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Betrayal This was the worst book I ve ever read When people say that, they re usually exaggerating But in this case, when I say, This was the worst book I ever tried to finish but couldn t, I m telling the complete, 100% truth Betrayal sits in this rare bookshelf on my Goodreads account for all 8 now 9 books that I couldn t finish To Mayandree Michel, the self published author of thisthing, please go take an English class Please I m not saying my own writing is perfect But I acknowledge my errors while Michel is under the illusion that she is a good writer Betrayal is a combination of 1st grade grammar, misplaced grammar, ridiculous description, and a WTF what is going on plot Do I need to describe how much I hated this No,I don t think I can even describe to you the sheer stupidity of this book Now, even if I took away the grammar errors which were so glaringly obvious, I wondered if Michel even bothered reading her drafts, assuming she didn t just publish the first version , I have to wonder where she was going with the plot Cordelia has some strange recurring dream about some handsome boy named Evan Then, she dies and ends up at her best friend s house There she realizes some guy name Victor is after her, Evan is real, and suddenly everyone she knows talks in stilted, formal, language And get this all of Cordelia s friends are from the 19th century When the ragtag group of teenagers magically transport themselves back in time, I just had to put this book down once and for all I mean, the genre tags say mythology But as of that point in the story, I saw a lot of 1 mysterious gargoyle boys, 2 evil wolf packs, and 3 references to the beauty of the Sierra Nevadas But not so much of the god part I mean, seriously GET TO THE POINT ALREADY This book was crap Just sayin. Got this from as it has a fairly good rating, but found very quickly that the writing style is extremely stilted Some weird expressions as well as very, very much telling Not much showing at all Further, it is badly edited So far I have found where instead of were , here instead of hear The book begins with our heroine Cordelia, while running towards her bus, bumping into a brick wall of a shadow and she starts to shoot lightning out of various parts of her body before passing out extract from book removed from this review at the author s requestShe ends up in hospital but is quickly released and back to studying and working She works in a souvenir shop, where time drags and we are told that she can t wait to escape the dreary Nickel City and go to college in a place where the seasons change as opposed to Nevada and where there is plenty of entertainment.extract from book removed from this review at the author s requestOne early evening she comes home, ignore her parents watching a sit com in the sitting room, grabs an apple and goes up to her room to study Then her mum calls her on the mobile, as she is worried about her extract from book removed from this review at the author s requestShe goes to sleep and has a dream she has had before, apparently, in which she is walking with a dark haired boy with hungry blue eyes in a forest In the dream they are attacked by were wolves extract from book removed from this review at the author s requestCordelia hurts her arm in the dream, and when she wakes up, she has real salt water not sweat, she knows this from the dream on her body and the wound from her dream is real Well, I shall leave her to ponder that on her own, because I can t bring myself to read any of this crap. Where There Is Love And Power, There Is Always BetrayalAt Seventeen, Cordelia Is An Ordinary Teen With An Extraordinary And Frightening Secret A Secret That Induces Vivid Dreams Which She Not Only Experiences True Love, But Crippling Fear While Barely Escaping With Her Life Each NightAfter A Life Altering Event, Cordelia Has An Unexpected Encounter With Evan, The Mysterious Boy From Her Dreams, Who Reveals Who And What She Is, A Descendant Of The Greek Gods At That Moment Everything She Knows Of Her World Is A Lie, And She Must Leave The Present And Go Into The Past To Assume The Role She Was Put On This Earth For, Safeguarding Her Ancient Empire Amidst Evil Forces That Toil Hastily To Destroy It In A Race Against Time, Cordelia Must Decide If She Is Truly A Part Of This Dangerous World, Or Risk Defying The Gods, And Ultimately Lose The Boy Who Has Put A Claim On Her HeartBetrayal Is The Debut Novel By Mayandree Michel She Is Currently Hard At Work On The Second Installment Of The Descendants Series Learn About Mayandree At Mayandreemichel I got to read this amazing novel pre launch and as soon as it debuts I m running out to get a copy M.Michel is a new author who has written a compelling story of love, deception, magic, greek myth, historical fantasy, and time travel what a winning combination I couldn t stop reading until I finshed, and then wanted The protagonist, Cordelia, wasn t the average teenage girl you read about these days weak and dependent on some guy she met yesterday ugh Cordelia was very likable because the author made her REAL She was strong but also had vulnerabilities Cordelia s love interest, Evan, was the