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The Big Handout Just Reading The Word Subsidies May Cause Many People S Eyes To Glaze Over We Don T Think Itaffects Us Directly, So We Tune Out But It Turns Out That This Complicated Sounding Issue Has An Enormous Impact On All Of Us The Big Handout Is About Bad Fiscal, Environmental, Agricultural, Water, Energy, Health, And Foreign Policies And It S A Story About Just One Thing SubsidiesA Subsidy Is A Grant By The Government To A Private Business That Is Deemed Advantageous To Thepublic Cotton, Wheat, Corn, Soy, And Oil Are The Most Subsidized Commodities In The United States Inthis Eye Opening Book, New York Times Best Selling Author Thomas Kostigen Explores Government Policies That Cost TaxpayersBillion Per Year, Over , Per Household In Some Cases We Pay For Subsidized Goods Than We D Pay In A Free Market And, In The Most Shocking Abuses Of The Subsidy System, We Pay For Goods That Aren T Even Produced The Big Handout Exposes How Artificial Pricing Hurts Us And People Worldwide, From Our Waistlinesand Pocketbooks To Our Health By Revealing Just How Toxic America S Subsidy System Has Become, For Everyone, The Big Handout Is A Wake Up Call That Empowers Readers To Effect Change

About the Author: Thomas M. Kostigen

I am a New York Times best selling author and a longtime journalist My debut novel, Golden Dawn, will be published in October.

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    This book makes an interesting counterpoint to Clean Energy Nation, by Congressman Jerry McNerney, which I reviewed in August McNerney is a Democrat, has a high regard for the sustainable energy policies pursued by President Jimmy Carter in the 1970s while regretting the micromanagement and lack of higher level political ski

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    We pay bout 1,500 per household for food subsidies however, these subsidies do not reduce our market prices significantly, instead they fuel world terrorism as poor farmers cannot globally compete due to unfair trading Moreover, these subsidies lead to unhealthy eating as unhealthy foods are subsidized, and the subsidies lead

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    Kostigen paints a detailed, alarming picture of how the whole subsidy system, started during the Depression in good or better faith, has now become a mighty albatross around taxpayer necks and a source of anti American ill will worldwide Most troubles stem from cheap Corn and Soy, whose subsidized abundance ripples through the b

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    Thomas Kostigen exposes government subsidies and how they effect our free market He says that this form of government policy perverts our way of living, making us fatter, poorer, and unhealthy This call to action book provides key facts that prove how our free market economy actually costs us then we think Artificially lowering

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    Good read Well thought out and written, with thorough research behind it Make no mistake This book isn t a love story It won t make you happy It might even tick you off Hopefully then you ll want to begin the ending of this world of unsustainable subsidies It s insane how willing our representatives are to throw good money after bad

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    I just won a copy from Goodreads Looking forward to reading it I will write a review after I ve read it Thank you.

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    Had a lot of information Took me a while to get into it.

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    Eye opening description of how your individual income tax is allocated to support Big Ag and Big Business.

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