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Ruth From The Lush Owen Stanley Ranges Of Papua New Guinea To Working Class Inner Sydney Ruth Follows The Story Of Its Protagonist, The Only Daughter Of John And Alice Madison, Coffee Plantation Owners Set In The Fifties And Sixties, Ruth Struggles To Rise Above The Stigma Of Being An Unwed Mother Alone In A Strange Land Determined Not To End Up On The Streets, She Learns To Live By Her Wits Until Circumstances Take A Turn For The Worse To Provide A Better Life For Her Son, Stewart, She Takes Up Work In A Distant Town There, She Meets Lachlan McGrath, The Owner Of Bryliambone Station Life On The Land Is Good To Ruth Until Fate Turns Her World Upside Down Faced With Losing Everything, She Sets To Rebuilding Her Husband S Debt Ridden Business Into A Thriving Cotton Farm Marlene Is Inspired By Many Authors, Including Patricia Shaw, Maeve Binchy And Guy De Maupassant Ruth Has Elements Of Lloyd Jones Mr Pip, Ruth Park S The Harp In The South And Patricia Shaw S The Feather And The Stone The Novel Will Appeal To Female Readers Interested In Family Relationships And Cultural History I wasnt sure about this book at first There were a few graphic parts in the beginning that I didnt like After that, it got really good An interesting story about a women who goes through ALOT in her life Just when you think things cant get any worse for her, they do This book shows her struggles and determination, which I really like I like a book about a strong, independent, never give up , kind of girl I enjoyed this book Thanks Goodreads, for choosing me as a winner of this book I haven t received the book yet I just received notice I had won 7 14 11Still haven t received it 8 17 11I still have not received this I did get a message awhile back from the person listing the giveaway that mentioned the release date had been changed, so hopefully soon 8 29 11Well it looks like it was published September 1st, so hopefully it will arrive soon Still have not received my copy 9 14 11 Nowshows the release date as November 1st Well after over 3 Months, I finally received my copy Hope it was worth waiting for 10 21 11Started this morning 11 09 11Ruth was born in a very remote coffee plantation in Papau, New Guinea Since they were so remote, her mother allowed her to play with the native children This was during a time of great racist divides She is sent off to school on the main land after becoming too friendly with a native boy She comes back for Christmas to a family in turmoil, and event after event shapes Ruth s live for the next 15 years This book was a quick easy read There were parts where I had to slow down or reread a sentence or two because of the way they spoke and words they used I had a bit of a time understanding it I loved some of the characters and felt others fell flat The story was a little too predictable but some of the fun characters made that bearable. Upon receiving this novel this morning and by observing the blurb i am apsolutely facinated intregued by it, hence i cannot wait to start reading It appears to be a novel that it society family driven that ecompases some of the hardships that i encountered in The Help as it is set during a very difficult time of civil rights women s movements during the 1950 s After reading this novel i was completely mesmirised and overwhelmed by Marlene Lewis style writing which was apsolutely breathtaking It was a compelling and gripping story that i fell in love with immediately and a book that i am now most certain to read again It was character driven with specific characters that were distinctive and which as a reader you could realy empathise with a relate to easily, especially Ruth the main character It is a heartwarming and emotional journey that is thought provoking deeply authentic to the core i was in tears in places It was a storyline that i got lost in and i enjoyed the journey of discovery, being taken on Ruth s adventure and travelling at her side Family focused and full of mother son relationship, that makes this story s emphasis and central focus point on friendship, family and love It is something that anyone can easily relate to and connect with, as in my case with the main character and is really thoughtful, meaningful truth drawing It is set during a time of civilian rights and women speaking out and this is certainly a book that wants to speak out and project a message, one of hope, determaination perseverance and being able to look beyond the horizon I admire Marlene S Lewis so much for her tale that tells it how it is and the ups downs of life in perfect clarity that is very truthful and realistic of the times, as it covers all aspects such as poverty, social hierachy status within community, prostitution farming This book was full of suspence and mystery and one that did not fail to shock or suprise me throughout, as well as being utterly facinating interesting For those who like a book to get lost within, for those who enjoy reading fiction that is based around fact and for those readers who enjoy novels such as The Help then i suggest that you read Ruth by Marlene S Lewis because it will completely suprise you. This story is set between the lush coffee plantations of Papua New Guinea and the outback of New South Wales It commences in the 1950s and covers the period leading up to independence for Papua New Guinea However, it only touches tantalisingly on the changing relationship between the native population and their Australian Masters Where this is covered it is very interesting and arguably would make for a better novel if there wasof this content.However the book, as the title suggests, is really Ruth s story It charts her brief liaison with a native which leads to the birth of her son, Stewart, and then on to the many trials and tribulations of her life She loses her home and her security so many times that the reader almost runs out of patience with her fate by the end However, whatever fate seems to throw at her, Ruth seems to bethan its match.The occasional, almost asides, of the prejudices she faces with a half caste child, as Stewart is referred to in the novel, are key to the time this novel is set in However, they make all too brief appearances in the main story line sadly.The end of the novel does provide a well thought out twist in the tale as Ruth makes a brief return to her childhood home Overall, I thought this was an interesting book, but to me the really absorbing parts concerned the prejudices of the day and the atmosphere in the run up to independence Unfortunately whenever these were touched upon the novel seemed to move on to other affairs fairly swiftly.

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