kind of guy I d want protecting me sensitive, attentive and gorgeous too All of the characters were interesting in their own way and the setting a small town in Nevada was perfect I can t wait for the next installment I almost didn t spend the measly 99 cents for this book after reading a couple of 1 star and 2 star reviews I do realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion so I decided to form my own I succumbed to the gorgeous cover and finally bought the ebook for my Kindle I m THRILLED that I did Luckily for me, I didn t let those 1 2 star reviews deter me I didn t think it was slow as others are describing The story grabs you from the beginning with the detail The author lays out the foundation of the blah western town where Cordelia the MC lives and drops the first bomb in like the first chapter From then on it s a rollercoaster of unpredictable event after event This book turned out to be a beautiful story, and beautifully written The author did a phenomenal job of creating a unique world of her own mythology largely based on Greek mythology, Vampires, shifters, ghosts, and magic The break down of the ancestry of the descendants and world building is extraordinary I am in awe of this author for weaving everything so tightly I connected with many of the characters and liked Cordelia the best from the start She s a smart and independent teenager In one of the reviews, Cordelia is described as a whiny brat and selfish This is a YA novel about teenagers If you wanted to read a book about a grown, self assured and experienced individual, well you should read an adult book about adults In no way did I feel that the MC was selfish or a brat for wanting to know the truth and demanding it She acted like an empress before she even knew she was one and never backed down to anyone My kinda girl I do have one gripe though, and it s Bethany, Delia s so called best friend She s the only character that annoyed me for the entire book Bethany seems to have no clue how to be a friend, but I won t give this book a lower rating just because I disliked a character I loved Nikolas the warrior centaur and Winston the disgruntled ghost They re both excellent characters Nikolas is hilarious There is a place in my heart for both Evan and surprisingly Victor the villain too Even the evil twins Sacha Victor s girlfriend and Lucas Victor s most trusted follower were well rounded characters.I have so many favorite parts of this book that I can t pick one When the truth and secrets of the betrayal began to surface, I couldn t put it down The ending was a shocker and AMAZING I m jumping for joy that there is a sequel This is a fantastic book Just to think how I almost missed out on this Ms Michel deserves plenty of praise for an exciting first novel First, I have to say a big thank you to Mayandree Michel who gave me the chance to review her book per launch I m very grateful and honoured to have had the opportunity.I really enjoyed this book Most of the time I found that I didn t want to stop reading I wanted to know what would happen next, all the way up to the end The writing itself was beautiful and flawless It was detailed and interesting, painting a picture of exactly what was happening and the world the story was set in The writing itself lends a lot to the time in which the book is set maintaining that proper, correct pronunciation and word use I loved the idea of this novel The story and concept was unique and not something I d heard of before it wove Greek Myth and Lore together with the popular supernatural creatures we all love nowadays, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and The story starts out slow, and yet not in a way that leaves you bored It s a great setup for a captivating tale and once the story picks up, it gets very good This book has an odd pace It s not exactly fast paced, and yet it s not slow The story progresses at a good rate, telling you things from time to time I was caught from the moment Cordelia experiences her life altering event and eager to see just what was going to happen next Just when I thought I knew where Mayandree was going or what she was going to do next, she threw something in that changed direction I love books like that.stories where you never know what s in store next I thought the characters were great too Each one had a sole purpose within the story and was unique Cordelia, Evan, Bethany, Nikolas, even Victor, Lucas, Sasha, Winston, Gerald and Evan and Bethany s parents all had their purpose and role within the story I really liked Cordelia She s the type of heroine I m always on the lookout for normal, relatively tough girls, who react realistically and question everything that s happening They look at the world with an open mind and don t just settle for what people are telling them And yet they don t go out looking for trouble.although it usually finds them anyway I liked that she saw herself in a realistic manner I felt she grew a lot too throughout the course of the novel, and it s always great to see character building when you read a book.I liked Evan, although for the most part I felt like I didn t know too much about him It was obvious that he was a good, honourable man, although I felt like