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Insurgent All right Start it up We Will Rock You style, now Clap, clap, stomp Clap, clap, stomp Clap, clap, stomp Clap, clap, stomp.We are, we are DAUNTLESSWe are, we are DAUNTLESSBeatrice, Now called Tris, Made a big changePlaying on the trains, She became a Dauntless one dayShe s got mud on her faceA parental disgraceNow she ll be kickin your ass all over the placeSingin We are, we are DIVERGENTWe are, we are DIVERGENTTobias is a Dauntless, DivergentShoutin to them all, We can take on the world todayErudite got blood on their faceWe ll put them in their placeInto the past, out of our Fear LandscapesSingin We are, we are INSURGENTWe are, we are INSURGENTCome on We are, we are INSURGENTWe are, we are INSURGENT The Rundown Okay, I m sorry but I am NOT going to give you a summary of this book I knew nothing going in and I loved it that way Everything was a surprise and I think maybe that s how it should be Plus, you know you want to read it anyway.And if you haven t read Divergent yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Shoo Go read it NOW The Plot and World Building This world in Insurgent is darker and evenexciting than Divergent Each chapter raises the stakes until you re all in The characters in this book are so muchalive than in any other book I ve read recently They have such fascinating layers and depth that I feel I could never uncover all he secrets they hold Luckily, Veronica Roth is amazing at helping us do just that The characters are masterfully unraveled before our very eyes Insights unlocked that I d have never seen coming.The same goes for the storyline There are things happening in this book that I wouldn t have once guessed And I consider myself pretty adept at figuring out storylines Every new plot twist is a welcome surprise Every new bit of info is an exciting reveal.I was very pleasantly surprised that the romance storyline DID NOT overwhelm the majority of the plot This was a book about society and about war and about dealing with everything that comes with both of those That s what dystopian fiction is supposed to be about.The plot expands greatly upon what we know about the society and it s background, which in the first was mostly nil I was thrilled with the way the information was revealed and what it means for the future of the series The Characters Tris really FEELS the emotions brought on by the deaths that she believes herself to be responsible for, even when she had no other choice In fact, she feels her feelings almost too much A lot like the way people really do in even less dire real life situations She s just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary situation At least, that s how she sees herself She doesn t at all realize how strong and extraordinary she really is.As much as I love Katniss from The Hunger Games, I never really felt her inner turmoil the way I do with Tris My stomach clenches when I think of what she s gone through so far If I think about it too much, I ll get nauseous.On another note, I have a tiny gripe about the passages involving Four s looks, like this oneSome girls might focus on the way his ears stick out, or the way his nose hooks at the endPlus, many other little ones about his spindly long fingers and gaunt face.Wow, move over Fabio Lemme at him GOOD LORD, this woman really does not want us to find Ol Toby attractive, does she I appreciate that he isn t your typical hero type, because let s face it not every guy has long blonde waves and gleaming teeth But not every girl finds that kind of guy attractive either It doesn t have to be one or the other I would like a bit sexier description of him from time to time You know, something that doesn t make it sound as though he looks like Beetlejuice.For example, most people wouldn t call Edward Scissorhands himself a classically handsome man If you tried to, you could make some of Johnny Depp s characters sound pretty hideous in a text description, but he somehow manages to transcend the gloomy and unique nature of those characters and bring them to life in a way that makes them sexy and intriguing I just would like a little something like that in the description of Four in the future The Romance First off, yes, I still call him Four Tris switches off between calling him Four and Tobias in the book Lately, I ve found myself calling him Tobias in my head but when I write it, it usually ends up being Four I mean, that s what he was called throughout almost the entire first novel but the name Tobias is starting to grow on me.To be honest, I was afraid that Tris and Four s relationship would go down the cookie cutter route I couldn t bethrilled with the direction their romance has taken They have real issues that they work through There is no angst purely for the sake angst It s all based on their present and past situations If you re looking for a lovey dovey, pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows kind of relationship, then sorry but you won t find that here Sorry to burst your cotton candy bubble gum bubble And yes, I know I m evil sly grin There s angst and