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The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever March Today, I Fell In LoveAt The Age Of Ten, Miranda Cheever Showed No Signs Of Great Beauty And Even At Ten, Miranda Learned To Accept The Expectations Society Held For Her Until The Afternoon When Nigel Bevelstoke, The Handsome And Dashing Viscount Turner, Solemnly Kissed Her Hand And Promised Her That One Day She Would Grow Into Herself, That One Day She Would Be As Beautiful As She Already Was Smart And Even At Ten, Miranda Knew She Would Love Him ForeverBut The Years That Followed Were As Cruel To Turner As They Were Kind To Miranda She Is As Intriguing As The Viscount Boldly Predicted On That Memorable Day While He Is A Lonely, Bitter Man, Crushed By A Devastating Loss But Miranda Has Never Forgotten The Truth She Set Down On Paper All Those Years Earlier And She Will Not Allow The Love That Is Her Destiny To Slip Lightly Through Her Fingers

About the Author: Julia Quinn

1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don t read or write romance, and and if you watch reruns of the game show The Weakest Link you might just catch her winning the 79,000 jackpot She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British and literary,

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    24 JULY 2015 Good Lord Today I fell in love And then I fell out of love Sigh.I ought to be shameful, I know that What is it exactly Have I the attention span of a squirrel don t ask why a squirrel, I have no idea I wonder, I wonder And yet things had started so well

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    Tis nice, but it ain t Bridgertons.

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    My favorite moment in this book is when the heroine has to be physically restrained because she opens a can of whoop ass on a bookstore owner who refuses to sell her a book because he only sells to men Apparently, they had bookstores for men only, and women only WTF You go, girl Our story i

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    4.5 starsA couple of years ago when I first joined Goodreads, one of my favorite things to do was stalk my favorite authors bookshelves.It probably still would be, but when I say stalk I mean it, so I ve already added anything of interest, and to keep doing it would crossover into creepy territory.C

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    Fair warning This is a gut reaction review, written under the influence of my monthly gift from mother nature Perhaps if I d read this at a different time, I could have found some redeeming qualities about it But I didn t, so I can t.I m slightly horrified by this book Specifically by Turner and, to a lesser

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    This book really fell off for me in the last third I like Quinn s writing despite the scattering of anachronistic expressions which sometimes threw me out of the era , I mostly liked Miranda, and I was prepared to like Turner if he got over his conviction that his previous lousy marriage entitled him to be a jerk But

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    I got 60% in before I just could not take another moment Turner is a jerk How many times does a guy have to break your heart before you move on This pattern plays on repeat over and over Miranda feels sympathy, she opens with a vulnerable moment, Turner rejects her and makes her feel small, Miranda retreats to lick her wounds

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    Oh, this was such a sweet story I loved every page of it I couldn t put it down, which I m sorry because it was over so fast that I feel bad for having spend money in something that lasted useful in my hands only some hours,lol Then again, I can t think in anything better than spending my money in this amazing books,lol, I don t regre

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    And the end of the year ends with a sweet romance, so sweet that my teeth ache I loved parts of the book, especially the character of Miranda And other parts of the book annoyed me The whole, Why don t you love me plot was a bit much The book could have been about 70 pages less and got a better rating from me.I ll still continue with the serie

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    At the tender age of ten Miranda Cheever fell in love with the brother of her best friend Viscount Turner, with his act of kindness to a awkward growing girl, Miranda never forgot his words that day to her and kept a journal with her thoughts of love since then Now years later the once kind and caring Viscount Turner, Nigel Bevelstoke is left a bitter

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