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A Million Suns Godspeed Was Once Fueled By Lies Now It Is Ruled By Chaos It S Been Three Months Since Amy Was Unplugged The Life She Always Knew Is Over Everywhere She Looks, She Sees The Walls Of The Spaceship GodspeedBut There May Be Hope Elder Has Assumed Leadership Of The Ship He S Finally Free To Act On His Vision No Phydus, No LiesBut When Elder Learns Shocking News About The Ship, He And Amy Race To Discover The Truth Behind Life On Godspeed They Must Work Together To Unlock A Mystery That Was Set In Motion Hundreds Of Years Earlier Their Success Or Failure Will Determine The Fate Of The , Passengers Aboard Godspeed But With Each Step, The Journey Becomes Perilous, The Ship Chaotic, And The Love Between Them Impossible To FightBeth Revis Catapulted Readers Into The Far Reaches Of Space With Her New York Times Bestselling Debut, Across The Universe In A Million Suns, Beth Deepens The Mystery With Action, Suspense, Romance, And Deep Philosophical Questions And This Time It All Builds To One Mind Bending Conclusion They Have To Get Off This Ship

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    Actual rating 3.5 starsI ve been really eager to read A Million Suns for a while now I m a Sci Fi geek and I m not afraid to admit that Hear that, Kennedy I m owning that So I think, in a way, I am prone to getting swept away with this series And just as with Across the Universe, I was immediately

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    It s been a while since I finished Across the Universe and gave it a mostly positive review Since then, I have changed a lot, read many books, and my expectations and standards have become higher As and time has been put between my finishing Across the Universe and starting A Million Suns, I ve been wond

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    Espa ol EnglishLa posibilidad de la vida en otros planetas es un tema que siempre me ha apasionado Recuerdo c mo a os atr s era uno de mis temas de discusi n favoritos Lo principal de estos libros me gusta una nave llena de humanos, viviendo generaci n tras generaci n para llegar a un nuevo planeta Lo que no me gusta

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    I feel like nothing of what I read in the first book matters Discovering some of Orion s secrets was important, but a lot of the revelations turned out to be either wrong or unimpressive.And yet, I still preferred the first book to this one I loved the mystery, getting to know the characters and learning about the world buildi

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    One way to describe this book forgettable I think the story would have been way better if first two books were combined into one standalone novel and the third would have been cut out altogether Only then do we get a complete story, with some character development and something that resembles a plot I don t understand the need to

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    What I love the most about this book is the idea of it Frozen people being transported to another planet, while others live on a spaceship and make sure it reaches the destination I avoid sci fi sometimes because I feel like they re dry, but this trilogy is not I read Across the Universe a long time ago and dived in this book with only re

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    Una historia maravillosa, que atrapa desde la primera p gina, cada cap tulo esta lleno de sorpresas y descubrimientos Entre m s avanzas mas quieres leer, mas cosas necesitas descubrir y mas metido estas en la historia.Ya quiero leer el libro final de esta sagaRese a Completa

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    4.5 stars

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    And here we are, in the middle, surrounded by a sea of stars.A million stars What an intriguing story. in a way, even intriguingly sad.This book finds us right where the first one left us Somewhere between Sol Earth and Centauri Earth, suspended in time and space.There is no Phydus to control the people around the ship and they are quite out of control People don t

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