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Hellfire Another great Jack Tanner story A bit of a mix in this, the usual great action scenes, this time in North Africa against Rommel and a nice spy story A great series Jack Tanner is the Sharpe of World War II. James Holland really getting into his stride now By far the best of the series so far Exciting, and interesting A great mix of characters, story, historical detail and big battles The backdrop of the desert battles Against Rommel, interesting than the necessary scene setting retreat from Dunkirk From the previous books James Holland set out to write Sharpe for WWII Mission accomplished Jack Tanner S War Takes Him To The Treacherous Sands Of The North African DesertAugust, North Africa The Desert War Hangs In The Balance Although Their Retreat Has Finally Been Halted, Morale In The British Army Is At Rock Bottom When The Commander Of The Eighth Army, General Gott, Is Killed, It Seems That Foul Play Is At Work An Impenetrable Axis Spy Circuit Could Be Compromising Any Hope The Allies Have Of Stemming The Nazi Tide Jack Tanner, Recovering From Wounds In A Cairo Hospital, Is Astonished To Receive A Battlefield Commission Which Will Propel Him Into A Very Different World When He Returns To Action Fit Once , He Finds Himself Facing The Full Onslaught Of Rommel S Latest OffensiveIn Its Aftermath, Tanner And His Trusty Sidekick Sykes Are Recruited To Work Behind The Axis Lines In A Desperate Attempt To Take The Fight To The Nazis But The Murky World Of Subterfuge, Deceit And Murder They Find Themselves A Million Miles Away From The Certainties Of The Battlefield And Somehow They Must Discover Who They Can Trust In The Cat And Mouse World Of Counter Espionage Hellfire Sees Tanner Fighting His Way Through His Most Dangerous Adventure Yet One That Takes Him From The Dark Backstreets Of Cairo To The Open Mediterranean And Finally To One Of The Decisive Clashes Of The Entire War The Battle Of Alamein From The Trade Paperback Edition This is the forth book in the Jack Tanner series and I am really enjoying them Partly because the plots aren t bad with this one being by far the best so far but also James Holland him self As he writes he seems to become confident and that is why I say with out a doubt this is the best book so far.The story is deeper and darker with layers than just the war and the conflict needed to generate a story. HELLFIRE takes Jack Tanner out of his natural environment the battlefield and thrusts him into the murky and complicated word of the intelligence battle There s enemy agents, British operatives, double agents and a few good surprises mixed in around Tanner s involvement in the fateful battle at El Alamein James Holland s books get better and better Once again I find myself on the edge of my seat trying to get through page after page faster than my eyes can possibly read I had never expected James Holland to send Jack Tanner down the spy route in any way but the storyline flows perfectly into it Placing fiction into a historically very accurate background and making it all fit is never easy, yet James Holland does it seamlessly. This is the second Jack Tanner book I ve read Like Blood and Honour , it s an OK warry , but could be cut to half the length Hellfire has loads of padding that made me skip pages At 445 pages, the book was a decent read At 220 pages it would be a great read Reader s Digest where are you when we need you A well written story with an interesting plot I like how correct material has been mixed with fiction into a story that feels genuine but still adventurous Action filled parts and slower storybased parts go hand in hand which makes you want to continue reading to know what will happen. There are very few writers producing anything of note for WW2 fiction reader at present, there are certainly very few who are doing it this well Guy Saville and James Delingpole being the only notable exceptions As usual the books are well written with a pace that picks the reader up and carries you along with our heroes, the action is real and visceral, its written with a real passion for the subject and the characters But with all this it still contains that element of boys own adventure that readers of Commando, Victor and Battle would have come to love and expect from their war stories, Heroes can still be Heroes here without all the sordid parts of the real world crowing in, leaving it real but idealistic at the same time.Another excellent story from James HollandRecommended Parm Product Description from back of book August, 1942.North Africa The desert war hangs in the balance Although their retreat has finally been halted, morale in the British Army is at rock bottom When the commander of the Eighth Army, General Gott, is killed, it seems that foul play is at work An impenetrable Axis spy circuit could be compromising any hope the Allies have of stemming the Nazi tide.Jack Tanner, recovering from wounds in a Cairo hospital, is astonished to receive a battlefield commission which will propel him into a very different world when he returns to action Fit once , he finds himself facing the full onslaught of Rommel s latest offensive.In its aftermath, Tanner and his trusty sidekick Sykes are recruited to work behind the Axis lines in a desperate attempt to take the fight to the Nazis But the murky world of subterfuge, deceit and murder they find themselves in is a million miles away from the certainties of the battlefield and somehow they must discover who they can trust in the cat and mouse world of counter espionage. Fourth and biggest of the Jack Tanner series, this time its 1942 and we re heading toward the battle of Alamein After recovering in a Cairo hospital waiting to re join his battalion, Jack is seconded to British SIS, where he helps to uncover an Axis spy ring working in the city We re soon back in action as Jack and his buddies fight against Rommel in a gruelling battle.James Holland weaves a great story incorporating El Alamein and the secret war full of historical detail and a cracking page turning WW2 adventure Great characters, great action and a satisfying conclusion make for a damn good read.One to go The Devil s Pact but I m hoping that Mr Holland is working on a sixth and possibly seventh Jack Tanner novel.

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