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NYX: Wannabe (collects NYX #1-7) Kiden Nixon is a troubled high school girl, whose life is compounded when she discovers her latent mutant ability to slow time She teams up with were girl Tatiana, astral projecting Bobby, her former teacher Cameron, and an unnamed former child prostitute who will become known as X 23 in order to protect each other on the streets.This felt very real in a way that, say, Spider Man s teenage origin definitely did not feel It was violent, disturbing, and sad I m sure a huge number of kids deal with these kinds of events every day trouble staying in school, trouble with parents, trouble with bullies, trouble with gangs though without the added complication of mutant powers cropping up As the description says, this is what happens to teen mutants when they don t have Charles Xavier to guide them, and it s a hard life I liked Nyx from Kiden s last name and also District X in New York and the overall story, but the plot was thin and the conclusion was unclear.I checked this one out to see the first comics appearance of X 23 She seems to be popular, but I know virtually nothing about other than she is a female clone of Wolverine and has a different set of claws I discovered that she originated in X Men Evolution, which I m guessing doesn t cover her background of child prostitution She s a fairly minor character here, so I think I ll need to press on to find a better example of her. The X Men S Dream Has Been One Of Creating Hope From Despair In A Young Mutant S Darkest Hour Charles Xavier Will Always Be Just Around The Corner, Ready With Open Arms And A Helping Hand But Xavier Can T Be Everywhere At Once What Becomes Of A Group Of Young Mutants That Have To Rely On Themselves For Everything I didn t find this one to be as horrible as I thought it would be I mean ok, the art was so inconsistent, the storytelling was haphazard to the point of confusion, and the characters were really very one dimensional BUT I thought there was a lot of potential with the story The characters would have beencompelling with a better development, but the ideas were fresh and exciting Kiden acting out fights, drugs, stealing cigarettes, running away and lashing out at her mother all seem overdramatic, but I don t actually think it s all that unrealistic In the tough neighborhood she s from with the childhood trauma of seeing her father murdered as well as her probably continually weakening single mother s grasp on controlling both her own and her children s sad lives, she s got some serious issues There are teens living this life daily even without the trauma life just sucks sometimes As much as I wanted to hate her character for just ruining everything, at the end of the day she s just a kid, and kids make mistakes Though it has an adult rating, I find the ages of all the characters generally necessary for a compelling storyline minus X 23 who I thought is pretty useless. which is a bummer because she s the only reason I read this thing I did notice some stupid points, or maybe I wasn t quite following correctly Is Cameron s husband who left her s name Sam Or Frank What s up with Kiden s friend from high school Is she just nobody Can t X 23 just kill everybody Why does she have to be a teenage prostitute Is the mutant hate SO strong in NY that a mutant like Tatiana who changes into an animal mid class is worth chasing down the streets Wouldn t fear come before anger when it comes to the unknown So much potential Unfortunately a pretty meek performance on the creators part. A group of young mutants come together outside of the mainstream mutants A wonderfully drawn and dark edged look at the underbelly of life for some mutants. and the first ever, and highly commanding, first appearance of X 23 An easy 9 out of 1 from me Nyx Wannabe is a wannabe edgy comic In the hands of DC s Vertigo line or even Dark Horse, this one may have been interesting But with Marvel it just falls flat in all phases Had they known X 23 would become such a fan favorite, they might have treated her better Well maybe not, this is Marvel. G rd m en iyi renklendirme paletine sahip izgi romand Konusu da x men ve tabii ki kad n kahramanlar zaten okunas benim i in. NYX Wannabe is kind of a mess The story is jumbled in a way that I think is supposed to be realistic and edgy, but it just ends up being confusing and underdeveloped For example, I have absolutely no idea what Felon s mutant abilty is He can possess people But his physical body comes along , and the scene that introduces him makes no sense at all He raped a pop star Or killed her Isn t he supposed to be reformed at that point I kind of liked the series, anyway.Josh Middleton s art on the first four issues is sweet candy gorgeous and packed with nice character bits in spite of a couple weird crotch shots of the 16 year old heroines that are completely gratutious and ridiculous Then Rob Teranishi takes over for the last three issues There s a lot to like about his energetic indie style, but his layouts don t