arguing but NO love triangle with the main character At least not one that was discernible to me If there was one, it was a ninja assassin love triangle The Verdict LOVE, LOVE, LOVE I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series Insurgent was an incredibly delicious, exciting, and emotional read But mostly, it just flat out made an impact on me.The other night I was watching Merlin, which has newly been added to my list of all time favorite TV shows, and there was one particular moment where a character shows a redonkulous amount of bravery in a certain heartbreaking scene which cannot be named, and I literally thought to myself That s so Dauntless That s the power of the world that Veronica Roth has created When a story becomes part of pop culture, when it is so unique and recognizable that it can be spoofed or merchandised, and when it s terminology works its way into your everyday life that s when you see the true power of literature I believe that this is one of those stories.Oh and by the way, I want a T Shirt with the Dauntless faction symbol, so someone get started on that ASAP snap, snap The winner of the Divergent and Insurgent PRIZE PACK has been announced on STRANGEMORE.COM Check the Rafflecopter Widget to see the name of the winner FINALLY the book is out After months of waiting, I managed to snag this book on the day of its release and thank goodness for that Warning There will be no spoilers of Insurgent, only of Divergent After having not been immersed in the Divergent world since the first book came out last year, I had qualms about diving headfirst into Insurgent without refreshing myself with the basic events that happened prior to the start of this novel However, having neither the time nor the care for rereading a book with this enticing, new, fresh book lying in front of me, I decided to be a Dauntless and take the risk small risk, but hey, it s the thought that counts.My first thought That rereading Divergent would have been unnecessary in the fact that Insurgent picked up right where Divergent left off and had enough continuity to it that I slowly but surely picked up all the dormant pieces of information that I needed to know for this book The action picks up right away, and my worries for this book, the middle book of this trilogy, were completely blown away with the events that happen Oftentimes the second book of a trilogy slows down and loses some, if not a lot, of the pacing of the first book, only for the climax and the denouement to pick up drastically in the finale Insurgent, however, did not disappoint me in that way.I loved so many things from this novel, many of which I will point out below STRONG FEMALE LEAD Tris is a kickass sort of person, and there s no denying that truth Not only is she Divergent, but she s also a particularly strong type of Divergent, which we had all the clues for in Divergent but were not pronounced clearly until now She is inherently strong, but she isn t invulnerable she shows weakness when we expect her to, just like any human and regardless of her Dauntless faction She s strong, but she s not overly ambitious, unlike Jeanine and other people who will rise up to power and take advantage of the chaos What sets her apart from others is that she has all the capabilities of a leader, yet she shows enough humbleness and humility to know when to step down I was feeling iffy about the polarization of characteristics between the different factions, but Tris s multiple affinities make herwell rounded andadmirable for what she chooses to do instead of what she can do with the capabilities she has.FOCUS OF THE NOVEL Come on, I didn t read Insurgent for its romance It s obviously a perk, of course, but the romance between Tobias and Tris isn t the main focus of the novel, not at all The conspiracies, the conspiracies within the conspiracies, and the struggle between choosing what feels right and what logically is right is oftentimes employed here that makes you want to read further and further to see who s really the good guy And then somewhere along the way, you realize that the good guy may not be the nicest guy I think Roth aptly puts this to justice when she writes And while he has done cruel, evil things, our society is not divided into good and bad Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind The multilayers to every action and every character makes you stop and think of the macro events, which is what I believe books should truly be about.REALISTIC OUTCOMES AND PLOT DEVICES THAT MAKE YOU WIDE EYED FOR MORE Stemming from what I said earlier about events that occur in this book, I just want to say that Roth really does know how to set her pacing for the trilogy well Just reading the revelations that each page brings shows the careful thought and planning that was placed into the creation of the Divergent world People you thought you could trust to be on the good side suddenly aren t so clear any everyone falls into some gray, fuzzy area on where their loyalties lie The aptness of the adage the road to hell is often paved with good intentions fits in with this world, and many people think