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Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) (English Edition) eBook: Sandi Metz: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. While the industry moves towards Functional Programming Paradigms and away from Object Oriented Thinking, Sandi Metz s book, Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby, published in 2012, still stands the test of time with OOP best practices It is truly a practitioner s guide to Navigating Changing Requirements and being truly Agile.The book addresses OOP Anti patterns and the Reader is taken through iterative steps in evolving the Example Applications throughout the chapters In some ways, it can be likened to thinking in of a Data Modeling Manner, though adapted for OOP instead of Relational Databases.If you work in Software, you should read or re read this book The author also has a recent book available through her web site, which is of similar quality though has of a Programming or Puzzle like Feel. I hate bronchitis Reading Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby was a blast Reading it while ill was frustrating Lots of thought provoking ideas written in an easy to read style I kept falling asleep due to sickness and my brain kept yelling This is cool Stay awake Still, Sandi achieved her goal even through my fog of exhaustion I now see objects very differently and will happily refactor my code to make it better.The only real ding to the book is Chapter 8 s references to Enumerable and Forwardable Everything else in the book was either easy to read or well explained These two characters seem to have slipped in without fanfare or explanation I don t understand them and thus probably missed some of the book s goodness Perhaps I ll get it later I still rate this book a 5 star buy Despite being almost 7 years old at the time of this review, it s still a very relevant book If you re an experienced Ruby developer, many of the concepts described in this book may already be familiar But I think there s good value in having these ideas described clearly and with good examples The book gives details on when to use and when not to use certain techniques You may also find this book fill in some gaps in your knowledge as a Ruby developer.Tip Watching Sandi Metz presentations at conferences which is readily available on YouTube is a good complementary material to this book.On the other hand, for an experienced Ruby developer, this book can also be a little boring if you re already familiar with many of the ideas You still gain better understanding of the concepts but it can feel a little slow.I m also not a fan of the Kindle format in general and this book is not an exception I m pretty sure the physical book has a much better formatting, but I try to avoid having too many physical books at home If you re undecided between getting the physical or digital copy and you don t have a strong preference, get the physical book. I have programmed in Ruby for a number of years now and still found this book of value I would not recommend it for absolute beginners because it assumes knowledge of the language, though you will learn general principles I would recommend it for anyone wanting to get a better grasp of writing good object oriented code, especially in Ruby I found it helpful to think of Messages sent instead of just the class hierarchy. This is my favorite tech read so far this year It takes a straight forward approach to writing code that you won t hate yourself for a day or month or year later.The term design in the title is not referring to making wild speculative guesses about the future and planning for any number of contingencies, it is about arranging the code so that it is understandable, and to minimize cost and pain.There is a focus on designing the communication between objects as much as focusing on the structure of the objects themselves, which I found to be extremely interesting This discussion helped clarify a lot of thoughts and ideas about abstractions and where responsibilities belong, as well as the directions of dependencies things that had been rattling around in my brain for a while but that I had trouble applying in the real world Reading this let me put all these pieces together and then some into a coherent whole Or at least a coherent seed of a whole.The code examples are simple, but the author manages to wrangle some serious dramatic tension out of every line of code, and they illustrate the concepts covered well enough that I was able to make the leap to applying the concepts in much complex code bases.The chapter on testing was sublime It took an immensely practical approach to which methods to test and which tests to write in order to avoid duplication and brittleness in both tests and designs.I also appreciated that none of the discussions were about any sort of moral superiority The discussions were about getting things done The argument for arranging code nicely wasn t about aesthetics or professional duty, but rather about lowering cost and allowing you to make changes without causing expensive outages and making people frustrated.Soap boxes Sure High horses Nowhere in sight.Note I read a pre release version of the book I did not know the author at the time, but sent her quite a lot of feedback, which led to several conversations to clarify When I waxed enthusiastic about the contents, she asked if she could forward this to the publisher, and a quote ended up in the paper copy. This Is Great Stuff Your Descriptions Are So Vibrant And Vivid That Im Rediscovering The Truth Buried In OO Principles That Are Otherwise So Internalized That I Forget To Explore Them Your Thoughts On Design And Knowing The Future Are Especially Eloquent Ian McFarland, President, New Context, Inc As A Self Taught Programmer, This Was An Extremely Helpful Dive Into Some OOP Concepts That I Could Definitely Stand To Become Better Acquainted With And, Im Not Alone Theres A Sign Posted At Work That Reads, WWSMD What Would Sandi Metz Do Jonathan Mukai, Pivotal In NYC Meticulously Pragmatic And Exquisitely Articulate, Practical Object Oriented Design In Ruby Makes Otherwise Elusive Knowledge Available To An Audience Which Desperately Needs It The Prescriptions Are Appropriate Both As Rules For Novices And As Guidelines For Experienced Professionals Katrina Owen, Developer, Bengler I Do Believe This Will Be The Most Important