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Myths of the Moon Mystery Man When Carla Saved The Life Of A Handsome Stranger, She Didn T Realize Her Own Would Never Be The Same Again All She Knew About Him Was That His Name Was Daniel And That He Had Temporary Amnesia But That Didn T Stop Carla From Inviting Him To Stay In Her Holiday Cottage Until He Regained His Memory For Reasons She Couldn T Understand, Carla Felt She Belonged With This Stranger And When, Finally, He Kissed Her A Great Passion Was Unleashed Then His Memory Returned And For Some Reason Carla S Handsome Stranger Disappeared As Suddenly As He Had Arrived

About the Author: Rosalie Ash

can t wait to start sharing her warm, humorous love stories with you again

10 thoughts on “Myths of the Moon

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    Another day, another page turner I don t remember the last time I read a Mills Boon romance In fact, I don t know if I ve ever read Mills Boon.Myths of the Moon was written in the ridiculous, formulaic structure of many romance novels Boy and girl meet Boy and girl hate each other, but are drawn to one another with furious passion

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    3 1 2 stars A very nice romance between the amnesiac Daniel and his rescuer Carla The connection these two develop over the days following his accident is hot and overwhelming What happens when his memory returns and he returns to his life makes for an interesting read Carla was occasionally annoying Like many of Rosalie Ash s heroine s s

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    My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

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    Quite predictable but still, enboyable reading.

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