that the end justifies the means of their actions This strikes out to me not only for the complexity it brings to the series, but also the reality of the situation that no matter how much you re a part of Abnegation, in the end human instincts demand that you take a look at the grand scheme of things and figure out how you re going to survive It s not necessarily saying that people are inherently bad or good, it s just that everyone takes action for their own survival, and that ultimately pits people against each other, both realistic and true Who you trust ends up affecting what actions you take, and quoted from Roth People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them Roth doesn t hesitate to pull out all the stops with layers upon layers of events that make Tris change her mind about which course of action to take countless times It s the sort of thing that makes your brain freak with the constant flow of new information while it simultaneously processes what it just learned.CHARACTERS nuff said You don t find multifaceted characters easily, and every single one of these characters has something to contribute to the Divergent world as a whole Remember, it s a society where things were always a specific way when a huge wave of reform is about to strike violently at you It s a time of strife and war, something that most of us in first world countries can t comprehend on a personal level I quote an example from Isabel Allende here Once my daughter said to me that feminism was dated, that I should move on Feminism is dated Yes, for privileged women like my daughter, but not for most of our sisters in the rest of the world who are still forced into premature marriage, prostitution, forced labor In such a setting, chaos is everywhere, and I can t stress how good it was reading about the diversity of people who, at the end of the day, all wanted to just survive ENDING I would be cautious of reading Insurgent if I were you The ending was the most terrible, horrible, jaw dropping cliffhanger that I ve read in a while We don t even have a specific date to look forward for the third book, either I can t well, yes I can, but you understand my shock believe that Roth would put us through such misery of revealing such a huge closely guarded secret, the truth of all truths to Divergent, and then end it right when chaos breaks out Such a tease, and such a brilliant move That ll keep us fans holding on for sure.Would I recommend this book Heck yes, without a single doubt It s got action, suspense, adventure, mystery, and romance packed into it, and it was both cleverly and well executed I couldn t ask forof a novel, and I sincerely thank Roth for sharing it with us.The pre review I had posted that gathered all the likes to this review WHO REVIEWED IT ALREADY I m tempted to give death glares to any that did because at this point giving it a rating is just petty hate mail Judging by the average rating for the first book and the FACT THAT THE SECOND BOOK ISN T EVEN OUT FOR ARCs YET, there should be no ratings How can you rate a book based on what you re anticipating it to be What it s rated now is by no means true, since we don t even know what the book is about The size of my disappointment probably has something to do with why I can t bring myself to award this two stars I know Divergent isn t really a great book, the dystopia makes no sense, the Dauntless are ridiculous people who jump off trains to prove themselves but, for me, it was still a wildly entertaining read It was fast paced, full of action, Tris was delightfully kickass, and the romance between her and Four complemented the main story without overtaking it Insurgent failed on all of those.Normally, I might put it down to middle book syndrome and carry on with book three anyway, but not this time Even though no time passes between the end of the first book and the start of this one, Tris and Tobias Four feel like completely different characters and this is an inconsistency I can t forgive Whatever happened to tough Tris who made difficult decisions and put survival above all else She has disappeared and in her place is a heroine quite like the majority of other young adult romantic heroines Tris is now solely concerned with Tobias and their relationship angst, I lost count of how many pages were filled with their make out sessions and melodrama.Tobias also seems to have changed a lotthan his name I really liked his character in Divergent, I found him to be sweet, kind and a little mysterious indeed, in this book he was the only mystery However, he has been replaced by someone who is aggressive, always frowning and frequently yells at Tris He used to be so cool, even in a crisis so what the hell happened I couldn t even begin to believe in a story where the characters had changed so dramatically without logical reason.Plus, there s also the whopping great fact that nothing actually happens Okay, so let me be honest, I read the first 300 pages and then I skim read the rest So I suppose that it s entirely possible that I missed something really good, it couldn t have saved the novel for me anyway, but I m