there was a lot of him that was kept hidden I hope we get to see this in future books In the beginning I found it really hard to feel the romance between Delia and Evan Even though it was nice and sweet, no matter how I hard I tried, I never completely felt it There were times when thought I did, and yet for the better part of the novel I found it hard to get into And then heading towards the end of the book..I felt it I think I felt it at the exact moment that Cordelia did and you know what I think the author is brilliant Her writing made it hard to feel at times and yet that went perfectly with what Cordelia felt Towards the end of the book the relationship between Cordelia and Evan begins to form in the way that I love growing gradually and beginning to take shape There were a few moments between them that I thought were very cute and sweet and a few, awwww, moments on Evan s part in my eyes He certainly was swoon worthy on occasion The ending of this book was very exciting From the moment the Masquerade Ball began all the way up until the final page, it was fast paced and heart racing So many things came to light, questions that left me shocked and wondering just what is really going on in this world Many things came to light and left questions to be pondered When Cordelia learned the whole complete truth, I was shocked I hadn t been expecting what she discovered, and get it s all so brilliant It was so dramatic and the final chapter of this book was breath taking and heartbreaking my heart cried for those hurt by the truth This book ends perfectly ready for the next chapter in Cordelia s journey and I think it s going to be an exciting one The one question that s on my lips is considering everything that s come to light and happened.just who will the next enemy be.Can t wait to find out Betrayal, the debut novel by author Mayandree Michel, doesn t read like a debut at all This book has all of the necessary elements for a really great paranormal romance It s engaging, with a fantastic storyline and outstanding characters.Mayandree s capability to create engrossing three dimensional characters is spectacular In my opinion, the characters drove the story as well as the plot Evey single character was essential to the story and not a prop With each introduction of every character, they come to life with depth and personality, making them totally believable They each have their own secrets and stories woven into each other, adding to the complexity and anticipation of this intriguing tale.The brilliantly constructed plot and intensity of some of the scenes adds to the suspense building throughout the story There was a load of unexpected twists and turns that kept me on the edge, guessing, and nail biting The superb mixture of many of the most adored elements of YA paranormal literature and the premise of Greek myth is refreshing.Usually, I don t comment on the cover because I try to judge a book for the story and not the cover the strongest marketing tool But I must admit that I am quite smitten with this cover It is just so stunning This is by far one of the most striking covers I ve ever seen and it matches PERFECTLY with the fantastic story. Every once in a while you come across a book that is as brilliant as it is breathtaking Betrayal is the one I loved, loved, loved this book I would shout it from the mountain tops if I could At first I was thinking what a gorgeous cover but 600 pages yeah this will drag but a few chapters in and I was hooked Just when I m thinking OMG this book is amazing and it can t get any better than this it got better and better I couldn t put it down I was reading it every free moment I had I was dying to know what was going to happen next and then I didn t want it to end Even after I was done reading the book, I couldn t stop thinking about the characters and their world I m so happy I chose to read Betrayal for so many reasons.I m a big fan of Greek Mythology and I m so happy that it s making a comeback in YA You expect a Greek Mythology story to have powerful and stunning demigods, shocking family secrets and scandal, war and evil entities on the horizon, and forbidden romance Betrayal has all that and So much Mayandree Michel s depiction is unique and beautifully executed I really enjoyed the writing style.This is a story about some of the descendants of the twelve Olympians and their struggle to maintain their empire while fighting a banished member Cordelia is seventeen and leaves her present world in Nickel City behind and is taken a century into the past She must remember all that has happened then, figure out who she really is, and who she can trust I was engrossed in Cordelia s new world Her journey of self discovery triggers an emotional rollercoaster when she starts to figure out who she is and what it really means to be a demigod and its mind blowing Betrayal is not the typical girl meets boy, then they fall head over heels in love like in one chapter , then they whip the bad guy s ass, and you wonder where the heck is the story kind of book Cordelia s relationship with lovable and gorgeous Evan is strained at first, and then gradually develops at a steady pace which is refreshing comparing to so many rushed