Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year a few things were laugh outloud funny, a lot of things were kind of ridiculous Having a new little dude ourselves, certainly there were moments and events I could relate to, but the self absorbed self deprecating thing got really tiresome for me Also, yes, I get it, you belong to a predominately black church move on. Hold your hats, folks I m about to get all over the top in this review.I needed this book right now, with all it s one lines that make me laugh out loud You should have seen me last evening, lying in the grass outside my church it was only in the 70s yesterday, and today, with a light breeze perfect grass lying weather and laughing like a maniac I m sure all the Amish people who came by in their buggies must have thought I was nuts.So this book is the journal that Lamott kept during her son s first year of life It s a story of love and fear all that stuff that comes with a kid, I assume and is so honest, so so honest And funny, really funny.Take this, for example November 22 I wish he could take longer naps in the afternoon He falls asleep and I feel I could die of love when I watch him, and I think to myself that he is what angels look like Then I doze off, too, and it s like heaven, but sometimes only twenty minutes later he wakes up and begins to make his gritchy rodent noises, scanning the room wildly I look blearily over at him in the bassinet, and think, with great hostility, Oh, God, he s raising his loathsome reptilian head again When I go over to the bassinet to pick him up, though, he looks up at me like I m Coco the clown he beams, and makes raspberries, and does frantic bicycle kicks like he s doing his baby aerobics Then I feel I can go on I ve never been so up and down in my life, so erratic and wild My body is slow getting back to normal, except for my butt and thighs I have to keep remembering the line about the little earth suits and that I am a feminist, because the thighs are just not doing all that well I lay in the bathtub yesterday looking at them, thinking of entering the annual Hemingway write alike contest with a piece called, Thighs like White Elephants And then part of me thinks, Hey, who fucking cares.That voice, that sarcastic, bitter but ultimately beautiful voice is what I love about Anne Lamott I m going to give this book to every friend of mine who has a kid which is most of them so that they don t feel so alone when they think their baby has a reptilian head And I m going to remember this book when I hold their babies and wonder what goes on in those little brains.The only sad part about having finished this book is that now I m out of Lamott books to read Annie, get writing would ya The Most Honest, Wildly Enjoyable Book Written About Motherhood Is Surely Anne Lamott S Account Of Her Son Sam S First Year A Gifted Writer And Teacher, Lamott Crooked Little Heart Is A Single Mother And Ex Alcoholic With A Pleasingly Warped Social Circle And A Remarkably Tolerant Religion To Lean On She Responds To The Changes, Exhaustion, And Love Sam Brings With Aplomb Or Outright Insanity The Book Rocks From Hilarious To Unbearably Poignant When Sam S Burgeoning Life Is Played Out Against A Very Close Friend S Illness No Saccharine Paean To Becoming A Parent, This Touches On The Rage And Befuddlement That Dog Sweeter Emotions During This Sea Change In One S Life A friend of mine gave me a copy of this book while I was pregnant, and he never knew what a favor he truly did for me.Anne Lamott writes all the gritty details of the thoughts that go through any sleep deprived parent s mind, but we aren t ever brave enough to admit them, sometimes not even to ourselves.Having already read about some crazy lady Anne Lamott wondering if she could leave her baby out in the cold and see if that whole survival of the fittest thing would work out, I was farforgiving when I hadn t slept in weeks and found myself daydreaming about similar psychotic scenarios Sleep deprivation is a real bitch, and a screaming baby that depends on you for life can be a real cheese grater on your nerves Knowing there are other parents that think those crazy thoughts and don t actually DO them can make a world of difference in the way new parents handle the stress of it all.The birth of your child is also the death of the life you once knew It may be similar, but it will never be the same Anne Lamott graciously shows us we don t have to be graceful about it, we can go through it kicking and screaming, too Her honesty is a blessing to us all. This is a great, lovely book about having a newborn I had a blast reading it because I don t have a newborn any a three a half year old is a whole other flavor of getting your ass kicked it s easy to have fond feelings about G s babyhood that are based on totally false recollections Remember when we could just set him on the couch he couldn t go anywhere Remember when he took two whole naps a day Ah, such good times I am an idiot I was so constantly exhausted that my skeleton hurt, and while you could set G on the couch he couldn t go anywhere, he d just start crying hysterically, so it wasn t actually that cool Lamott gazes at her napping son, thinking sweetly how angelic he is she falls asleep, he wakes her up a few minutes later, and she thinks, Oh great, he s raising his monstrous lizard head again Yeah, I know that feeling Every ludicrous fear she has that she s broken Sam s neck because she hit a pothole in the car, all her amazement at his star like little hands, his gigantic round eyes, and his porno baby puffy lips, every time she s been listening to him cry for hours she wants to give him back every bit of this is totally spot on It s so accurate to my own life that when she comments about how Sam can now saythan Ah goo I laughed out loud Ah goo is the name of G s stuffed monkey because it was the first animal he ever noticed it was also the first thing he could say This is such a wonderful book I am absolutely never having another baby. This is not an empowering book This is a let me feel sorry for myself kind of book At some point, it has become hip and good writing to use profanity and say shocking things like I hate my baby While I acknowledge that feeling overwhelmed is very real for some mothers, especially those without a partner myself included in the latter category , reading Operating Instructions gave me a dark feeling, somewhat akin to the feeling that reading Dostoevsky causes minus the mastery of the prose Lamott describes herself as being in a dark hole most of that first year, unwashed, depressed, extremely tired and lonely, with rare glimpses of her son s beauty I think a lot of her issues stem from the self acknowledged substance abuse problems of the past and losing her father some years earlier though, not from having a baby on her own All in all, I would much rather read a positive, upbeat book written by somebody who is capable of maintaining self discipline and organizing their lives than an author who aims at being brutally honest but really sounds like another common wreck of a person. Oh how I wish I had read this book when my children were babies Then perhaps I would have realized I was not alone in finding new motherhood so hard while loving my children so unbearably much Annie Lamott just nails it. Even if you have never been a parent, your kids have grown up, read this for the sheer pleasure of it. I teach at Creighton University, and so like most instructors was appalled when Lamott was disinvited, but neverthan after I read this book It s been a long time since I ve laughed out loud while reading a book, and longer since a book has provoked guffaws seriously, hearty laughter AND reflection, revelation, and grief Honest is a perfect word to describe this book, which bravely I think puts out there the concept that being a mother isn t always being 100% in love with your child, that it isn t always the most wildly blissful experience, that sometimes mothers do wish they could make their babies disappear And yet, there is such tenderness in the way she begs repeatedly of God to let her son outlive her using an image that s always killed me baby turtles just born, struggling across the beach to the water, picked off one by one by circling birds This is a woman who runs straight at the truth in her prose, and as a reader I often felt the impact resonate through me I m not a mother, and I don t know about the whole God thing, but wow, did this book arrest my movement through life and give me some things to think about. This is the best parenting book ever Right when you feel like you have hit the wall, Anne Lammott makes it OK to feel all the frustrations and pain as well as the awe and overwhelming love for your little offspring When my second child refused to sleepthan 2 hours at a time for 3, count em, 3 months while I was working full timeI bought every book about getting your child to sleep that I could find I finally called in sick, sent my kid to day care, and read this entire book in one day between naps I had already read it with my first baby, but I felt so restored that I had the strength to facesleepless nights Just another reminder that laughing helps everything.

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