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The Resurrection of Hannah Samantha Clark Is Fast Approaching A Crossroads In Her Life, She Just Doesn T Know It Yet In Her Late Thirties, Single, And Caught Up In The Hustle Of Everyday Life, She Is Disenchanted With Her Predictable Lifestyle As A Psychotherapist On The West Coast Of Florida Sammi Begins To Experience Troubling Physical Symptoms And Turns To Alternative Medicine In Her Quest For Answers Through Experimentation And Curiosity, Startling Events Begin To Unfold, Revealing A Dream World Where She Becomes Transfixed By An Overpowering Spiritual Connection This Unlikely Teacher Shows Sammi How To Move Beyond Her Physical Self, To Be Open To Other Levels Of Existence, To Break Free From The Emotional Bonds That Hold Her BackAs An Exciting Relationship Blossoms In Her Present Life, Sammi Stumbles Upon A Centuries Old Past, Forcing Her To Examine Personal Beliefs As She Struggles To Stay Adrift In Both Worlds Held Spellbound By Her Extraordinary History, She Retraces Her Past Life, Discovering That It Holds The Key To Her Current Dilemmas She Soon Becomes Entangled In A Mysterious Murder From Which There Is No Turning Back Sammi Must Now Solve The Crime In Order To Cut The Cord That Binds Her To A Long Ago Past, Freeing Her At Last To Live Fully In The Present

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    The story begins with the building up of the main character, Samantha Clark, her friends, her loves and her emotions at almost reaching 40 and being a private Psychotherapist for so long she now wants from her life Samantha also attends monthly group meetings which delve into spirituality, dreams, outer body experiences, meditations and the like w

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    The Resurrection of Hannah starts with a death and a birth.Sammi then recounts the events of the past year when her past life caught up with her present one.Sammi slowly remembers her past life as Hannah and with the help of Jonathan Hannah s intended she learns how to learn from the past and move on in the present.This was the most amazing read I found myse

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    Serendipity was in play when I met Kathryne Arnold on a cruise ship in the Caribbean a few years ago Afterward, she sent me a manuscript copy of The Resurrection of Hannah, and I soon realized this was the work of a dedicated, talented new writer, one who would go far in her career and offer many hours of enjoyable reading to the fans she would surely garner The Resur

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    I won the book, The Resurrection of Hannah by Kathryne Arnold I was pleasantly surprised on how much i enjoyed this book It s a sweet story Kathryne brings her characters to life so vividly If you believe or had doubts about reincarnation, this story is just up your alley The tale centers around the main character, Samantha Sammi Clark and her circle of friends and family Sammi

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    I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This story combines so many aspects that there is no way a person could not find it interesting In the beginning we get teased with a story of reincarnation Whether you know that s what you re reading at the time or not, it becomes much cl

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    As I started this book, my first thought was that it reminded me of the Celestine Prophecy, which is one of my favorite books I had that same feeling that I was going to learn and experience something important and I think I did Most of the true exposition about the metaphysical happens in the first half of the book It s intelligent and respectful, while still having the story start to gather behi

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    This was one of those books that left me wondering if the other reviewers and I had read the same book This one was just not good at all in my opinion I found the writing to be amateurish, the dialogue to be stiff and awkward and the characters to be pretentious and self righteous The story line about reincarnation just left me wishing the thing was done and I could quit reading Others have obviously seen s

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads I really enjoyed reading this book The way it is written you get to experience everything though the main character in detail and makes the whole story believable Thank you, Kathryne Arnold for allowing your book to be given away on Goodreads and thank you for the personal autograph.

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    This first time writer has inspired me to write my own novel Her heart is as big as this amazing story I really enjoyed the metaphysical content, such an amazing spin on the modern day love mystery story.

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    What a totally cool book, which I would recommend to readers that enjoy mysteries, historical fiction and metaphysical subjects It was both a fun read, yet serious in its content, which I found very hard to put down and loved it to the end.Jan Maschek SkibickiClearwater, FL

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