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孫子兵法 [Sūnzǐ bīngfǎ] Twenty Five Hundred Years Ago, Sun Tzu Wrote This Classic Book Of Military Strategy Based On Chinese Warfare And Military Thought Since That Time, All Levels Of Military Have Used The Teaching On Sun Tzu To Warfare And Civilization Have Adapted These Teachings For Use In Politics, Business And Everyday Life The Art Of War Is A Book Which Should Be Used To Gain Advantage Of Opponents In The Boardroom And Battlefield Alike

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    Hey Look at me stepping outside my comfort zone I saw this audiobook in the library, and I thought it looked interesting.Hell, I ve got 4 kids This could come in handy.Next year I ll have not one, but two teenage boys I need to prepare myself to defend my babies home from the invading whores hoards I figured this book would help me gird my loins or whatever

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    I definitely never thought i d want to read a book about Chinese military strategy written in 5th century BC yet here we are.This one turned out to be so interesting.

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    Simply put, Sun Tzu says that it is better not to fight than to be involved in a conflict, but if you are going to have to fight, then you have to do it to win, and these are the various strategies, often brutal, that will get you that result.Niccol Machiavelli, in The Prince says if you are in a position of power and seek to maintain it, it is better to be loved an

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    The wise warrior avoids the battle. I can t think in a better quote to begin this review.Sometimes, reading books about war tactics or novels of the genre of war, is confused with glorify wars, destruction, death and all sad things that are results of a war But, at least, in my case I can t speak for others it s not that I don t glorify war One of my favorite historica

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    Awesome book Pretty amazing insights What I really loved is the fact that much of the insights can be used in today s fiercely competitive corporate scenarios as well Must read I bought this book at special price from here

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    Who reads the Art of War OK, sure everybody, or anybody can, but who actually does and why If we could somehow take a survey and create a pie chart of who reads this 2500 year old Chinese manual, what would we find, who reads it Military professionals, sure executives, probably wanna be executives, almost certainly sports coaches, law enforcement officers, school teachers, teen

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    Finally finished the first book of this year Yay Took me a lot of time due to my exams and uni in general The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting I wanted to read The Art of War for very long and I finally managed to get to it And I liked it I think everybody should read it because many of the ideas from the Art of War can be found in different fields, for e

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    If anyone is looking for a war general I am available and well versed in war tactics due to this book Hook me up.

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    I listened to The Art of War for a few reasons 1 It was only a hour long, 2 It was free because I am an Prime member, 3 It was narrated by Aiden Gillen, also known as Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger So, I jumped into it, and listened to it during a car ride The Art of War is a well versed, and short guide book to strategize, and tactically win a war There were tons of great advice, and st

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    Evidently, it seems, for the last couple thousand years, EVERYONE has been using the same textbook on how to conduct a war It also seems to be that nobody even knows for sure who wrote the book or when, but everyone uses it anyway Included in this book are precious reminders that strategy helps you win, retreating helps you not die, if you outnumber the enemy 5 to 1, attacking would probably b

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About the Author: Sun Tzu

S nz is a honorific title bestowed upon S n Wu c 544 496 BC , the author of The Art of War , an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy Sun Tzu believed in the use of the military sciences to effect outcomes that would result in peace.In the author s name, S n Wu, the character wu, meaning military , is the same as the character in wu shu, or martial art Sun Wu also has a courtesy name, Chang Qing Ch ng Q ng.