help clarify the already confusing narrative, and the four main female characters often end up looking like the same person with several slightly different hairstyles.So why did I like it The set up in the first couple issues is pretty effective I LIKED Kiden, who is troubled and tough and refreshingly not usually the smartest girl in the room The supporting cast is interesting, too, even though none of them seem to really serve any purpose, plot wise I can t recommend it, and aside from the fact that it technically introduces X 23 as a very different type of character than she will soon become , it s a completely disposable Marvel footnote Still, intriguingly offbeat, and I d like to see these kids again. The things I read for X 23.This wasboring.And Laura was just there.And I felt like sleeping on my feet. Mehrere Rezensenten auch in andere Foren haben in ihren Besprechungen den Begriff der Exploitation angef hrt und darauf hingewiesen, dass es Panels mit Darstellungen junger M dchen gebe, die sp rlich bekleidet seien skandal ser Weise k nne man sogar einige Male ihren Slip sehen Aufgrund der Vorw rfe, das muss ich zugeben, habe ich gez gert, mir NYX WANNABE zu bestellen.Ich bin froh, dass ich es trotzdem gelesen habe, und r ckblickend finde ich es interessant, dass derartige Beanstandungen tats chlich in einigen F llen offenbar zur Herabstufung der Bewertung gef hrt haben Eine hnliche Diskussion gab es in den 50er Jahren anl sslich des Erscheinens der LOLITA in Amerika aktuell wird gerade eine Ausstellung von Balthus gecancelt, weil dort Fotos sp rlich bekleideter junger Damen zur Schau gestellt werden.Die Frage, die sich hier aufwirft, ist also die, wo die Grenzen der Kunst liegen und ob die Grenzen der Schicklichkeit oder des guten Geschmacks von Middleton in WANNABE berschritten wurden.Dazu ein erster Einschub Joshua Middleton ist Tr ger eines Eisner Awards, seine Panels sind fraglos als Comic ART letzterer Wortbestandteil bewusst gro geschrieben einzustufen, es handelt sich also gewiss nicht um schmierige Kritzeleien.Beim Lesen des Bandes fiel es mir zugegebenerma en nicht leicht, die partielle Aufregung zu verstehen, die manche Bilder bei tugendhaften Betrachtern verursacht haben Es stimmt, dass die 16 j hrige Kiden auf einem Bild zu sehen ist, wie sie nach berauschter Nacht halb zugedeckt in ihrem Bett liegt, die Bettdecke halb auf den Boden geruschelt Und man sieht ihren Slip Hier wurde nicht beanstandet, dass sie zuvor Drogen genommen hat, sondern dass ihr H schen zu sehen ist Dass eine derartige Darstellung in jedem zweiten Hollywoodfilm zu finden ist, scheint irrelevant Vielleicht h tte uns Middleton glauben machen sollen, Kidden schliefe im Pyjama Das w rde zwar so berhaupt nicht zu ihr passen, aber das ein oder andere empfindsame Gem t ruhiger schlafen lassen.Mancher war auch berrascht, dass X 23 st ndig in Fishnet Stockings und mit Corsage dargestellt wird Aber WANNABE thematisiert die Au enseiterrolle der jungen Mutanten, die eben keine Zuflucht in Xaviers Mutatenschule finden, sondern sich durchs Leben schlagen m ssen Das ist, wie die in dem Buch geschilderten Lebensl ufe der M dchen zeigen, nicht immer einfach, und X 23 verbringt einen Teil ihrer Jugend auf dem Strich, eben in jener beanstandeten Berufsbekleidung Sweater und Jeans w ren eine Konzession an die Pr derie gewiesen, h tten aber wiederum nicht zu einer glaubw rdigen Darstellung beigetragen.Dient WANNABE Lesern als Vorlage f r T tigkeiten, die aus Gr nden des Anstandes nicht beim Namen zu nennen sind Das m ssten arme Individuen sein, ich glaube hoffe nicht Macht WANNABE aus den Lesern P dophile oder P derasten Diese Frage kann nicht ernst gemeint sein Anders gefragt w rden sich P dophile genau dieses Comic aussuchen, um ihre Gel ste zu befriedigen Sorry, aber da ist jede dritte Werbeanzeige ergiebiger.In einer Gesellschaft zu leben, in der Rock n Roll Texte, Filme oder Comics einer scharfen Zensur unterliegen, w rde ich mir nicht w nschen Und WANNABE berschreitet keine Grenze, die zu berschreiten moralisch, geschweige den strafrechtlich, zu beanstanden w re Die Sorgen, die ich mir um das Wohlergehen meiner Kinder mache, sind andere, aber das geh rt hier nicht hin.Meine Bewertung WANNABE ist ein genauso gut gezeichneter wie erz hlter und spannender Comic, der gerade indem er die Schwierigkeiten und Leiden der jungen Mutantinnen schildert, sehr lesenswert ist Wer gerne Begriffe wie EXPLOITATION in den Mund nimmt, m ge sich ein x beliebiges Cover der X Men oder der Avengers anschauen oder eines anderen Magazins mit weiblichen Protagonistinnen Wie sehen die Kost me der Superheldinnen aus Ein gewisses Mass an Exploitation ist genre immanent, egal, wie man dazu steht Die m nnlichen Superhelden sind ja auch alle gut gebaut und zeigen das gerne her Interessant w re die Frage, wie gro die Akzeptanz in der Comicgemeinde f r einen Zeichner w re, der m ig aussehende Durchschnittstypen zu seinen Helden macht Im Indie Bereich vorstellbar, bei Marvel oder DC wohl eher nicht.

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