Had a Little Dirt Bike Accident

My buddies and I go out in the desert on the weekends about once a month. Of course we act like fools on occasion, but we do not act like idiots. A lot of the time you will see guys out there who are so drunk that they could not really operate a bar stool safely. We do not do any real drinking until we get done for the day. I had to go see a Phoenix chiropractor after we got back this time and it was my own fault for not realizing that these other guys were simply a menace to society. One of them simply ran me off of the trail trying to pass me. Of course I came out of it better than he did. They had to call an ambulance for him. (more…)

I Finally Got My License

I have just now started to drive and my Dad and Mom are really worried about it. They just do not think that I am mature enough for the responsibility of being out on my own. They have set me up with a real emergency kit. There is a Blazeray tactical flashlight for the glove box and it works really well. It has a Cree light bulb that is supposed to put out a hundred thousand lumens. I do not really know what that means, but the light is really bright and it lights up stuff a long way off. Mostly they want me to have it because of the strobe light effect that it does. (more…)