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The Memory Keeper's Daughter On A Winter Night In , Dr David Henry Is Forced By A Blizzard To Deliver His Own Twins His Son, Born First, Is Perfectly Healthy Yet When His Daughter Is Born, He Sees Immediately That She Has Down S Syndrome Rationalizing It As A Need To Protect Norah, His Wife, He Makes A Split Second Decision That Will Alter All Of Their Lives Forever He Asks His Nurse To Take The Baby Away To An Institution And Never To Reveal The Secret But Caroline, The Nurse, Cannot Leave The Infant Instead, She Disappears Into Another City To Raise The Child Herself So Begins This Story That Unfolds Over A Quarter Of A Century In Which These Two Families, Ignorant Of Each Other, Are Yet Bound By The Fateful Decision Made That Long Ago Winter Night Norah Henry, Who Knows Only That Her Daughter Died At Birth, Remains Inconsolable Her Grief Weighs Heavily On Their Marriage And Paul, Their Son, Raises Himself As Best He Can, In A House Grown Cold With Mourning Meanwhile, Phoebe, The Lost Daughter, Grows From A Sunny Child To A Vibrant Young Woman Whose Mother Loves Her As Fiercely As If She Were Her Own

About the Author: Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards grew up in Skaneateles, New York, in the heart of the Finger Lakes region The oldest of four children, she graduated from Colgate University and the University of Iowa, where she received an MFA in Fiction and an MA in Linguistics After completing her graduate work, she went with her husband to Asia, where they spent the next five years teaching, first on the rural east coast of Mala

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    Note This review is chock full of spoilers Read at your own risk.Ugh This book was a disappointment I was drawn in by the premise, my mother in law having borne twins where one was neurotypical and the other was not cerebral palsy in our case As I got into the story, though, its shortcomings became painfully

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    This book was terrible, not because it was bad, but because it was so good I couldn t put it down until I finished the final pages at 3 in the morning Not a good thing, when your alarm goes off at 5 50 AM.What fascinates me about this book is what it has to say about secrets The basic premise a doctor is forced to

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    Will someone please explain to me why, at my age, and I should know better, I m stilled swayed by the words No 1 N.Y Times Bestseller I found this for fifty cents at my library s used book sale last week A warning I clearly ignored But it had a good title, a beautiful, mysterious cover, and lots of people are reading it L

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    Man I hated this book the plot had some great potential, but instead you got to witness one scene of frustrated people not knowing how to deal with their emotions after another Seriously, imagine 60 someodd pages of wife I m sad, darling, talk to me husband we can t have another baby silencefollowed by wife being angry and husba

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    This is a wonderfully unique story Ms Edwards creates characters very real and situations that are effectively believable After delivering his wife s first child, while she is unaware of what is happening, he delivers another child, this one with Down s syndrome He makes a quick decision to spare his wife the heartbreak of raising this

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    I read a bunch of reviews of this book prior to reading it myself, and wasn t sure whether or not I would enjoy it.I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked this book quite a bit, and here s why 1 The story was fascinating What would I have done in that situation It was fun to imagine myself as Norah, Caroline, David or Paul and determi

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    At first I couldn t pinpoint exactly why I was not enjoying a book that sounded as though it would be my kind of book in every way, but the I read and the I thought about it, the reasons emerged From the beginning of the novel there were little details that bothered me The plot often felt contrived, as pieces fell together too nicely Of course li

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    This is one of those books that I always see people reading in parks and on the subway, and I just want to shout at them, Save yourself There s still time to quit reading Really, it s one of those books that has an interesting premise situation, but doesn t go anywhere The interesting premise is this a couple has twins and the father sneaks away with the o

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    Wow, I m really torn as to what to say about this book I will start by saying that Kim Edwards is a skilled writer and there s no taking that away from her Her words flow beautifully and that was greatly appreciated by me.I began reading this book and fell in love with it From the beginning, I was very sure that I was going to rate it with five stars I was intrig

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW Reading this book was like an up hill battle for me I have looked forward to reading it for so long and was expecting great things based on all the praise worthy reviews on the book jacket Boy was i disappointed The plot and synopsis of the story had such excellent promise but along the way the author dropped the ball It was very difficult to relate

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