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Playing for Keeps Done With Being The World S Biggest Pushover, Haley Decides That Things Are Going To Change Starting With The Aggravating Neighbor Who Has Too Much Charm And Not Enough Restraint What She Didn T Expect Was To Be Sucked Into His World, But Haley Has A Game Plan And She Won T Let Herself Forget Just What The Bad Boy Next Door Is Capable OfThe Last Thing Jason Expected Was For His Little Shy Neighbor To Go Rambo On Him Over Some Ruined Flowers After He Decides To Take Her Under His Wing He Can T Help But That Notice That She Fits Very Nicely In His Life Now The Only Thing Left Is To Convince Her That This Is Anything But A Game RL Mathewson

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    O.M.G What a funny and sexy contemporary romance It was over the top silly, but it made me laugh so many times And best yet, the steamy parts were HOT Jason is Haley s next door neighbor from HELL, but in truth he really is a fun and misunders

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    Sometimes when I read other people s reviews, I think Did we read the same book Anyways, the good this book is very well written, esp by the standards of self pubs It flows well and is very engaging I had fun while I was reading it and kept turning the

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    5 starsIt s been a long time since I ve loved a book this much, so I m spreading the word You know how they say Don t judge a book by its cover Well, let s be honest We all do A pretty cover will get me to buy a book faster than a tempting blurb I know, I know it

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    Unfortunately, I only got to page 39 of this book before I gave up on it The blurb implies it s a enemies to lovers trope, but the hero and heroine are only enemies for literally the first pages of the book Very soon they re instant best friends which we are TOLD, not show

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    Caution You will laugh out loud

    I mean it

    I hate reading funny books but this one was a random pick which turned out to be sooo good Enter,JasonHe is 31 and definitely the biggest jackass on earth,or at least he seems to be.He is every householders nightmare.We can se

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    This book was amazing and after a lot of after thought I finally decided to go for a 5 star as the rating Playing for keeps is a novel that provides a perfect example of how important it is to NEVER judge a book by its cover..and I m glad I chose not to with this one.The stellar revi

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    5 LMAO StarsThis is such a fun read I told my friend I needed something light and she recommended this one, and it is perfect The story is about two neighbors who through little misunderstandings and some bad actions despise each other Of course, once they are forced together one day and able to commun

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    Everything was clich she has a rich family that doesn t appreciate her, the grandma is tough and she automatically approves of the boyfriend even though she never has before, the son is the spitting image of the father, they have to wrestle in the mud to be close to each other upon meeting, he s instantly

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    FREE on US today 6 4 2015 Stand alone book 1.BLURB Done with being the world s biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint What she didn t expect was to be sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan and she

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    3.5 stars Rounding up because Jason is such a rock star She quietly said good night, rolled her eyes as Jason mumbled, I love you to his brownies, and headed off to the bathroom I picked up Playing for Keeps because it was getting some attention and I was curious to see why a seemingly unnoticeable book have you seen

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