just saying that it is possible In those first 300 pages, though, nothing happens People sit around talking about their problems and what they should do, Tris repeatedly remembers her parents I know she s upset, but can t we move on to the current drama , Tris thinks about Tobias, obsesses about Tobias, worries about Tobias, tries to solve the mystery that is TobiasBasically, the first 100 pages go something like Tris and Tobias make out Tris thinks about where they should go from here Tris and Tobias make out Tris and Tobias talk about where they should go from here Tris and Tobias make out Tris thinks about her parents deaths Tris and Tobias make outI honestly don t care about their relationship Maybe I did when I liked their characters, but now I don t even recognise them It s not even that I doubt Roth has some brilliant ending planned for the third book, it sthat I no longer give a single damn about Tris or Tobias I didn t even care enough to read this book properly and find out what happens at the end I think it s clear that this series just died out for me. Well, I definitely like the title Divergent better than Insurgent Sounds a bit like Insurance.Wow, eight likes Maybe people have had some bad experience with insurance Dunno.TEN LIKES..O.O O.O O.O I love that face There are so many different combinations XDEleven Whoa O.O I don t understand this My review isn t at the top of the review page, is it It s very cool, though D Thanks, everyone.Oh my word Fourteen likeso.o O.O O.O228 DAYS I think 219 DAYS,5278 HOURS,316728 MINUTES, AND ABOUT19003700 SECONDS UNTILINSURGENT, THE BOOK WITH THE WACKY TITLE.217 days5223 hours313427 minutes18805657 secondsI don t know how I m going to SURVIVE when if Tris meets up with Christina and Christina FINDS OUT TRIS KILLED WILL WAHHHHH D X Christina and Will were PERFECT PERFECTPURFECTPAIRFECT Ahaha, pairfect Oh sobs PAIRFECT I think I m going to reread Divergent I can t wait 212days.211 days.210 days, 5055 hours, 303346 minutes, and about 18200800 seconds.HOORAY DIVERGENT CAME I can reread itI ve forgotten how gripping it is o.o It s like.wow Wow WOW.AwwTris and Four are so cute together Hey, am I reviewing Insurgent or Divergent Better cut down on the Divergent snippets Of course, properly I shouldn t even be reviewing Insurgent I mean it s not out yet My main cause of dismay books that are not out yet Go figure 199 days 189 days4536 hours272190 minutes, and about 16331455 seconds Andsoin agony I m probably the most agonized person waiting for Insurgent Insurance AGH AGH, AGH, AGH.Back to rereading Harry Potter 167 days5277 now O.OMy countdown clock is acting up.AAAH ONLY 131 DAYS It s a palindrome, oh yeah I don t like this cover as much as Divergent s, but it s still cool I dunno, Divergent just had a little somethingto it It wasstriking, in my opinion 55 days, 1,330 hours, 79,851 minutes and about 4,791,064 seconds until you know what FOOOORRRRRTY TWO DAYS AAH I JUST FOUND OUT THE RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN BUMPED UP Just kidding April Fool s D AAAAHH AAH AAH IT S OUT Only there are thirty four darn holds on it at the library I have to wait, like, for ages sobs UPDATE READ Oh, my gosh.it was.how do I even begin to review this book It was, first of all, awesome I am so thankful that Roth didn t install a love triangle I hate those But all of the hopes I had for Will still being alive were crushed The cover has the tree symbolizing Amity on it, and for pretty good reason Tris, for reasons which you will have to read yourself, spends a good deal of time in the Amity headquarters compound complex , and you got to know their faction better The leadership system is quite interesting they don t really have one I actually think being Amity wouldn t be too bad view spoiler Except not the fact that they put drugs or whatever in their bread hide spoiler People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secretsUmm, no honey You re thinking of something else Of the three books, this book is the long neglected and likely disturbed middle child Not as fun as the first nor as smart as the third Doesn t contribute or stand out Essentially, it s just there, staring at us and wanting us to notice it The plot Tris Co are betrayed, run to a new faction, cue long description of new faction faction life, Tris Co are betrayedrun to new factionetc Literally, the whole book is Tris running around of the Divergent world It s like Veronica spent too much time designing these factions and didn t want the effort to go to wastehence we get the grand tour Well, I shouldn t say that s all we getwe also get gems like thisKilling you is not the worst thing they can do to you, I say Controlling you isYou could completely skip this novel and not miss a thing for the third Oh wait They do use the classic government knew of everything and manipulated every possible thing to get this exact outcome Lovely.My favorite part When Veronica Roth assumed we were too stupid to understand the title Insurgent, he says Noun A person who acts in opposition to the established authority, who is not necessarily regarded as a belligerent. Mind