Ruby Book Of Not Only Is The Book % On Point, Sandi Has An Easy Writing Style With Lots Of Great Analogies That Drive Every Point Home Avdi Grimm, Author Of Exceptional Ruby And Objects On Rails While Ruby Is An Object Oriented Language, Little Time Is Spent In The Documentation On What OO Truly Means Or How It Should Direct The Way We Build Programs Here Metz Brings It To The Fore, Covering Most Of The Key Principles Of OO Development And Design In An Engaging, Easy To Understand Manner This Is A Must For Any Respectable Ruby Bookshelf Peter Cooper, Editor, Ruby Weekly So Good, I Couldnt Put It Down This Is A Must Read For Anyone Wanting To Do Object Oriented Programming In Any Language, Not To Mention It Has Completely Changed The Way I Approach Testing Charles Max Wood, Video And Audio Show Host, TeachMeToCode Distilling Scary OO Design Practices With Clear Cut Examples And Explanations Makes This A Book Or Novices And Experts Alike It Is Well Worth The Study By Anyone Interested In OO Design Being Done Right And Light I Thoroughly Enjoyed This Book Manuel Pais, Editor, InfoQ If You Call Yourself A Ruby Programmer, You Should Read This Book Its Jam Packed With Great Nuggets Of Practical Advice And Coding Techniques That You Can Start Applying Immediately In Your Projects Ylan Segal, San Diego Ruby User Group This Is The Best OO Book Ive Ever Read Its Short, Sweet, But Potent It Slowly Moves From Simple Techniques To Advanced, Each Example Improving On The Last The Ideas It Presents Are Useful Not Just In Ruby But In Static Languages Like C Too Highly Recommended Kevin Berridge, Software Engineering Manager, Pointe Blank Solutions, And Organizer, Burning River Developers Meetup The Book Is Just Perfect The Elegance Of Ruby Shines But It Also Works As An A To Z Of Object Oriented Programming In General Emil Rondahl, C Consultant This Is An Exceptional Ruby Book, In Which Metz Offers A Practical Look At Writing Maintainable, Clean, Idiomatic Code In Ruby Absolutely Fantastic, Recommended For My Ruby Hacker Friends Zachary Zee Spencer, Freelancer Coach This Is The Best Programming Book Ive Read In Ages Sandi Talks About Basic Principles, But These Are Things Were Probably Still Doing Wrong And She Shows Us Why And How The Book Has The Perfect Mix Of Code, Diagrams, And Words I Cant Recommend It Enough And If Youre Serious About Being A Better Programmer, Youll Read It And Agree Derick Hitchcock, Senior Developer, SciMed Solutions I Predict This Will Become A Classic I Have An Uncomfortable Familiarity With Programming Literature, And This Book Is On A Completely Different Level I Am Astonished When I Find A Book That Offers New Insights And Ideas, And Even Surprised When It Can Do So, Not Just Once, But Throughout The Pages This Book Is Excellently Written, Well Organized, With Lucid Explanations Of Technical Programming Concepts Han S Kang, Software Engineer And Member Of The LA Rubyists You Should Read This Book If You Write Software For A Living The Future Developers Who Inherit Your Code Will Thank You Jose Fernandez, Senior Software Engineer At New Relic Metzs Take On The Subject Is Rooted Strongly In Theory, But The Explanation Always Stays Grounded In Real World Concerns, Which Helped Me To Internalize It The Book Is Clear And Concise, Yet Achieves A Tone That Is Friendly Than Terse Alex Strasheim, Network Administrator, Ensemble Travel Group This Is An Amazing Book About Just How To Do Object Oriented Thinking When Youre Programming In Ruby Although There Are Some Chapters That Are Ruby Specific, This Book Could Be A Great Resource For Developers In Any Language All In All, I Cant Recommend This Book Enough James Hwang, Thriceprime Whether Youre Just Getting Started In Your Software Development Career, Or Youve Been Coding For Years Like I Have , Its Likely That Youll Learn A Lot From Ms Metzs Book She Does A Fantastic Job Of Explaining The Whys Of Well Designed Software Along With The Hows Gabe Hollombe, Software Craftsman, Avantbard In Short, This Is In My Top Five Programming Books Ive Ever Read I Believe That In Twenty Years This Will Be Considered One Of The Definitive Works On Object Oriented Programming I Plan To Re Read It At Least Once A Year To Keep My Skills From Falling Into Atrophy If Youre A Relatively New, Intermediate, Or Even Somewhat Advanced OO Developer In Any Language, Purchasing This Book Is The Best Way I Know To Level Up Your OO Design Skills Brandon Hays, Freelance Software DeveloperThe Complete Guide To Writing More Maintainable, Manageable, Pleasing, And Powerful Ruby Applications Rubys Widely Admired Ease Of Use Has A Downside Too Many Ruby And Rails Applications Have Been Created Without Concern For Their Long Term Maintenance Or Evolution The Web Is Awash In Ruby Code That Is Now Virtually Impossible To Change Or Extend This Text Helps You Solve That Problem By Using Powerful Real World Object Oriented Design Techniques, Which It Thoroughly Explains Using Simple And Practical Ruby Examples Sandi Metz Has Distilled A Lifetime Of Conversations And Presentations About Object Oriented Design Into A Set Of Ruby Focused Practices For Crafting Manageable, Extensible, And Pleasing Code She Shows You How To Build New Applications That Can Survive Success And Repair Existing Applications That Have Become Impossible To Change Each Technique Is Illustrated With Extended Examples, All Downloadable From The Companion Web Site, Poodrfo The First Title To Focus Squarely On Object Oriented Ruby Application Design, Practical Object Oriented Design In Ruby Will Guide You To Superior Outcomes, Whatever Your Previous Ruby Experience Novice Ruby Programmers Will Find Specific Rules To Live By Intermediate Ruby Programmers Will Find Valuable Principles They Can Flexibly Interpret And Apply And Advanced Ruby Programmers Will Find A Common Language They Can Use To Lead Development And Guide Their Colleagues This Guide Will Help You Understand How Object Oriented Programming Can Help You Craft Ruby Code That Is Easier To Maintain And Upgrade Decide What Belongs In A Single Ruby Class Avoid Entangling Objects That Should Be Kept Separate Define Flexible Interfaces Among Objects Reduce Programming Overhead Costs With Duck Typing Successfully Apply Inheritance Build Objects Via Composition Design Cost Effective Tests Solve Common Problems Associated With Poorly Designed Ruby Code

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