paranormal romance novels in the young adult genre The explosive actions scenes are so well crafted and not rushed I love how Mayandree puts you right at the scene The plot is complex and the twists are unexpected, which is what makes a fantastic book and worth the purchase.Betrayal met all of my expectations and exceeded them I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone even if you don t have a background in Greek mythology Thank you Mayandree for an incredible YA book Please keep writing I m so excited that this is a trilogy I can t wait for the second book Sacrifice Well, Cookie Monster said it better that I ever could There was awful spelling, overused similes, dragged out descriptions, and pretty much non existant plot I was caught between laughing and launching the thing at the wall I chose to laugh, because I read it on my laptop, and these things are expensive.But honestly What the crap The periwinkle empire mini dress was made of delicate cotton, and was perfect for this profusely obscene weather Profusely obscenewait, what I think that s just a BIT over the top, don t you agree Right now, as I stare at myself in macabre, the weather seemed to react to my death Gloomy clouds rolled onto the cerulean blue sky like shaken dice, masking it in several shades of gray The rumbles of thunder seemed to protest my demise The plural of dice is die And that s the least of the problems with this book I think this must be where adjectives go to die I was kind of annoyed that my new dress was ruined the idea had actually crossed my mind Unfortunately, no one could admire my new dress now, sopping in all my blood which could easily be confused for cherry syrup if you were unaware of the carcass under the fabric Seriously Seriously She s dead, hit by a car and KILLED, and she worries about her DRESS And cherry syrup I m sorry, but this book is awful That s the truth. Read This Review More Like It On My Blog I struggled mightily with this book I liked the idea for the story descendants of the Olympian Gods have a hidden, secret Empire in present day and also vampires, werewolves, etc However, it was a good idea poorly executed in many parts of this looong book Coming in at 662 pages, this is far from the longest book I ve read this year However, I feel like I was counting every single one of those six hundred odd pages it literally sapped my strength to finish this book Why Well, my first issue was the pacing Incredibly, ridiculously slow and filled with little real content The beginning suffers the most from the meandering pace, and thus made it hard for me to connect to the characters or to be invested in the outcomes for Delia, Evan, Beth, Niko and Victor Additionally, the writing itself seemed very awkward and stilted at times It simply didn t flow the way a novel should there were abrupt transitions and awkward dialogue and exposition many times in the pages Also, THE GRAMMAR Abysmal Truly, truly abysmal I am aware this is a self published author so she may not have the same resources, but it was truly egregious There for their they re many, many times, here instead of hear , not correctly using quotation marks, or not even using them at all, among other offenses The amount of editing errors were very distracting from the story and also just plain aggravating after a while Delia is the main character of Betrayal, a descendant of Zeus and soon to be Empress of the gods remaining Empire She is not original, there is very little to differentiate Cordelia from thousands of teenage protagonists in YA paranormal fiction Delia is a distant and aloof character, both with the remaining cast and with the reader She s hard to sympathize empathize with, and tends to keep everyone in the book at arms length She is likable as the novel progresses, but continued to be a source of frustration for me She s meekly accepting when she should be demanding and questioning She relies on others to protect her constantly, never once taking an imitative to defend herself, and often flouts the protection that is extended to her I know the author was striving to make Delia appear independent and determined, but she ends up careless and self centered She has genuine chemistry with her love interest, Evander the descendant of Poseidon, and therefore, the second most powerful descendant besides herself Evan himself and the centaur Nikolas are probably the only characters I came to care about throughout the course of the novel However, Evan does seem a bit too perfect Evan s younger sister, Bethany, was one of my least favorite characters this year in any novel She s a very unfriendly character and fails to connect with anyone in the book besides her brother and her lover I found her actions and attitude toward her best friend Delia to be completely perplexing and rude She was a veeeery grating character demanding when she should be helping, controlling instead of supportive She s ridiculously inconstant and secretive, only showing a softer side to her love, Niko.All in all, this was a very mixed effort I really, really wanted to love this book and in the end, all I feel is underwhelmed and relief that I managed to finish.

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