Freaking. Blown Blog Instagram Twitter Uh oh Why did I break my promise to myself and read this book Was it my curiosity Well, I need to becareful After all, curiosity killed the cat and I m a Leo Uh oh Now I m afraid that this book may have made me use up a few of my allotted nine lives OO Welcome back to the senseless world of dystopian Chicago where you are only allowed to have one personality trait, which apparently is determined in what seems to be an equivalent of a 5 question multiple choice test And this ridiculousness is presented very seriously Let s catch up, shall we If you happen to give your seat on a bus to an old lady well, you must be selfless Welcome to Abnegation where you can enjoy shapeless clothes and bland food.If you have ever wondered how stuff works and dared to ask a smart question welcome to the EEEEvil Educated Erudites Exclusive Establishment A set of complementary spectacles and a seat at the library are waiting for you You frown upon lying Welcome to candid life of Candor Enjoy your lie detector tests Now there s only one answer you can give to the eternal question,Does this make me look fatand punched in the face you will be, no doubt You are a tree hugging or people hugging hippie Amity, nuff said You are a near suicidal borderline sociopath who loves jumping off moving trains and beat the crap out of people Heh heh You must be Brainless Dauntless Enjoy your youth because you ll die young and in true Darwin Awards fashion.But what if you happen to be a normal person withthan one personality trait What if you are a tree hugging gardening loving hippie who helps old ladies cross the street while being able to truthfully recite 34 decimal digits of piHIGH ALERT YOU ARE DIVERGENT THE HORROR YOU ARE SOMEHOW SPECIAL DANGER TO THE SOCIETY RUN AND HIDE This how we left things in Divergent that for all its flaws was quite entertaining Now we re moving on to Insurgent where ridiculous overpowers the fun amidst nothing happening.We start with our lovely heroine Tris, recently tortured and shot in the shoulder after which she lost quite a bit of blood right away easily jumping off trains and running around like the invincible little special snowflake she is When she s not defying basic laws of human physiology, she moons over her boyfriend Tobias, and tries to pull the traditional YA self sacrificing for the sake of the loved one clich.Peripheral characters die left and right in this book but Tris is not even slowed down by serious physical injuries It s like she s Superman s long lost cousin And how exactly is she so badass Is it her extensive Dauntless training I beg to differ.After a few weeks of haphazard training in the Dauntless compound the training that appeared to consist of teenagers pummeling each other into pulp, shooting guns and throwing knives without any real instructions, jumping from moving trains, and never actually having time to recover from physical injuries, and playing Capture the FlagTris is, of course, a highly trained physical menace If that s what makes you so super fit in this dystopian world, the rest of them must be so deconditioned they fall over from just walking Dauntless training Left what we are expected to believe it is Right what it probably looked like the entire time.Seriously, all the training happened in the previous book This one really presents Tris as an accomplished badass again, after a month or so of physical training Really, book Tobias, apparently less than impressed with Tris s special snowflake ness, spends the majority of this book pouting at her, yelling at her, being bossy, patronizing, dismissive, and full of double standards In the meantime, Tris spends quite a bit of time swooning over him, while Nataliya spends quite a bit of time perfecting the eye rolling exercisesmy version of Dauntless workouts, using eye muscles onlyAnd here s the worst thing in many many many many pages of this book not much of significance ever happens Seriously.The rest of the story the parts not about Tobias and Tris relationship consists of contrived yet repetitive situations in this ridiculously constructed world that is completely unsustainable the way it s presented that read like a 12 year old wrote them Go to a new compound, meet stupid and selfish evil plotting weak leaders, engage in a confrontation with the Erudites, meet those prejudiced against you, watch a peripheral character die, do something noble, do something reckless, do something selfless, rinse, repeat, pass Go , collect some angst points.Most side characters are so under developed and one sided that the idea of the world where people are okay with being defined only by a single quality almost begins to make sense except I think it s less deliberate planning than poor characterization Add to this the fact that not much actually happens in this book to meaningfully advance the plot in any way and you see how this can get juuuuust a bit frustrating And the much talked about ending I found it a ridiculous and b quite predictable I called it not that far into the book, thinking about the only possible way a world so illogical as this one