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Logic Pro X 10.4 - Apple Pro Training Series: Professional Music Production Updated For Logic Pro X , This Apple Certified Guide Demonstrates How To Record, Produce, And Make Music Files That Stand Out With The Apple Professional Audio Software Veteran Music Producer David Nahmanis Step By Step Instructions Teach Students Everything From Basic Music Creation To Professional Production Techniques Using Logics Software Synthesizers, Samplers, And Digital Signal Processors Theyll Learn About All Of The Key Features In Logic Pro XAnd Use The Books Online Files To Begin Making Music From The Very First Lesson This Is The Only Apple Authorized Exam Prep Guide And Official Curriculum Of The Apple Training Program For Logic Pro X

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    I am new to both apple iOS and DAW type of software this past year This book is the perfect solution for me as It s a hands on step by step tutorial which lends itself to helping be become quickly familiar and able to produce a basic song file right away I m glad I took some time first to get comfortable with my iMac 27 first, which was not nearly as hard

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    This book identifies the essential workflows and tells you how to do them most effectively, with alternate options, in Logic No confusion, no fluff here s how you do it And also just as important what you will need to do correcting pitch, matching tempo, automation, cutting and splicing everything you need for a straightforward audio midi engineering sessi

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    This book got me over Logic s steep learning curve The lessons are good There are a few errors, either because of bugs or updates beyond the book But overall, it will get you through.Midi Transform is not included Score Editor is not even mentioned a big disappointment.The binding is cheap pages are falling out of the book.But it served the purpose.Apple us

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    This book will be your salvation If you just bought Logic Pro X and you don t know where to start, buy this book and start here.It s a perfect starting point for those who rather not sign up for online or brick and mortar classes And definitely better then floating around random YouTube videos At the very least this book will give you a foundation and direct

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    This book got me started on Logic Pro X fast and easy it s full of great info and hands on tutorials If you are looking to learn Logic Pro X this is the book for you and it s backed by Apple.

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