would ever come into beingand, in all honesty, I watched enough of M Night Shyamalan s films to jump to the conclusion that is the Big Reveal Call me nerdy Well, yeah. Hey, but at least we get a mention of prefrontal cortex and mirror neurons in the context of pseudo science of the Erudites here Neuroscience Made Ridiculously Simple, huh If things like that are what makes the Erudite seem smart, this world is screwed.By the way What did smart people ever do to Veronica Roth Erudite Evil gets annoying rather quickly Why is it that it s the brave who are awesome and all the other qualities appear vastly inferior Is it because Gryffindor in Harry Potter another universe that sorted kids by their one defining character trait housed the brave Is it because bespectacled kids the stereotypical smart seem like easy targets on the playground C mon, Veronica Roth, smart kids are cool, oh kay Cool smart people See I m not kidding.Anyway, 2 stars I feel generous since I had so much fun looking for all the Big Bang Theory images for this review I still may read the third one because apparently I enjoy torturing myself with eyeroll worthy books By the way, my review of Divergent is right over here.And my review of the final book in the series, Allegiant , is here. 4.5 starsWhen I first read Divergent, I was awed I loved it and I really enjoyed it However there was this small part of me that just cannot acknowledge that this series could be, like most reviews had said, leveled with The Hunger Games I don t know, there was something I need to see or feel for me to be completely convinced that it is worth comparing to THG or say that it could be as great as THG And well, great job Veronica Roth, because Insurgent just had me convinced that this series is indeed f cking AH MA ZING I was floored I can certainly say now that this series could be leveled with not just THG but other really great dystopian novels as well I was so happy this sequel didn t become a filler book, or that it didn t suffer on the second book syndrome in which most second novels in a trilogy tend to be I was surprised to realized that throughout the book there were so many things that actually happened, so many discoveries and things learned I thoroughly enjoyed the parts where we get a look on each faction It was fascinating and interesting to see how they work and learn their beliefs and principles and ways of living I saw the good and the bad in each of them, their issues and flaws and realized how much their world were twisted seeing how it limited their people to have their own individuality With her grief over the loss of her parents and her guilt over Will s death, Tris went through an intense emotional roller coaster ride Her regrets and remorse from what had happened drove her to make thoughtless and careless decisions and actions Which made me ache for her but also drove me pretty crazy and frustrated me a bit It was understandable and believable though especially after all that had happened and obstacles they were still facing With all those emotional suffering she d been through she was still an amazing and admirable character, a really brave and strong willed heroine In the end she was able to find her way and realized the right things she has to do Tobias Four I saw a lot of different sides of him in this book His usual cold and aloof facade he wear most of the time was gone He showed a lot of emotions in this one and he d beenopen regarding his feelings I saw a frustrated Four, a vulnerable Four, a regretful Four but also a very loving and caring Four and boy did I fall in love all over again What I also loved so much in this book was how Tris and Tobias s relationship was handled It was very real, believable and mature I love that it showed how it was to have a relationship in a situation were too many obstacles, conflicts, emotional baggages were thrown It wasn t easy and it wasn t always beautiful But they were still able to overcome it The downside of it helped established their relationship into a much stronger andin depth one I was touched by them and I just so freaking loved them I found myself dumbfounded by the ending It was mind blowing and I was seriously surprised It wasn t really a brutal cliffhanger but it was a very good cliffhanger I wasn t expecting that and it made me so excited for the next book Overall, Insurgent was a very remarkable and impressive sequel Once you read it, you ll never have a doubt about his series I highly recommend it Book 3, hurry up This review is also posted at Book OverdoseTeaser He kisses me again,insistent this time, his hands squeezing my waist His breaths, his body, my body, we are so close there is no difference. One Choice Can Transform You Or It Can Destroy You But Every Choice Has Consequences, And As Unrest Surges In The Factions All Around Her, Tris Prior Must Continue Trying To Save Those She Loves And Herself While Grappling With Haunting Questions Of Grief And Forgiveness, Identity And Loyalty, Politics And LoveTris S Initiation Day Should Have Been Marked By Celebration And Victory With Her Chosen Faction Instead, The Day Ended With Unspeakable Horrors War Now Looms As Conflict Between The Factions And Their Ideologies Grows And In Times Of War, Sides Must Be Chosen, Secrets Will Emerge, And Choices Will Become Even Irrevocable And Even Powerful Transformed By Her Own Decisions But Also By Haunting Grief And Guilt, Radical New Discoveries, And Shifting Relationships, Tris Must Fully Embrace Her Divergence, Even If She Does Not Know What She May Lose By Doing So New York Times Bestselling Author Veronica Roth S Much Anticipated Second Book Of The Dystopian DIVERGENT Series Is Another Intoxicating Thrill Ride Of A Story, Rich With Hallmark Twists, Heartbreaks, Romance, And Powerful Insights About Human Nature I could not put this book down I kept saying to myself onechapter, with turned to 3 The flow of the book is amazing it is very easy to get lost in Tris world The story is very fast paced Even being a slow reader, I ended up finishing the book in less than one weekend and started the next book straight away.This deals with the fallout from the last book Tris has to deal with the trauma of being forced to kill one of her best friends That fact that it was self defence does not seem to make it any easier To this end she is incapable of carrying or firing a gun This makes her a liability in certain life and death situations Hiding her grief and guilt also puts a wedge between her and 4.4 himself must make peace his former life as Tobias A ghost of his past is resurrected with their own agenda If you read 4 the book you can probably guess who that is otherwise read this one and enjoy The factions themselves are in disarray Half the Abnegation are dead The Dauntless are split, by those that are pi ed with the Erudite and those who have decided to side with them the latter group are branded Dauntless tractors Both the Amity and Candor have managed to stay natural but they are reminded of their place in the pecking order by the Erudite There are many revelations in the book that keep coming till the last page , why the Erudite decided now was the time to attack, and what is their next move Also Tris and Tobias may need to make deals with different devils to do what they believe is right possible at the expense of their own relationship. 2.5 stars If you have been following my status updates for Insurgent, this gif will look very familiar to you That is because I have used it twice in a row I wanted to use it again, but that might have been overdoing it Sadly, I didn t enjoy Insurgent as much as I thought I would The first 100 pages were a total snore fest and I was literally vibrating my lips just like that, because that wasinteresting than what I was reading I already have concentration issues, and Insurgent didn t hold my attention for very long I really wanted to like this book I wanted to love it and marry it and have tiny literary babies with it I had high hopes Very high hopes Maybe too high I think it is safe to say that Insurgent was my most anticipated book for this year I needed this book, I was yearning for it And it left me sorely disappointed.Since I read Divergent only a couple months ago, I didn t have any trouble recalling who everyone was and what happened Nevertheless, I did read the summary Veronica Roth provided us with and it freshened up my memory I was good to go I actually liked the fact that there were no pages wasted recalling everything that had happened in the previous book That s typical for this series the speed No time wasted Just getting straight to the point And I liked it Lord knows this book was long enough as it was.Tris was not the badass girl we knew from last time Don t get me wrong, she had every right to be sad and less badass I completely understand I am a very empathetic person, you see nods She lost both of her parents and killed one of her best friends That s bound to leave permanent, emotional scars But she also turned into a whiny, Bella Swan like persona, constantly whimpering about her past actions the past is the past, Tris You can t change what happened and her relationship with Four And don t even get me started on Four Okay, you ve asked for it Four, or Tobias as dear Tris now so lovingly calls him, was not the brooding, sexy Four we knew from Divergent He was selfish a Dauntless trait , mean, judgmental and not likeable at all I was not able to swoon over him a girl needs to swoon and basically I just wanted to whip him with a belt oh yeah, I went there.There were too many unimportant characters I couldn t care less about and the villains were so easily dealt with that it was laughable As was the major cliffhanger Only not I saw the ending coming from miles away It did not make me gasp, nor did it make me beg forI won t have any trouble waiting for the third instalment, though I will read it, because I want to know how it ends I assume this is a trilogy I just hope Insurgent suffered from the Second Novel Curse and Detergent or however the third book will be called will be a lot better again.And Tobias, I m warning you You better not be a fucknuckle any, or you ll have to deal with my knuckles.

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